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Answers to Competition #50 - July 2001

Q1. Which of these "Young One's" played Brad in the Piccadilly
Theatre for the stage production of Rocky Horror Show?
C: Adrian Edmondson
Q2. What does Eddie wear on his head as we first see him in the movie?B: A german WWII style helmet
Q3. Tim Curry has a part in which of these movies?C: Scary Movie 2
Q4. How many years were there between the release
of the movie and the original stage production first night?
B: 2
Q5. What colour is columbia's hair in the film?A: Red

The Winners are
Chris Williams - Treorchy, Wales
Jane Cairns - Stoke on Trent, United Kingdom

This competition had over 100 entries, with about 84% correct

Answers to Competition #49 - June 2001

Q1. What product did Richard O'Brien advertise on TV?B: Hula Hoops
Q2. Where did the USA Broadway stage production open in 2000?A: Circle in the Square
Q3. When is the UK Stage Show due to return?B: 2002
Q4. Where was Rocky first performed in 1973?A: Theatre Upstairs
Q5. How is Rocky kept attached to the bed in the movie?B: Chains

The Winners are
Nat Ball - Birmingham, England
Lou - Leeds, England

This competition had over 120 entries, with about 80% correct

Answers to Competition #48 - May 2001

Q1. Which of these RHPS stars has played a tree dwelling science fiction character?B: Richard O'Brien
Q2. How many years old will the Rocky Horror be in 2003?B: 30
Q3. Who does Columbia have a photograph of in her bedroom in RHPS?C: Eddie
Q4. Which of these animated movies featured the voice talents of both Tim Curry & Susan Sarandon?A: Rug Rats in Paris
Q5. The site hit 100,000 on the counter this month ,but when did the Actual Unique Visitors reach 100,000?A: November 2000

The Winners are
Jen Longfield, Wirral, England
Chris Williams, Treorchy, Wales

This competition had over 200 entries, with about 54% correct

Answers to Competition #47 - April 2001

Q1. What is written on Rocky's shorts in the RHPS?B: R
Q2. Richard O'Brien started shaving his head for a........?A: Photo shoot
Q3. What does Eddie have tattooed on his hands in RHPS?A: Love & Hate
Q4. Which of these cartoons has Tim Curry not done a voice over for?C: Stressed Eric
Q5. What was Little Nell's sporting claim to fame?A: Swimming

The Winners are
Barry Wakenshaw, Glasgow, Scotland
Leon Tencer, Melbourne, Australia

This competition had over 110 entries, with about 68% correct

Answers to Competition #46 - March 2001

Q1. How many days does it take for Frank to make a man?C: 7
Q2. What is hanging over the head of Rocky?B:The Sword of Damocles
Q3. What is Columbia described as in the original play?B:A Groupie
Q4. In which of these movies did Patricia Quinn take all her clothes off?B:The Meaning of Life
Q5. Roughly, how many people saw the Rocky Horror Show during it's last UK tour? (here's a clue, it toured for over two years with around six shows every week)C:over 200,000

The Winners are
Layla McKay, Scotland, UK
Clarisa, Chicago, ILL, USA

This competition had over 120 entries, with about 79% correct

Answers to Competition #45 - February 2001

Q1. The 25th Anniversary DVD features an audio commentary by?B: Patricia Quinn & Richard O'Brien
Q2. The DVD is priced at?A: £24.99
Q3. Which of these songs did not feature in the movie?C: Once in a While
Q4. The DVD features a VH1 'Pop-Up Video' of which of these songs?A: Hot Patootie
Q5. How many years of the Rocky Horror Picture Show does the DVD celebrate?C: 25

The Winners are
Fran Wray, London, England
Sara Aspinall-Harrison, Selby, England

This competition had over 200 entries, with about 70% correct

Answers to Competition #44 - January 2001

Q1. What is the name of the painting that resembles
Riff and Magenta at the Church in RHPS?
B: American Gothic
Q2. Which of these Rocky stars featured in a film called Joe in 1970?C: Susan Sarandon
Q3. Which of these stage show characters plays only one role?C: The Narrator
Q4. Who appears last in the Rocky Horror stage show?A: The Usherrette
Q5. Where is Oakley Court, the house used in RHPS located?B: Windsor, Berkshire

We received around 100 correct entries out of 150ish total

The Winners are
Amy Wake, Bedford
Christina Rusan, U.S.A.

Answers to Competition #43 - December 2000

Q1. Tim Curry sang a song called Santa's Sooty Suit in which of these animated stories?A: A Christmas Carol
Q2. Which of these Rocky stars featured in an episode of the BBC television series The Detectives as a pathologist?C: Richard O'Brien
Q3. When do you throw confetti during a Rocky Show?C: When Frank and Rocky get 'married' (you don't see Ralph and Betty's wedding on stage)
Q4. Who appears first of these characters in the show?A: The Usherrette
Q5. What was the name of the theatre Rocky first appeared at?C: The Theatre Upstairs

The Winners were
Robyn McNeil from Bridgwater
Jamie McHale from Kings Lynn

Amazing! We received only 5 correct entries out of 109 entries for
this competition. Probably the most difficult competition so far on the
site. The three runners up also get the bonus prize as they did so well.
Well done Emma de les Fourchettes ooh la la (Hmmm!)
Julie Oliver and Taz for coming second.

Answers to Competition #42 - November 2000

Q1. What face value are the chips that feature Riff Raff?C: $25
Q2. What is the name of the new movie featuring Richard O'Brien?B: Dungeons and Dragons
Q3. Which of these stars did not appear at the25th RHPS Convention in Las Vegas?C: Tim Curry
Q4. Which star of Rocky featured in an episode of thecartoon series
The Simpsons as the voice of Bart's ballet teacher?
C: Susan Sarandon
Q5. Where did the movie showings at the 25th RHPS
anniversary convention take place?
B: The Joint

The Winners were
Stephanie Prince from Mount Pleasant, England
Andy Wilson from Cumbernauld, Glasgow

We received only 25 correct entries out of
141 entries for this competition.

Answers to Competition #41 - October 2000

Q1. Which Headliner Super Posable would you like to win?Your Choice!
Q2. What can you take off of the larger Headliner figure of Columbia that you can't take off of the Super Posable version?B: Her Hat
Q3. What plugin software lets you look around the Headliner figures on the TimeWarp site?B: Quick Time Virtual Reality
Q4. Which star of Rocky appeared in 'Spy Hard'?C: Barry Bostwick
Q5. Which of these movies does not feature in the first verse of 'Science Fiction Double Feature'?C: Day of the Triffids

The Winners were
Frank figure: Kim Turner, Hull, England
Columbia figure: Cath Buckland, Cheltenham, England
Riff Raff figure: Kelly Sutherland, Glasgow, Scotland

We received 221 correct entries out of
347 entries for this competition.

Answers to Competition #40 - September 2000

Q1. What kind of LASER did Riff Raff have?B: One capable of emiting a beam of pure anti-matter
Q2. In the original script of the play which of these songs was performed first?B: Sweet Transvestite
Q3. When will the play celebrate it's 50th anniversary?C: 2023
Q4. Which star of Rocky appeared in 'The Shadow'?B: Tim Curry
Q5. How many times could you have seen the Rocky Horror Picture Show if you had watched it in a cinema once a week since it was first released?A: 1,300

The Winners were
Z Lesh, Columbus, USA
Steve Fitzgerald, Romford, England

We received 102 correct entries out of
143 entries for this competition.

Answers to Competition #39 - August 2000

Q1. How many tracks are there on the Black disc in the new release?C: 28
Q2. On the second disc Frank 'N' Furter's Rare Experiments,
which cast sings Touch A Touch A Touch Me?
A: Mexican Cast
Q3. How many songs from Shock Treatment feature on the second CD?C: 3
Q4. When was the Rocky Horror Picture Show first released?B: 1975
Q5. Who wrote our additional review of the CD?B: Rob

The Winners were
Selina Dean, Basildon, Essex
Elaine Allen

We received 96 correct entries out of
132 entries for this competition.

Answers to Competition #38 - July 2000

Q1. Who is returning the the role of Riff Raff in the current Stage Tour?B: Georgie Hayes
Q2. Which character does Tim Curry appear as first in the Rocky Horror Picture Show?B: The Vicar
Q3. Which of these URL's now also connects to our Chat Rooms here at the TimeWarp site?A: www.rockychat.co.uk and www.rockychat.com
Q4. What is Nell Campbell's club in New York called?C: Nells
Q5. What was Eddie meant to appear from in the original Stage Play?A: A Coca-Cola machine

The Winners were
Gemma Bernard, London, UK
Andy (?), Cumbernauld, Scotland

We received 103 correct entries out of
147 entries for this competition.

Answers to Competition #37 - June 2000

Q1. How many years are the Show plus the Film celebrating this year?
(add the show years to the film years for the answer)
C: 52
Q2. Name the new film in which Tim Curry stars alongside a recent stage Frank?B: Sorted
Q3. What is the name of the regular chatters in the Rabbit Hutch,
our main Chat Room here at the TimeWarp site
B: The Bunnies
Q4. TimeWarp Fan Club is how many years old this year?C: 12
Q5. I said I would make this an easy quiz this time round
Final question: do you want to win a prize?

The Winners were
Julie Oliver, Wembley
George (?), Burnley, England

We received 83 correct entries out of
131 entries for this competition.

Answers to Competition #36 - May 2000

Q1. How many individual TimeWarp Web Site
Competition winners have there been?
B: 51 (because some people have won more than once!)
Q2. Name the film in which Tim Curry starred alongside a former 'Rocky'?B: Oscar (Stallone played 'Rocky'!)
Q3. Tim Curry appeared in a TV programme and
Cliff deYoung appeared in a film with the same actress playing......
A: A Witch (Worst Witch/ The Craft)
Q4. Barry Bostwick dyed his hair blonde for which movie?B: Mega-Force
Q5. Richard O'Brien didn't appear in which of these programmes?C: The Muppet Show

The Winners were
Alan Shearer-Gare, Birmingham, England
Chris Powell, Newport, South Wales

We received only 5 correct entries out of
121 entries for this competition.
The hardest Competition yet it seems!!
to Marty Fairgrieve, Mel Glover
and Saffron who were the runners up.

Answers to Competition #35 - April 2000

Q1. In the movie, what does Magenta hold in her hand when we first see her?B: A Duster
Q2. What is Rocky's first ever word in the play?A: 'The' (sowrd of Damocles)
Q3. What does Rocky have on his shorts in the RHPS?A: A letter 'R'
Q4. Who plays Janet in the latest UK stage tour?B: Jane Ashby
Q5. Which one of these was a character in Shock Treatment?A: Farley

The Winners were
Tanya Stephens from Dartford, England
Malene D. Nielsen from Sveboelle, Denmark

We received 83 correct out of
152 entries for this competition

Answers to Competition #34 - March 2000

Q1. What does the current stage show Usherette have written on her Ice-Cream tray?A: Roxy
Q2. What kind of movies were made by 'Hammer' at Oakley Court?C: Horror
Q3. What name did Richard O'Brien give to hison-screen mother in the Crystal Maze?A: Mumsie
Q4. Who plays Brad in the latest UK stage tour?C: Nathan Taylor
Q5. Which one of these was an album by Richard O'Brien?C: Absolute O'Brien

The Winners were
Cathy Gardner, London
Caroline Pearsall, Kidderminster

We received 67 correct out of
129 entries for this competition

Answers to Competition #33 - February 2000

In which of these Sci-Fi shows did
Barry Bostwick make a guest appearance?
C: Lexx
Which RHPS actor starred as an 'Adams'?C: Tim Curry
Which of these formats has the RHPS not yet been released on?C: Digital Versatile Disc
Who plays Janet in the latest UK stage tour?A: Jane Ashby
Which one of these was an album by Tim Curry?A: Fearless

The Winners were
Chris Powell, Newport, South Wales
Cath Buckland, Cheltenham, England

We recieved only 11 Correct Answers out
of 108 entries for this Competition, it must have
been the Lexx question, you can thank a guy called
Steve Moore for that one, as he lent me the tape
of the pilot episode with Bazza in.

Answers to Competition #32 - January 2000

Which of these movies featured an original Rocky actor?A: Labyrinth (Christopher Malcolm as the father, played Brad)
What is 4711?B: A perfume
What system did Charles Atlas use to make you a New Man?C: Dynamic Tension
Where is the first Rocky Horror Show UK Tour date in the year 2000?C: Croydon
What was Little Nell's aquatic record called?C: The Swim

The Winners were
Lee Grant, Howden, England
Abi Dent, Chester, UK

We recieved only 13 Correct Answers out
of 92 entries for this Competition, I think the
Labyrinth question fooled you all!

Answers to Competition #31 - December 1999

Blatant advertising question!
How much do BlackStar sell the Widescreen VHS copy of RHPS for?
A: £12.79
How many postcards are in the Collector's set?B: 7
Name the man that leaves something in your stockings on December 25th?B: Santa Claus
Where is the last Rocky Horror Show UK Tour date before the year 2000?B: Southampton
What is the new version of the TimeWarp called?B: TimeWarp 2000

The Winners were
Kate Ward, Southampton
Lyndsey Black, Kirkcaldy, Scotland

We recieved 31 Correct Answers out
of 89 entries for this Competition

Answers to Competition #30 - November 1999

Barry Bostwick starred in which of these movies?C: Megaforce
Susan Sarandon recreated RHPS with which muppet on Sesame Street?A: The Count
Which of these products has Richard O'Brien advertised?A: Hula Hoops
What did Patricia Quinn do in Monty Pythons Meaning of Life?A: Took her clothes off
What was Tim Curry's first movie?B: The Rocky Horror Picture Show

The Winners were
Rosie Kingston, Cambridge
Mel Glover, London

We recieved only 11 Correct Answers out
of 76 entries for this Competition!

Answers to Competition #29 - October 1999

When was the first Transylvania Convention run by TimeWarp?B: 1992
How many hours does the event go on for?B: 15
How many Guests do we have coming to the event?C: over 15
What is our famous quiz called?B: Get Your Rocks Off
When does the event take place?B: 30-31st October 1999

The Winners were
Rebecca ?, Chester
Georgina Ormrod, Burnley, Lancs

We recieved 42 Correct and 36 Incorrect
entries for this Competition!

Answers to Competition #28 - September 1999

What have TimeWarp managed to get for Transylvania 99?A: A Brand New Print of The Rocky Horror Picture Show
What links The Rocky Horror Show to Star Wars?B: Chris Malcolm (original Brad) was in The Empire Strikes Back
Which of these was not an original title idea for The Rocky Horror Show?C: The Transylvania Twenty
In which Time Travelling television series did Patricia Quinn appear in?A: Dr Who
What does Eddie ride out of the Freezer on?B: A Motorbike

The Winners were
Solomon Davidoff, USA
Sian Anderson, Colchester, UK

We recieved 27 Correct and 32 Incorrect
entries for this Competition!

Answers to Competition #27 - August 1999

Which of these people played a Transylvanian in the RHPS?B: Perry Bedden
What links RHPS to 007?B: Charles Gray
What do Eddie and Rocky share?C: Their Brain
In which Monty Python film did Patricia Quinn appear in?C: The Meaning of Life
Where do Riff and Magenta come from?A: Transexual, Transylvania

The Winners were
Susan Jackson from Newcastle upon Tyne, England
Layla McCay form Houston, Scotland

We recieved 35 Correct and 23 Incorrect
entries for this Competition!

Answers to Competition #26 - July 1999

Where does the next leg of the Rocky Horror Show start?C: Woking
In the RHPS who plays Columbia?A: Little Nell
How many songs does Janet get to sing in during the Stage production?B: 8
In which of these television series did Richard O'Brien appear in?B: Robin of Sherwood
What is the emblem of Transylvania 99?A: A Griffin

The Winners were
Phil Coupland, Burgess Hill, England
Emma McLaughlin, Birmingham, UK

We recieved 13 Correct and 39 Incorrect
entries for this Competition!

Answers to Competition #25 - June 1999

Where is the UK Show during July? B: On Holiday
Who played Frank in the recent London production? B: Jason Donovan
How many songs does Brad get to sing in during the Stage production? A: 4 (Oops that should be 5, but this was the closest) We won't count this question when deciding a winner!
What is the TimeWarp convention called? C: Transylvania 99
How many visitors have we had at the TimeWarp site? C: 31,000+

The Winners were
Denise Fitzgerald, Romford, England
Katherine Loughlin, Chester-le-Street, UK

We recieved 35 Correct and 20 Incorrect
entries for this Competition!

Answers to Competition #24 - May 1999

What of these items does 'Rocky' not get to wear? A: Suit and Tie
Who gets the last song in the Show? A: The Usherette
Which one of these features in the Rocky Horror Picture
Show, but not the Rocky Horror Stage Show?
B: The Dinner Scene
Where is the Rocky Horror Show currently playing in the UK? C: London
Which room has just been added to the TimeWarp site? B: The Freezer

The Winners were
Melanie Escombe of New Malden, Surrey
Caroline Pearsall of Kidderminster, WORCS

We recieved 65 Correct and 23 Incorrect
entries for this Competition!

Answers to Competition #23 - April 1999

What system does the Rocky Interactive Horror Show Game run on?C: PC
What is the Name of the Robot in the Game?A: Robbie
What item does the game have that the stage show doesn't?B: A Telephone
Which character does Richard O'Brien play in the Game?C: The Game Devil
What happens if you run out of time in the Game?B: The house blasts off for Transylvania

The Winners were
Steve Fitzgerald, Romford, Essex
Alison Newton, Bracknell, England

The Runners Up (who get a poster and garter)
Sandy Forster, Ruth Fink-Winter, Michelle Tofts
lucy frost, Lottie Waldren, Karl Farr
Hope Parkin, Emma Taylor, Brian Tesoroni

Bill Roberts

We recieved 37 Correct and 91 Incorrect
entries for this Competition!

Answers to Competition #22 - March 1999

Who could 'make you a new man in just seven days'?A: Charles Atlas
Which 'young' comedian has starred as 'Brad' in the
production of Rocky Horror at London's Picadilly Theatre?
B: Adrian Edmondson
How many Phantoms appear in the current UK Stage tour production?C: 4
Which 'Frank' later went on to help slay vampires on TV?C: Anthony Head
Where was Richard O'Brien born?A: England

The Winners were
Lesley Johnson, Bridlington, England
Susan Hubble, Rowley Regis,West Midlands, UK

Answers to Competition #21 - February 1999

How many tracks are on Richard's new album? B: 11
Which label is the album released on? C: Medical Records
Which track was made into a promotional video? A: Angel in Me
What colour is the album cover? A: Pink/Magenta
Apart from Richard O'Brien, who sang backing vocals for 'Angel in Me' C: Sappho Korner
Who is the Narrator of the Rocky Interactive Horror Show Game? B: Christopher Lee
How much Hard Drive space will theRocky Interactive Horror Show Game use? C: 300Mb
Which characters can you choose to be in the game? B: Brad and Janet
How many hours of game play are there? B: over 30
How many characters can you meet? A: 7

The Winners were
Michael Varrati from Emlenton, USA
Tori Smith from Huddersfield, UK

Answers to Competition #20 - January 1999

When does the next UK Transylvania Convention take place?A: October 1999
What certificate does the Rocky Horror Picture Show have in UK cinemas (not the video)?A: 12
Who is there a picture of in the TimeWarp Room in the movie?C: The Mona Lisa
What does Brad draw on the Church doors?A: A Heart
What was special about the RHPS showing at Transylvania 1992?C: It was the first version of the film in the UK with the full Superheroes scenes AND It was the biggest cinema Rocky has ever been shown at in the UK

The Winners were
Katie Irwin from Cambridge, England
Nat Ball from Birmingham, England

Answers to Competition #19 - December 1998

Who is Richard O'Brien's devilish alter ego?B: Mephistopheles Smith
Where is the Rocky Horror Show/Picture Show set?A: Denton
What was Eddie in the Rocky Horror Picture Show?C: A Delivery Boy
What part did Richard O'Brien have in the film 'Carry on Cowboy'?B: Stuntman
Which of these people hasn't played the role of Frank 'N' Furter?C: Santa

The Winners were
Barbara Wilson, Lisburn, N Ireland
Leon Tencer, Melbourne, Australia

Answers to Competition #18 - November 1998

Name the character Richard O'Brien played in Dark City?B: Mr.Hand
Barry Bostwick stars in which TV show?A: Spin City
Patricia Quinn had a part in which BBC Sci-Fi show?B: Dr.Who
Which characters have both Susan Sarandon and Tim Curry appeared with?B: The Muppets
(Susan appeared in Sesame Street)
Which animated film hasn't featured the vocal talents of Tim Curry?C: Hercules

The Winners were
Jasmine Worth from London
Kev J. Boycik from Kent, Ohio

Answers to Competition #17 - October 1998

Who plays the role of Frank 'N' Furter on the New Rocky Horror Show cast recording?C: Jason Donovan
Where was the New Rocky Horror Show CD recorded?A: Norwich
Which Label is the New Rocky Horror Show CD on?A: Damn It Janet records
The New Rocky Horror Show CD features how many bonus tracks?C: 2
Which actor played the Narrator for the New Rocky Horror Show CD?A: Nicholas Parsons

The Winners were
Alex Petty from Richmond, UK
Charlotte Duly from Teddington, Middlesex

Answers to Competition #16 - September 1998

What are the names of Janet's mother and father?B: Emily and Harry
What was the name of the unfilmed sequel to Rocky Horror?B: Revenge of the Old Queen
Which of these movies was not filmed at Oakley Court?C: Murder by Death
(Ooops, the Gremlins got into the Oakley Court page and incorrectly stated that Murder By Death
WAS filmed there, we've allowed any of the answers for this question to make things fair!)
The Rocky Horror Picture Show was scripted as being filmed
in Black and White until which scene?
C: Frank's entrance from the elevator
Which actor played the Narrator for the 21st anniversary night
of the Rocky Horror Show?
A: Nicholas Parsons

The Winners were
Emma Taylor, Glasgow
Erika Sauve, Canada

Answers to Competition #15 August 1998

Who is on the Cover of the Rocky Horror Scrapbook?Tim Curry
Who designed the Scrapbook?Brian Thomson
Where will the stage show have a London date this year?Hackney Empire
When is the new cast recording due for release?September
How many pages are there in the Scrapbook?48

The Winners were
Suzie Tubby, London
Greg Albach, U.S.A.

Answers to Competition #14 July 1998

Who is playing Magenta in the current UK Stage tour?Laurie Brett
Name two Guests that were at Transylvania 92 and 94Richard O'Brien, Patricia Quinn, Sal Piro,
Kate O'Sullivan, Zalie Burrow or Stephen Theibault
Name the TV series that features Barry Bostwick as the Mayor?Spin City
How many Committee members were there for Transylvania 94?Seven (Eight if you count Davy Orr)
Which movie featured in the song 'Science Fiction Double Feature'
and was later re-made with Richard O'Brien playing a role.
Flash Gordon

The Winner was
Craig Moore from Tampa, Florida

Answers to Competition #13 June 1998

Who is playing Riff-Raff in the current UK Stage tour?Georgie Hayes
How many years old will the RHPS be in the year 2000?25
What is the name of Cosmo McKinley's sisterNation
Name the latest film in which Richard O'Brien starsDark City (or the new version of Cinderella)
Name the Dana Andrews fim mentioned
in Science Fiction Double Feature.
Night of the Demon (or variations of)

The Winners were
Lindsay Lesh
Sandy Forster

Answers to Competition #12 May 1998

Who is playing Frank in the current UK Stage tour?Jason Donovan
How many years old will the Stage Show be in the year 2000?27
What is the name of Brad's twin brother?Farley Flavors
Name the other film in which Richard O'Brien played a butlerThe Wolves of Willoughby Chase
Name one of the Pirates Tim Curry has playedLong John Silver (Muppet Treasure Island)
Captain Hook (Voice Over - Peter Pan and the Pirates)
The Pirate King (Pirates of Penzance, London Stage)

The Winners were
Mel Glover, London, UK
Faye Andrews, Kettering, UK

Answers to Competition #11 April

Who plays the Game Devil?Richard O'Brien
How many bonus audio tracks are there?3 (and 3 AVI's)
How many locations will feature in the game?65
Which characters can you play as?Brad or Janet
How many puzzles will there be?Over 80

The Winners were
Hannah Whitbread

Answers to Competition #10 March 1998

Where was Patricia Quinn born?Belfast, N.Ireland
Who was the first person to play Rocky in the Stage production?Raynor Bourton
What relation are Magenta and Riff Raff?Brother and Sister
How many dogs chase Rocky in the Movie?Four (we counted them frame by frame!)
What one big thing does Rocky do in
the Stage production that he doen't do in the film?

The Winners were:
Martin Fairgrieve, Glasgow, UK
Kev Boycik, Ohio, USA

Answers to Competition #9 February 1998

When does our next Convention take place?Saturday, 30th October,1999
Who 'Stood In' for Richard O'Brien at Transylvania '92?Mephistopheles Smith
Who did Anthony Head play in The Rocky Horror Show?Frank 'N' Furter
How many Committee members were there for 1992?Seven
What was the Costume Contest prize?A Griffin Statue

The Winners were:
Sandy Forster, Coventry, England
Cathy Marsh, London, England

Answers to Competition #8 January 1998

What is written on Frank's Life Belt?S.S. Titanic
In which Country was Richard O'Brien born?England
Who is turned to stone first?Brad
In which film did Tim Curry appear with Tom Cruise and Mia Sara?Legend
Which of Brad's tyres goes flat?Front Left

The Winners were:
Mel Glover, London, UK
Martin Fairgrieve, Glasgow, UK

Answers to Competition #7 December 1997

What are the first names of Janet's Mum and Dad?Emily and Harry
How many Motorcycles pass Brad and Janet in their car?We see One but
Janet says Three
Who is turned to stone last?Rocky
What does Eddie have tattooed on his right hand?LOVE
What kind of bird does the Cop find in Shock Treatment?An Albatross

Only one correct entry!
The Winner was:
Robert McNamara
United States

Answers to Competition #6 November 1997

Name the President of the
Official Rocky Horror Picture Show Fan Club
Sal Piro
Richard O'Brien features in a new movie with a five girl pop group.
What is the name of the group?
The Spice Girls (remember them?)
What kind of animal does Magenta set on Rocky?Dogs
What does Janet read on the way to the Castle?A Newspaper (The Plain Dealer)
Where is Magenta first seen in the Castle?On the Stairs

The Winners were:
Mankato, MN, USA
Claire Douglas,
Bellerive, Australia

Answers to Competition #5 October 1997

Where did Brad and Janet first meet?In Dr.Scott's refresher class.
In which movie did Tim Curry appear as a Taxi Cab driver?Blue Money
In which 'Carry On' film did Richard O'Brien
appear as a stunt rider?
Carry On Cowboy
Which movie mentioned in the Rocky Horror Show,
had a planned sequel called 'After Worlds Collide'?
When World's Collide
In which country was the
Rocky Horror Picture Show first shown?

The Winners were:
No-One got all the answers correct.
So next time, we're giving away a bonus mystery prize!

Answers to Competition #4 September 1997

Which Rocky Horror Picture Show character was played
by the same actor in Shock Treatment?
Ralph Hapschatt
In which movie did Tim Curry appear as a butler?Clue
What subject did Dr.Scott teach?Science
Who posed for the photograph of Eddie's Mother?Eddie (Meatloaf)
Which adventure game did Richard O'Brien host on
British Television?
The Crystal Maze

The Winners were:
Barbara Wilson
Lisburn, N Ireland
Jenn Ann
Falmouth, Massachusetts, USA

Answers to Competition #3 September 1997

How many years will The Rocky Horror Show be celebrating next year?25 years
How many Transylvanians are there in the Rocky Horror Picture Show?18 in the Film Credits
(21 if you count Frank, Riff-Raff and Magenta)
What is the name of the Church in the Rocky Horror Picture Show?Denton Episcopal Church
(Denton Catholic Church in the Shooting Script)
What was Eddie's Occupation?Delivery Boy
What is Betty Hapschatt's Maiden Name?Betty Monroe

There was only one correct Winner:
Jeff Young
Mechanicsburg, PA, U.S.A.

Answers to Competition #2 August 1997

At which Two locations was The Rocky Horror Picture Show filmed?Oakley Court and Bray Studios
What number is tattooed on Frank's thigh?4711
Who is Eddie's Mother's Brother?Dr.Scott
What is the Church booked for after Ralph and Betty's Wedding?A Funeral
Which Actor/Actress sang Science Fiction Double Feature in the Original UK Stage Production?Patricia Quinn

The two Winners were:
Joanne Weir, Belfast, Northern Ireland
Carrie M, Los Angeles, California, USA

Answers to Competition #1 August 1997

What is the name of the Hotel used as the Castle in the Rocky Horror Picture Show?Oakley Court
Who designed the costumes for the Original Rocky Horror Stage Show?Sue Blane
Who played the part of Riff-Raff at the 21st Anniversary Stage Show?Kraig Thornber
How many years has TimeWarp Fan Club been running?Nine
Which song is missing from the Rocky Horror Picture Show?Once in a While

The two Winners were:
Sandy Forster, Coventry, England
Ruth Fink-Winter, Lincoln, Nebraska, USA

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