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Date: Monday, August 14th, 2000
From: Lorna McLean
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Message: :-) This is an excellent site! I was very lucky finding it.
In fact, "I'm lucky, you're lucky, we're all lucky!!" ;-)



Date: Sunday, August 13th, 2000
From: Kevin
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Message: Can someone give me some advice?
I have quite a few vinyl RHPS items, some UK Tour progs and a book that I'm
thinking of selling as a job lot to a deserving fan, who'll give them a good home.
Where's the best place to advertise them? Thanks

TW: And as if by magic, a Notice Board entry appeared!

Date: Friday, August 11th, 2000
From: Danielle
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Message: I love Rocky it is great movie and helped me and many of my friends find and be
happy with their sexuality .I love Tim Curray !Thank you Richard you are a genuis!!!!

At the Late Night Double Feature Picture Show


Date: Thursday, August 10th, 2000
From: Mariam
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Message: LET THERE BE LIPS !!!
;-)Hello darlings what a fabulous site!!
I am an imense Rocky fan and went for the first time at the Marlowe in Canterbury
Alex Bourne was a fantstically sexy Frank and the Phantoms really got my attention!!
Well done to the entire cast u were all brilliant!!! I'm very sad that Rocky has finished
for now but i will be back in my stockings and suspenders etc. when it returns!!
I would love to hear from any male Rocky fans under 26yrs especially any budding Franks!!!
Also if anyone knows where i can get hold of a
copy of the movie please mail me i desperately want it!!!
All my undying love and devotion :-P

At the Late Night Double Feature Picture Show and Frank's personal sex slave!!!

Everything About Rocky Horror!!!

Date: Sunday, August 6th, 2000
From: Julia von Bloh
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Message: Hi, Im a German girl and I love the Rockyhorrorshow!!!!!!!!
But Im a lonely Fan :-(



Date: Sunday, August 6th, 2000
From: georgina
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Message: Just like to point out that RHPS is showing at the cinema in BURNLEY this
Thursday 10th at 8:30 so everybody in the area has to go & dress up!!
Does anyone have a recording of last years Let's Do The Timewarp Again
off radio 2 that I can tape?? The ROB acoustic Superheros on it was ace...
I think that he should record an album of acoustic RHS songs!!
See Ya on Thursday !!!;-)

At the Late Night Double Feature Picture Show & I'm gonna be

To wear fishnets

Date: Sunday, August 6th, 2000
From: Rob Bagnall
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Message: Alison Newton's comments on the new CD are very valid, but I'm
afraid that, even if it was exactly the same disc I'd already got (but repackaged), I'd
still have to buy it for the cover alone. That's how obsessive my ROCKY collecting is.
Personally, I'd prefer to see an all new recording than just re-issues, so let's hope that
the proposed Broadway production breaks the show's New York curse, and is
successful enough to warrant a cast recording.
Meanwhile, I'm having to cope with the loss of the UK tour, and I'm missing it terribly.
Come back SOON!!
Thankfully, there should be loads of new ROCKY movie merchandise, for the 25th
anniversary, to keep us going. Stay sane inside insanity, and keep rocking.
Love and lingerie.
Rob. xxx

At the Late Night Double Feature Picture Show


Date: Thursday, August 3rd, 2000
From: jill
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Rabbit Rabbit Hutch Name: frank's slave

Message: ;-) Hi y'all. Just spotted my sisters message.
I would love someone out there to help me find someone I know through Rocky.
His name is Paul and he does one of the best Franks I've ever come across.
We chatted a lot at the Picadilly shows and also at the convention around
the same time. I know he was at college at the time, but that's about it.
Please help me find my friend:-)
Still a great site. Hope to hear from you soon



Date: Wednesday, August 2nd, 2000
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Date: Tuesday, August 1st, 2000
From: Rachel Sims
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Rabbit Rabbit Hutch Name: lipstattoo3
Coffee? Java Chat Name: lips

Message: I can't belive it's not Marge:-(,
i can't belive it's over either:-(
... im going to cry till the next update....****SOB****:-(

Back at the tour, right now

The whole cast.. all of 'um, every single one.

Date: Monday, July 31st, 2000
From: lorraine & John
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Message: we are magenta and riff-raff and totally kick ass!!!!!:-p

Covered in Rice

To wear fishnets

Date: Sunday, July 30th, 2000
From: betty
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Message: very good shame that the tour has ended though it was brilliant.
roll on next year Alex Bourne has the best legs I
have seen apart from Tim Currys.
So in the velvet darkness of the blackest night
I shall do the timewarp again!!!!

The Usherette


Date: Sunday, July 30th, 2000
From: emma the titbitch
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Message: hey everyone i'd b interested in chatting with n e one who
loves rocky horror as much as i do :-p and if n e
one knows about n e where in london i can c it in the cinema, e-mail me.

a glam rock superstar

To wear fishnets

Date: Sunday, July 30th, 2000
From: Carrie
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Message: "We're All Lucky!!" What a fantastic site, great job! :-)
Carrie in Ft. Lauderdale, FL, USA
(A past player of Magenta -- 1990-1992)



Date: Saturday, July 29th, 2000
From: Libby Weller Or Ronnie Weller (It Doesn't Matter)
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Rabbit Rabbit Hutch Name: Franksgirl4eva

Message: Hello my unconvention conventulists.
I want to ask you if there are any other guys out there who saw RHS on
Monday 10th July and saw Richard O'Brian on the Stage if so e-mail me
i would love to chat to you. Just e-mail me anyway no matter who you are.



Date: Friday, July 28th, 2000
From: Libby Weller
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Message: I love The Rocky Horror Show and would love to
e-mail anyone who saw the show in Bromely, London on Monday 10th July
or any day after that during that week. I live, love, sleep and eat Rocky
Horror!!!!!!!!!! ;-)



Date: Friday, July 28th, 2000
From: mandy woolford
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Message: hi fellow rocky fans!
only just discovered this wonderful site !!!
wow what a blast!



Date: Thursday, July 27th, 2000
From: Alison Newton
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Message: I see a wonderful message from TW about a NEW CD for the
25th anniversary. So I quickly log on to see what new songs I may here. Or at
least be getting a better CD copy of. The first CD is the makes a bit of a change
having a mix of both the Roxy and Film soundtrack on one CD instead of both
on spare CD (God knows how many version of the film soundtrack I've got in
various box sets)

The second CD which looks brilliant at first glance. I thought these look sort
of similar to the 15th Anniversary box set. So I go my box set out. And Guess
what song for song their are idential not even a change in order. Just the Rocky
Horror International CD followed by Song from the Vaults CD. These are very
good CD so anyone who hasn't got the 15th boxset get it.

But I just can see just at least the makes couldn't put on at least some different
ones from Stock Treatment. It would have been nice to get some different foreign
cast which are rare over here. There has been an loads of recording since the
15th anniversary I can think of at least 4 foreign in non-english, 4 foreign in
english and 4 recorded in England. I can understand that they may have had
trouble get right or the cost of them was high. But at least they could have
put different tracks from the 3 or 4 albums they used on the 15th anniversary.

I don't know what the brief history on the post is or what the pictures
are like but I guess it's lifted right from the 15th anniversary box set.

So who ever produce the CD please put a bit more work into it.
Rocky Fans stay around a long time. And the new ones get hold of
the older merchanise.

So if you have got the 15th Anniversary box set DON'T get this new
CD just because it Rocky, make a point to the production company

PS Which are best stocking or fishnets?

TW: Fair points, all of them. However, this CD costs about half the price
of the box set and you get the poster, so it does have it's plus points.
I would have loved to have seen some new versions of songs added.
Brian May's version of Whatever Happened to Saturday Night is in
my opinion the best ever, that would have made it really good. As you
say there are always rights problems when the record companies issue
any recording. Who knows maybe one day they'll let us do "TimeWarp
chooses the best of Rocky Horror", but don't hold your breath on that one!

not so annoyed about this so called NEW Rocky CD

Date: Thursday, July 27th, 2000
From: Stephanie (Columbia) Stewart
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Message: Hi, I am one of the biggest fans at the age 16.
I know i dont know too much about rocky because of my young age but i
am willing to explore everything rocky has to offer! I throw Rocky Horror
Partys about once every 2 months and i play Columbia! ROCKY HORROR
RULES! and i love every Rocky fan out there! If there are any young rocky
fans out there, help us to keep Rocky alive, as i do!! Love to all of you Rocky
Horror Fans out there! Love yours truely, Stephanie (Columbia) Stewart!


Dr. Frank N Furtur

Date: Wednesday, July 26th, 2000
From: Selina
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Rabbit Rabbit Hutch Name: Rocktart
Coffee? Java Chat Name: Rocktart


Richard O'Brien's underwear

all the chat room bunnies!

Date: Tuesday, July 25th, 2000
From: *Tasha*
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Rabbit Rabbit Hutch Name: Star_wow

Message: Hi!
I have just had AWFUL news that 'THE ROCKY HORROR SHOW' is
finnishing its tour this weekend but i was wondering like some shows
that tour, does this one have a home i.e(most shows homes r in London)????
If ne1 knows nething could they please e-mail me!(I'M DESPERATE!)


To wear fishnets

Date: Tuesday, July 25th, 2000
From: Abi
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Rabbit Rabbit Hutch Name: evilabi

Message: Sat night at Norwich, Michael as the usherette!!!
Bonkersly brilliant and dare I say it maybe even better than the lovely
Lucy ? And Dolly phantoming!! WOOHOOOO!!
I heard a little rumour that the show is touring UK next year, is this true??
Your JIMMY SOMERVILLE scares me !!!!!!!!!!!!!

TW: Show should restart late 2001, that was the
last we heard on the subject anyway!

TimeWarping and at Plymouth!!!!!

Micheal's usherette

Date: Tuesday, July 25th, 2000
From: Cath
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Rabbit Rabbit Hutch Name: sequinsandsparkles
Coffee? Java Chat Name: thinking myself lucky when it works for me..

Message: Yeah...
So, if this gets updated on Sunday I'll have seen the show last night
and will be a blubbering mess somewhere in Plymouth ..(ohhh noooo..
the show's finished...aaaargh... that kind of thing) If Dave does a sneaky
and updates this on Saturday I'll be in Plymouth and none the wiser anyway.
ok then. Yeah. PLYMOUTH BABY!!!! very excited. Not that you'd guess or
anything... Anybody who gets the misfortune of speaking to me in the time
immediately following my return from Plymouth will get the post Rocky
depression.. so be warned. And anyone who has the misfortune of being
there with me will get the during Rocky depression.. "ooh it's the last show...
ooh that was the last Dammit Janet.. *sob*.. the last Floor Show.... *sigh*..."
Right now. It's Tuesday. yeah. I'm observant. I'm also slightly bored so yaaay
to all those people with websites whose guestbooks I've scribbled in today.
It was either that or pack for the weekend and I think it might be slightly
early for that.. my tailcoat would get flattened..Hello to everyone that I
will have met in Plymouth last night. Ha! this message is turning into an
excercise in temporal dynamics. I should shut up now..PLYMOUTH BABY!!!

The Phantoms

my men like I love my coffee. In a plastic cup..

Date: Sunday, July 23rd, 2000
From: Vikki
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Message: This is a real longshot but if any of the gorgeous girls
who were sweet enough to ask if they could take my photo at Norwich
Theatre Royal on Friday 21 July want to say hello I'd love to hear from
you. just in case you forgot I was the one in the mask.



Date: Sunday, July 23rd, 2000
From: Witchluv
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Message: I love Rocky Horror...most of my friends think i'm either
insane or special :( oh well... any fans please write to me



Date: Thursday, July 20th, 2000
From: clare mcconnell

Message: Hi everybody!! I'm a major rocky fan from
BELFAST and i'm looking for other fans to write/talk to! If
you're interested, give me a buzz or send me a message on
my mobile. I think Rocky fans are the greatest people
alive and Richard O'Brien IS God!! Keep Rockin'!! Love Clare!!

TW: And if Claire will supply her email address so we can
make sure she exists, we will add her phone number.
(Just in case it is an incorrect nember)

With Richard O'Brien somewhere hot!!

Richard O'Brien

Date: Thursday, July 20th, 2000
From: cindy mcpherson
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Coffee? Java Chat Name: chsc16691

Message: i think the rocky horror is cool. fans e-mail me



Date: Thursday, July 20th, 2000
From: Kate Ward
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Rabbit Rabbit Hutch Name: Kat-fink
Coffee? Java Chat Name: Kat-fink

Message: ARGH! I have such a problem.
My sister has rearranged her wedding for the 30th September...the same
weekend as Southleigh. :-( What the hell am
I meant to do...I haven't booked the caravan either,
otherwise I could use that as an excuse.
DAMN! I knew something like this would happen.
Anyways, enough of my ranting, see you all soon

able to enjoy a guilt free weekend at
Southleigh with all my Rocky buddies

the way that my sister is
constantly changing her mind (NOT!) ooooo...i went all New Kids then!

Date: Tuesday, July 18th, 2000
From: Alan
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Message: wacky, winsome, wonderful, witty, werry
entertaining indeed ! Thank you ! Alan :-p

Date: Monday, July 17th, 2000
From: Tori Jo ;-)
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Message: i love this site...i'm moving to wales this fall...
can't wait to see the british stylE! ;-)

In the Front Row


Date: Sunday, July 16th, 2000
From: Holly Beee
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Message: The Rocky Horror Picture Show is my most
favorite movie of all time:-p ...



Date: Sunday, July 16th, 2000
From: Abi Dent
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Rabbit Rabbit Hutch Name: evilabi

Message: Just a quick message to anyone going to any
Norwich shows, see you there and I hope you enjoy it!!:-p
It's going to be deliscious ;-)
I can't believe it's nearly over, and I can't go to the last night:-(
But I can see it tomorrow!!! Placebo's new single out tomorrow as well,
wooohooooooooo!!!!!! I have to tell everyone in a really loud voice
that my boyfriend got a 2:1 in Philosophy. And looked silly in a gown
and mortarboard, but lovely in blue nail varnish 7 girls knickers!!!!
better stop before I do a Kat style message!!!
Love and glitter to everyone, Abi.
P.S. I f we can sparkle he may land tonight!!
If Astrid is reading this, get in touch!!!!Email me honey :-)

TimeWarping and At Slimenight with lots of scrumptious vampyres

My cat Sophie!!!!!!

Date: Sunday, July 16th, 2000
From: Tasha
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Message: Hi It's me again..
I was just wondering what 'SHOCK TREATMENT' is?
I have heard about it a lot and i was wondering if it is nething to do with rocky??
I fne1 has ne info on this could they please e-mailme on the above address!



Date: Sunday, July 16th, 2000
From: katie
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Rabbit Rabbit Hutch Name: glitter_kt

Message: Hello everybody!!
Just a note to say that last nights matinee show at Bromley was so good!
I was apprehensive about going to the earlier show but thats all we
could get because i had left buying the tickets till last week by that
time the lates had sold out! But it didnt matter coz it was great!
Hairy made one of the best eddie/dr scotts i've eva seen!!! and
now i can not wait for my next fix in Norwich next week! 5th row
at the late show!!! anyone wanna meet up, just e-mail me. im always
looking for new friends to share my obsession wiv!!! anyway i'd better
be off now! hope this goes into this weeks update of none of the above
will realy apply!!! see you all next week!!! :-)
luvz ya all! katie

in norwich for my next rocky fix!!!!

the hairy phantom as dr scott!!!!

Date: Friday, July 14th, 2000
From: Gina wilkinson
email this person
Rabbit Rabbit Hutch Name: Gina

Message: Can anyone give me any information about setting up a
performance group of The Rocky Horror Picture Show? If possible, I am
interested in setting up one in Northampton. Please reply to me email
address rather than through the chat rooms. Thank you in
antici...........pation of your help! Love and fishnets Gina xxxx

Date: Friday, July 14th, 2000
From: Emma Jeffery
email this person

Message: Anyone who we went to the Canterbury Marlowe Theatre and saw
the Show, please e-mail me! I would love to hear from you! The show
was great and I cant wait to go again! Hope to hear from you soon! ;-)


Riff Raff

Date: Thursday, July 13th, 2000
From: Rob Bagnall
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Message: Norwich (Tuesday July 18) is going to be my last ROCKY show
of the current tour. As we've no idea when our beloved Creature of
the Night will be returned (soon!! Please Uncle Richard and Chris) I
know there will be tears (I hate when they take ROCKY away), as well
as lots of the usual fun and fishnets. If anyone's going to be there
(sorry I can only make the Tuesday, due to work) please come up and
say 'Hi'. If all goes to plan, I should be dressed as Frank (leather
jacket) and have my Satanic Mechanic (my mate Jayson) on a collar and
chain, so we should be identifiable. See y'all there! Oh, and ROCKY,
don't stay away long...


To wear fishnets

Date: Thursday, July 13th, 2000
From: Natalie Robinson
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Rabbit Rabbit Hutch Name: natbite

Message: i play columbia at work and its the coolest i live for rocky!!!!!!

At the Late Night Double Feature Picture Show


Date: Tuesday, July 11th, 2000
From: Leigh
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Rabbit Rabbit Hutch Name: Mercury

Message: Hello everyone out there.
I just wanna say thanks for the cool site ;-)
I have some pix of richard O'Brian in a play other than Rocky
Horror so I'll send them along the way!! Thanks!!

Riff Raff

Date: Monday, July 10th, 2000
From: El
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Rabbit Rabbit Hutch Name: Dylano
Coffee? Java Chat Name: Dylano

Message: Well, that's it for another Rocky Tour.
Just a quick note to say thanks to everyone who made it so great.
From the 30th March to 8th July I've had THE best shows and had
much fun and made lots of mates. The cast have been fantastic and
improved so much from my first in Brum to my last in Bristol.
Good luck with whatever you have jobs after the tour has finished
and I hope you come to a theatre near me
(Although, after what happened on Saturday... Sorry Tim!).

a phantom please...

Joe 90 (aka Dolly as Brad. Nice one!)

Date: Monday, July 10th, 2000
From: Katie
email this person

Message: Hi everyone! Only one week to Norwich!
I'm actually after some information- i was recently reading the
list of shows that 'coachstop' offer trips to, and under the section
called 'coming soon' was something called 'Rockyhorror-the second
coming'. That's it, nothing more, no clue as to what it actually is.
Does anyone know? I heard that Richard O'Brien was rumoured to
be writing a stage show sequel to Rocky- not shock treatment,
something else. If anyone has any info, i'd love to know, being
a naturally curious person!!!:-)

TW: Last thing we heard was Richard was still writing it!
I think either 'coachstop' are being optomistic, or they
have just decided to call the current tour that for their
own promotional reasons.

At a new show- the second coming?!?

My eyeliner!

Date: Monday, July 10th, 2000
From: Debby Williamson
email this person

Message: Please send me any type of post
card of the Rocky Horror cast. Thank you so much, Debby :-)

Date: Saturday, July 8th, 2000
From: jill
email this person

Message: Hi, long time no Rocky!!
Love the site.
Great to catch up.
Hope to be timewarping again soon. Big luv...



Date: Saturday, July 8th, 2000
From: Tasha
email this person

Message: Hiya ALL rocky fanzzzzsss!! :-)
Just wanted to say I totally LOVE the ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW!
i have watched it loads in the last week and now am TOTALLY OBSESSED! ;-)
If any one has any imformation about anything at all to do with Rocky horror
show in WEST SUSSEX can you e-mail me to fill me in thanx!:-p
I have also seen the show and it was 'EXCELLENT!'


Frank'N'Furter - TIM CURRY!!!( He was the very BEST!)

Date: Friday, July 7th, 2000
From: Emmie
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Message: Hi all,
I need information about the showing of RHPS which takes
place in London on Fridays. Could someone email me with
location, ticket prices and transport availibility. Ta muchly.
Also anyone else who wants to get in contact with me for a
chat and friendship, feel free :)

At Rocky, dressed as Frank, with my girlfriend,
Mary, dressed as Janet

lots of people

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