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Date: Saturday, January 3rd, 1998


Date: Wednesday, December 24th, 1997
From: Jacqui

Message: This is the first time I have been on the
internet, and having something like this on it is great.
I am a huge fan who collects anything on the RHPS.
I have the 21st anniversary video, CD, cassette,a huge poster,
a karaoke CD, Australian Cast CD and a 15th anniversary
package with four CD'S.I basically know all the words to the
movie, so if you are as obsessed as I am leave me a message.

Date: Monday, December 22nd, 1997
From: Slaggs

Message: I love

Date: Thursday, December 18th, 1997
From: Devin Copes

Message: Best RHPS site yet!!!!!!!!!

Date: Wednesday, December 17th, 1997
From: Simon Warford

Message: Great site - but when is the next
edition of the magazine coming out? I have 1 & 2 but
have seen/heard nothing since!
I'm coming (!) back for more ....

TW: I think Simon is confussing
us with someone else!
TimeWarp publishes a newsletter every three months
for our members, the next one will be out in January/February.
This will be issue number 38!

Date: Monday, December 8th, 1997
From: Felicity

Message: This is one of the best
sites on the whole web!!!!
Yes, even better than the main Rocky page!!!!!
I must go and see RH live again............

Date: Thursday, December 4th, 1997
From: Trish H

Message: I have been a fan for years.
Seen the movie about 500 times in the theatre.
Have it on video and the anniversary cd collection.
Nothing is quite like it. Just recently found this page
and think thats its fantastic.
Will return several more times.
So lets all skip dinner and #!%#! desert !!!!

Date: Saturday, November 29th, 1997
From: manuela

Message: A lot of greets from Dresden in Germany.

Date: Thursday, November 27th, 1997
From: Mandy Castle

Message: Why are their no amater or local
production rights granted for the RHPS??????
If any one wants to help me fight for the rights
to put on a show write to me at
"2 higher Warborough road, Galmpton,
Devon, England, TQ5 OPF."
Its just an addition. its an obession, Oh well its just life.
and hel I cant live without it. Give me my fix!!!!!!!!
luv and kinky stuff
Mandy (columbia) Castle

TW: Rocky Horror Company choose not to issue any
amateur rights to the show and as they own the
copyright it's their right to allow only the
productions they want to. The Show will return
in early 1998!

Date: Wednesday, November 19th, 1997
From: Rob Lawton

Message: Hi you sexy people.
Just joined RHPS and loving it to celebrate I have
just bought a new suspenderbelt with gold studding.
Hope to hear from you rocky fans soon

Date: Thursday, November 20th, 1997
From: Sin

Message: I being a poorly deprived Virgin was
previously unaware of the amazing power offered by this
superlative example of "phreak humour". I find that every
character in this show...or such that I have read about on
this webpage...are a bizare mix of crossdressers and
twisted youths.........my kind of people.
"Sin" 17 year old Virgin.

Date: Thursday, November 20th, 1997
From: jennifer travis

Message: tim curry is the best sweet
transvestite no one who plays him will ever
be as good as him. he is the finest and the
sexiest man alive and i wanna do him

Date: Monday, November 17th, 1997
From: Jane

Message: Have only just found you even
though I've been a fan for years!
(Damn it, Janet, I love you ...!)
Excellent site! Will be back ...

Date: Saturday, November 15th, 1997
From: Joseph Hawkins

Message: How do I become a member?
TW Details are on the TimeWarp Information Page

Date: Saturday, November 15th, 1997
From: Peter S

Message: A wise man said:
We all want to be Frank,
but deep inside,we know we are only Brad.

Date: Saturday, November 15th, 1997
From: Bill

Message: Hello amd Hoopla, TIME WARP!!
Congratulations on a great web site!!
Looking for Email Rocky Horror Pals, would like to hear
from British and Japanese Rocky Horror pals most especially,
but all Email is most assuredly welcomed and will be answered
..Hope there are plans for a huge RHPS bash sometime very soon...
Not currently involved with a cast as RHPS does not play
anywhere locally, and hasn't for years and years....If you
are in a cast, please write and tell me all about it...
By the way, my one nod to normalcy is my rabid obsession
with baseball... and I like horror movies, worship the late, great
horror hero, Vincent Price...Well,take care, hoping to hear from you soon.
Favorite RHPS character is Riff Raff..
Much adirmation and respect directed toward Mr. O'Brien...AND,
does anyone have a copy of THE STRIPPER?
Please, I gotta Have it!!! Thanks, BILLY P

Date: Monday, November 10th, 1997

Message: To all who go out and perform this in
the shows, with pride, I give you thanks.
Not everyone can have the guts to do what they would like to.
Keep up the good work and let's do the time warp again!!

Date: Sunday, November 9th, 1997
From: Jessica Jarvis

Message: Rocky horror is the best movie out,
I watch it every weekend without fail.
As I said it is the best movie out and always will be.
Good work.

Date: Sunday, November 9th, 1997
From: Missie

Message: Hi, you crazy people!
You've recovered enough from the last
convention to do another one? Sign me up!
I'll start saving up my money now 'cause the last
one was so much fun.

Date: Thursday, November 6th, 1997
From: Barbara Williamson

Message: Just wanted to say a big Hello and Hoopla
to all the Rocky Horror fans on the Other Side of the Atlantic...
I really hope to be able to come over and spend some time in
London really soon..Am also looking for British RHPS fans as
Email Pals..This is a really excellent web site, one which I will
be visiting again, and again, and again....I also wanted to send
my love and best wishes to Richard O'Brien, and a world of
thanks for all the joy and good times he has afforded me over
the last 11 years with my involvement in RHPS..
He will be deeply treasured, admired, and respected forever
for his genius...Much love to all the RHPS stars and fans..
Take care, one and all

Date: Tuesday, November 4th, 1997
From: Lost Soul Angel

Message: Let's do the Time Warp again

Date: Monday, November 3rd, 1997
From: michelle carter

Message: Just want to say great web site!!
I love the Rocky Horror Picture Show and really think
Janet is the queen! See you soon oh, one more message

Date: Monday, November 3rd, 1997
From: cathy marsh

Message: hello fellow Rocky fans,
just writing in to say 'hi' and that I'm
looking forward to all the wonderful events
lined up for next year, and hopefully the
convention the year after.
love to you all, and see you in the
newsletter /messages page, Cathy xxx

Date: Friday, October 31st, 1997
From: Meredith Yuran

Message: HI!!

Great site!! I'm going to my first Live play
of Rocky Horror tonight! I'm very excited!
Keep the Time Warp going forever!
Happy Halloween, and happy 21st birthday to Rocky Horror!?

Date: Tuesday, October 21st, 1997
From: Drew

Message: Great site.
I will be sure to stop by and catch a show
when I am in England.

Date: Saturday, October 18th, 1997
From: Andy Boyden

Message: Took a friend to see the show in Leicester Sq. but
unfortunately didn't see anyone I knew.
What's happened to Alison, Mark Bridget,
and of course Dave and Steph??
Pretty good show though,
although it lacked something!


Date: Friday, October 17th, 1997
From: Meredith

Message: Cool, RHPS in Britain!
I love it here and I wish I could hear some of the
callbacks used across the pond!
(I'm both an RHPS-phile and an Anglophile...so sue me.)

Date: Friday, October 17th, 1997
From: Shiori Adachi

Message: Hi! I'm writing from Japan. I fell in LOVE with
Rocky Horror about a month ago, and I bought Videos,
CD...etc, and I spent all my money, that was
supposed to last half a month! I can't feed myself
but I won't regret if I even starve to death.
Oh, and I did a mess on my presentation I had in
school, because I was watching Rocky all night.
Any way, remember there's a CRAZY fan here too.

Date: Tuesday, October 7th, 1997
From: Patricia Pope

Message: ab fab page!!!!
this is a wonderful site and very helpful.

Date: Wednesday, September 24th, 1997
From: kelly mohammed

Message: Why slag off the new presidant of Mensa
for being a Rocky Horror fan,
shows even the brainy have good taste.
Rocky is the best.
love ya

Date: Monday, September 15th, 1997
From: Trixie M. Horror

Message: I just wanted you
to know that your site is great.
It is the first one I've seen with any mention to
Trixie (the usherette).
Keep rocky-in on!!

Date: Saturday, September 13th, 1997
From: Tim Caldwell

Message: How big is the RHPS in the UK? Is it as big
as it is in the US? Also, Richard O'Brian
wrote a movie call `Digital Dreams'. Can you
give me more info on it (Who stared, plot, etc)

TimeWarp: We don't usually answer questions via the
Guest Book, but on this occasion here goes:
Rocky Horror has a very big following in the UK.
Although there are only a few performing casts
for the Picture Show, we do also have the Stage Show
which has a huge following, a new tour starts in February,
all details will be placed on this site when confirmed.

Richard O'Brien didn't write 'Digital Dreams', but he did
contribute to some of the dialogue, he also played the part of
Bill Wyman's butler in the film, we currently have no details
of where the movie was released.

Date: Friday, September 12th, 1997
From: sister patti noise (bryan)

Message: All I wanted to do was to use your telephone, godammit!

Date: Monday, September 8th, 1997
From: Erika Sauve

Message: I haven't had time to go through all of this
site yet, but it's WICKED!!! The U.K. -
birthplace of the RHPS and the RHS, you
really know how to do it! I'm shivering
with antici......pation! to se the rest!!

Date: Thursday, August 21st, 1997
From: SATU

Message: "There's no crime in giving yourself over to pleasure"
"There is in Ireland!"
Yet every Friday in the classic you can give yourself
over to absolute PLEASURE!

Date: Tuesday, August 19th, 1997
From: Sumiko

Message: This site is wonderful !!
I like The Rocky Horror Show.

By the way, somebody send e-mail to me.
Let's talk about The rocky horror show!

by crazy japanese girl (^^ ;;

Date: Thursday, August 14th, 1997
From: Randy Brown

Message: Wonderful site...referred here by Jeff Young.
Survivor and occasional victim of rampant RHPS
politics here in the Baltimore area. But nobody
has been able to chase the Biggest Icon in Rocky
from his appointed rounds!! Keep it up...

Date: Friday, August 8th, 1997
From: Elly Rose

Message: My favourite times are sent when I'm warpped!!!

Date: Monday, August 4th, 1997
From: Nikki

Message: Great Website, Any chance of lots of background
information for us less fortunate, who have only
been members for a short time.

Date: Friday, August 1st, 1997
From: Salli Ruhl

Message: Good Golly Dr. Scott! There truly is a light on!
Love the site, stumbled on it quite by accident.
I sheepishly admit to being in some of the first
screenings here in the States. (But I look really
good to be THAT old ;)
Thanks so much for providing us aging and
degenerate Rocky Fans a place to call home.

Date: Wednesday, July 30th, 1997
From: Becky Roth

Message: This site is pretty cool.
I'm kind of hurried cause I gotta study for a test,
but I like this site and you're cool.


Date: Wednesday, July 30th, 1997
From: Wendy Gelbart

Message: Greetings from Sin City.
This web site makes me wish I were in the
(Celestia Fox) U.K. not (Otto and Windsor) U.S.A.

Date: Sunday, July 27th, 1997
From: Manda

Message: In my school choir,doing the time warp is a tradition
before every big show we do..it brings all of us very close
(escpecially the group sex!)

Date: Thursday, July 24th, 1997
From: Sioux

Message: Hello, fellow Rocky fans. I love this site!
My friends and I never have a party without
the movie or at least the soundtrack!
Rocky will live on forever!
A quick hello to Manda, Kerry, Cher, and Erin!

Keep this page going! You're doing great work with it!

Date: Friday, July 18th, 1997
From: Patricia Pope

Message: This is a beautiful site!
keep up the good work, British fans are the best!

Date: Saturday, July 12th, 1997
From: Phil and Kelly

Message: This is our first day on the net (finally),
and of course this was the first site we visited.

Loved the picture gallery, several familiar
names from a few years ago. Good to see them again.

We're looking forward to the next update, you're already bookmarked.

Love & beasties.

Date:Friday, 11th July, 1997
From: Emma Taylor

Message: A fab wee site! At long last there is
some UK Rocky Horror on the 'net...

How about some info and photos on UK casts
and what they do? (I'm fed up reading about
US casts arguing with each other!)

Well done on a great site

Date:Friday, 27th June, 1997
From: Michelle Moon

Message: I am a 15-year-old Rocky Fan. My dad let me
watch the movie when I was about 11. He
figured that most of it would go over my head
and that I would find it to weird to watch it
agian. Today my friends and I are celibrating
my 600 showing of Rocky.

All My Love To Everyone Who Reads This!
And Lips Forever!!

Date:Tuesday, June 24th, 1997
From: Katy Crawford

Message: May the Time Warp be with you always!
Love to you always

Date:Monday, June 23rd, 1997
From: Noel M Kelly

Message: Remember...

go to your nearest show if in Ireland
Harlods Cross

Date:Monday, June 23rd, 1997
From: Scott Allsop

Message: Hey Rocky Watchers!
Describe your balls and all that. Isn't it about time we
had a big convention up North so that all the people from the
Buxton Rocky Society can come along.
Jo, Keith, Kev, Scott - go for it matey!

Date:Friday, 20th June, 1997
From: Adam

Message: Hi!!

The shortest ever Guest Book Entry - TimeWarp

Date:Thursday, 19th June, 1997
From: Allie Quinn

Message: I really enjoyed visiting this site.
I've been in Rocky deprivation for a while.

Date:Wednesday, 18th June, 1997
From: Betty from Denton

Message: I always look forward to getting my "TimeWarp"
in the mail...so it's no surprise you've done a
great job on the web site.

Your faithful servant,

Date:Wednesday, 21st May, 1997
From: Sarah Whelan

Message: Le time warp est tres manifique!

Date: Thusday, 8th May, 1997
From: Red Feather Boa (aka Dominique)

Message: Timewarp on the internet at last!
I'm off to bookmark this site right now
PS Does anybody know where to get Size 10 Heels in the UK???

Date: Tuesday, 6th May, 1997
From: Missie

Message: Yeah why aren't there any pictures of Steph and David
(and Dana of course)? It's great to know I can
now keep up with my favorite Brits!
See ya soon!

Date: Tuesday, 6th May, 1997
From: Bruce Cutter

Message: Great Site! I'm glad there's finally a British
Rocky Horror Web Site. Keep up the good work!
So when is your next Transylvanian Convention?
I'm looking forward to it.

Watch this space - TimeWarp

Date: Saturday, 3rd May, 1997
From: Randy Brown

Message: Way to go David & Stephanie! Count me in as a frequent visitor
(referred by Jeffrey Young). Greetings from America!!

Date: Friday, 2nd May, 1997
From: richard

Message: I love this page! after performing in casts for over 6 years
I still haven't gotten tired of it. good luck from the
Absolute Pleasure cast of Petaluma CA. see you round like a record...

Date: Monday, 28th April, 1997
From: Shane Kavanagh

Message: Congratulations TimeWarp on another successful endeavour.
An impressive and original site Well done !
The 'classic' cast Dublin.

Date: Monday, 28th April, 1997
From: Anthony

Message: Hey where have you been?!?! I have been looking for a good
Rocky Horor web-site based in London and now I have found one.
Keep it up and tell us more.

Date: Wednesday, 23rd April, 1997
From: Amanda Anderson

Message: Good site liked the pictures how come there's no pictures of Stephanie
or you on it? We had a good look with the magnifying glass. See ya soon.

Date: Wednesday, 23rd April, 1997
From: D Orr

Message: TimeWarp has now taken the BIG jump to the left .....
Good Luck with the new web site from 'Lip Service' in Belfast

Date: Tuesday, 22nd April, 1997
From: Joanne Weir

Message: I like it!!!!
It's about time we had a British site, as there are just
far too many American ones, keep up the good work....

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