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Frank 'N' Furter, Riff Raff and Columbia
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Click a figure on the image above or select individual pages for Columbia, Frank 'N' Furter or Riff Raff for more informaton and more images and poses.

Available for each figure, see them from all around.

Vital Toys
Click on the Vital Toys logo to visit their web site

Released to tie-in with the 25th anniversary of the Rocky Horror Picture Show, comes three figures from Vital Toys in the USA.

Each model stands 21cm (8.25 inches) tall, however the balance is not perfect and using the supplied plastic base is a good idea.

The models are available either in individual boxes, or as a set of three in a box set, minus the plastic display plinths. There was also a special version box set made, the Frank in our photographs is from that set. In the special box set Frank is smiling with an open mouth, in the single pack his lips are sealed!

More specific details about each model are available on the individual pages.

These models are listed as set one, and more sets are planned in the future, check out the Vital Toys web site for more details.

Overall these are a nicely made, licenced product. Recommended.

Rob's ReviewFinally, after 25 years, someone has produced collectable action figures of characters from our favourite movie. After the wonderful XL figurines, and their Bendy follow-ups (both by Headliners), Vital Toys (a new company) have given us three beautiful 8" replicas of Frank-N-Furter, Riff Raff, and Columbia.

All feature fine detailing, and movable joints, and are everything we could have hoped for. Columbia has a lovely glittery tailcoat, hat, and bustier (and a very fine cleavage); Riff Raff has his trade-mark single spat, and an impressive hump, while Frank (probably my favourite of the three) comes with a removable cloak, and even has his 'Boss' tattoo; though, sadly, the 4711 on his thigh is absent, as are the blood stains on Riff's shirt.

Hopefully, there will be additions to the range, as it was planned to be an ongoing series; although the release of the first three was delayed several times. They were planned for June, but didn't actually go on sale until September (talk about 'antici... pation').

For now though, we have three extremely impressive additions to any treasured ROCKY collection; a perfect tribute to a classic movie.

Rob Bagnall
(November 2000).

The figures are available in the UK, we found some in Tower Records in London. You can also order them from the Dark Refrains web site in America.

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