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email this person Date: Tuesday, August 6th, 2002
From: Ali
chat Razzy4711

Message: I've just tried the Rabbit Hutch again and no-one was then again. I known it's friday, that's the set night for everyone but I'm usually busy Friday. Is there any other nights that people are usually about then?

TW: Well it's up to you guys to use the Hutch, I am there most Fridays as it is a day I won't be working late.

email this person Date: Saturday, August 3rd, 2002
From: Sandy

Message: Hi!
Im looking for pictures and all other things of Richard OBrien!!! Could anybody help me?? Please
Love Sandy ;-)

MagentaRiff Raff

email this person Date: Saturday, August 3rd, 2002
From: Reece Twigg

Message: Hey guys! Ive just read some things about Jonathan Wilkes, apparantly he is quite rude to his fans. Im not dissing the man, Im sure he will be brilliant as Frank, the rocky horror company havent made a mistake before! (hmmmmmmmm suddenly remembering tim mcinnary!!!)I am really looking forward to the show, but i just hope that he isnt as rude as ppl are saying and apparantly he is big-headed as well, at the end of the day he's robbie williams' best m8!!!! Just look at how bigheaded he is!!!! GOD I HOPE HE IS NICE WHEN I MEET HIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I know neil is nice, he is one of the nicest men i have met and it will be such a contrast to his personality to play Riff Raff!!!!!!!
Anyway im rambling on now!
Reece :-)

Wearing my cloak and wig

the feel of water and rice running through your fishnets

Date: Wednesday, July 31st, 2002
From: Sketch

Message: I went 2 see Chitty the musical and it was FANTASTIC. Richard O Brien was awesome as the childcatcher and everyone else was equally superb. A Big thumbs up if u ask me. I met R.O.B and he pretended to strangle me and got a picie.
It Was the best day of my life! And i watched him go off on his motor bike. GREAT FUN!!!!!!!

Seeing chitty over and over again

Richard o brien

email this person Date: Tuesday, July 30th, 2002
From: Carla

Message: My best friend took me to see Rocky Horror for the first time over 20years ago. I loved it then and I still love it now. I haven't seen it in the theater in awhile, it's been on t.v. here in the States quite a bit lately. I have a few friends I would like to take to a theater to see it, not quite the same on the t.v. Rocky Horror...it's a hoot..gotta love it!

In the Front RowFrank

email this person Date: Monday, July 29th, 2002
From: Dhana

Message: Hey fellow freaks! I'm going to see the show for the first time in October and so I really need people to email me to tell me all about their first times because I'm nervous ;)
Thank you

MagentaTo wear fishnets

email this person Date: Saturday, July 27th, 2002
From: Morbidia

Message: Hope this one gets through! I think I accidentally hit 'send' on nothing! Please post this one Dave and not the one in invisible ink! SORRY! So really,Claude Rains is not sending you guys e-mails! Hey, I'm happy to see Riff-Raff and I are not the only paranoid ones! I saw ERIN said she doesn't give out her e-mail, and I'm like that. And my internet line is losey, and our only mail-box is the business one. And I don't need my Daddy to recieve a flood of e-mails gushing over Tim Curry's sexy.......you get the drift! He'd short cuirut. So, please everyone! If you have something relevant for all, please post it. And be succint. Still, I would love to recieve dozens of notes from first-hand viewers telling me how Ritz was in 'Chitty Chitty bang bang'.....:-( Oh well. Oh, and you guys made me miss Charles Gray's little drag bit on 'Diamonds are Forever' last Saturday! Damn! Watch that or check out this nifty site? Choices Choices! Anything new on the UPDATE Birthday show? Please, if anyone hears ANYTHING post it. And the true stuff, we don't need dirty little rumors. You know, like.......;-) Later! Keep bitching!

hearing every little ephemeral bit posted in the Guest Book!

Riff Raff

email this person Date: Thursday, July 25th, 2002
From: Clive
chat clive800

Message: Reading about all this negative thoughts about the new Rocky film can i just say this DAMIEN TIMEWARP!!!!!!!!.
For those of you still reading, I know its nigh on universally hated but without that song i might not well be here typing this and having all the fun i do with rocky horror. It gave me the link from hearing it at disco and parties to check out the original song and started my love of the film.
Perhaps the same thing will happen here. It will bring a whole new crowd to check out the orininal versions!
So lets give a bit of a chance. all the best things evolve through the years and we will always have the original to fall back on.


email this person Date: Tuesday, July 23rd, 2002

Message: Hi gang..can anyone tell me if THE SHOW is comming to WALES in the near future...Swansea or Cardiff...?

Audience Participation

Date: Sunday, July 21st, 2002
From: Morbidia

Message: Hoopla.:-) I spotted a brief article on the American IMDB site, under NEWS ARTICLES. (Please don't sue me for copywrite or something, :-(I'm just spreading the word to my friends! And other sites can take note and link to that article if they want now!) Besides what has been said about it being 'The RH Birthday show', Lou Adler is quoted saying that he thinks the director has come up 'with a brilliant concept and settings and images that allows us to use the same music and the same dialogue and yet we're making a different movie'. Different movie?! -silence-gulp-um, how nice! Really. Perhaps our Rocky has become so classic, like 'Romeo & Juliet,' that after so much of its original form, someone will seem it differently. I have not seen all of the movie remake 'Romeo + Juliet,' but I got the idea; modern setting with the original dialouge and story. Actually, this RHBS might be downright clever, cool, breathtakingly filmed, awesome music.....blah blah. Time will tell.;-) Remeber: don't judge a book by it's cover! What would have been a real treat for devotees like me would be live broadcast of a RHS play, with a prime cast and all. With the ORIGINAL script would have been fine too! Didn't Ritz want something 'closer to the origianl'? And they could have socked in cameos from Ritz and gang. And interviews, and stories,and the beginning of AP, and trivial happy-Birthday-to-the-play stuff...:-p Sigh. Let's hope this doesn't start mass cult suicides or something.....It's not easy having a good time! Even :-) makes my face ache! Sensual Daydreams to all......Luv ya'! And keep bitchin', I love hearing you all!

it, Not Dream!

the one and only original Usherette/Lips, the Crim, Dr. Scott, Eddie!, the Phantoms/Transylvanians, Brad and Janet, and especially Columbia, Frank, and Magenta and Riff-Raff!

email this person Date: Thursday, July 18th, 2002
From: Erin

Message: Wow. I CANNOT BELIEVE that they're remaking Rocky. That's just dumb. I mean, I'm obviously going to go see it, but still, remaking is just a bad idea. Does anyone have any information about the new cast? I haven't been able to find any. If you DO have some, could you please post it here in the guest room? I'm paranoid, and I don't give out my email adress. Thanx! WannaBe: TimeWarping and In the back row with Frank


Date: Tuesday, July 16th, 2002
From: Sketch

Message: Hiya
I saw Mumbo Jumbo today and i must say that Richard o brien is so funny! he looks like riff raff but with boils, he snorts and farts. But i only enjoyed those bits. Im going to see chitty the musical soon and looks good.

Riff Raff

email this person Date: Tuesday, July 16th, 2002
From: lynn

Message: hi guest book virgin here.fantastic idea about the update.what about tony head as the new frank although tim curry will always live on in my heart,video,dvd,records,cds and tapes it will be great to have something new and tony was amazing as frank in the west end."dont dream it ..be it"xxx:-p


email this person Date: Tuesday, July 16th, 2002
From: Sara "KITTY" Eastwood

Message: I LOVE The Rockey Horror Picture Show!:-) It allows me to watch people act out some of my inner fantasies.:-p I also LOVE seeing Tim Curry in fishnet stockings...soooo sexy! I also LOVE to dress like all the people in that movie.I would love to go to a theater where it is showing. I would love to join in! I hope some day I can do that! I love you all!

At the ShowTo wear fishnets

email this person Date: Monday, July 15th, 2002
From: KevMc

Message: Jeez the 30th Anniversary tour!! Has it been five years since Jason sat on my lap in Edninburgh???!!! Scary Stuff!!! And althought I think we all were secretly praying/begging for Rocky London to blow the budget on getting Tony head back as Frank, albiet the rest of the budget for the show would have been left with about 50p, Jonathon Wilkes could be good, after all if you shared a house with Robbie Williams I think you would have a bit of the exhibitionist inside you...(No pun intended but entirely welcome.) Can't wait for the "Whats his crime?" Shoutbacks ;) .....Oh and If Rocky London are reading this: If Jonathon Wilkes has a break in the middle of the tour, How about wacking it into the West End for a Month and Letting Tony Head come back Like in 1995? I was also thinking, with what we all saw could be achived with a new production and ideas team on Broadway, (with the new set, costumes and Direction,) I hope Mr Malcom and Co have really got their thinking caps on to Delight and surpirse us with the 30th Anniversary tour... Now heres hoping I can still get into that F*ckin Usherette Outfit!! :)

Brave/ stupid enough to get the Hedwig face tattooed on my side.......

Saucy Jack!! (The Vixens are back at the Edinburgh Fringe in August!!! HURRAH!)

email this person Date: Monday, July 15th, 2002
From: Maggie Bob
chat TimsSlut

Message: Have been busy all day scanning in my photos from Glasgow. I have some stunners, so keeps yours eyeson my site for them (for some reason, most of the pictures are of M :-p). I am sitting here with Carry On Cowboy in the background... waiting to catch a glimpse of the delicious Riz (besides, I love Carry On, so yeh) Ummm, what else? I can't wait for the stage show to start, it seems like our 'gang' are going to be dominating the front row on opening night. I wonder if they are going to screen TRHBS in the UK at the same time as the US? If so, who wants to organize a big get-together to watch it? (for [im]moral support). That hasto be worth missing college for ;-)

With My Kitten (Markk) At Rocky Horror

My Kitten, Especially When He Is In Fishnets

email this person Date: Sunday, July 14th, 2002
From: Stefan leenaars

Message: Hello everybody, I have a problem!
With a handfull of die-hard rocky horror fans we have been trying to get a rocky club and cast on it's feet here in the Netherlands (cause their is nothing here!) Now the problem is that we have the possibility to perform at a huge openair showing in the city of Utrecht (in two months!). But we don't have a cast...YET!
This is a great oportunity to get rocky going in the Netherlands. So we're looking for other dutch fans wo would be interested to take part(or if you know someone who might be interested!) You can mail me direct, or at Rockyhorror@Beeping.zzn.com
ThanX! Stefan,


email this person Date: Sunday, July 14th, 2002
From: Aaron Johnson

Message: Great page, I perform Rocky in Milwaukee Wisconsin,usa, the part of frank-n-furter:-) just out surfing checking out the rocky scene across the globe!

er... I am Frank-n-FurterMagenta

email this person Date: Wednesday, July 10th, 2002
From: Alison Newton

Message: Hiya guys, it's while since I've wrote anything on here. But having read some news about the new film update (on Cosmo's Factory) I just had to write. The report says, that it will be updated to modern times with Frank being a "succesful plastic surgeon who lives in a posh penthouse"
Huh? What is going on??? I'm really puzzle by this and can't believe this has even be thought about. PLEASE DON'T DO IT.
Until this happen I was fairly happy with the idea. I thought it just would be a recording of the Stage show more or else. Even the idea of change it a bit or add songs was quite interesting as along as nothing is taken out. A small changes is good, like the eating of Eddie in the film compare to stage version of events are both good in there own way.
This change alters the whole idea of Rocky. How can Rocky not parallel/spoof the 1950's Sci-fi and Horror movies? I really hope this is a joke, for all Rocky fans everywhere

at the new stage show

Date: Sunday, July 7th, 2002
From: Morbidia

Message: Hoopla, again. Sorry to hear you were sick, Dave. :-( We need all Rocky Followers alive and well at this time, anyways! It's a time of crisis!I am so proud of everyone's general opinion on the remake! There's only One and Only! Yeah, give it a chance. We don't have a choice, do we really? I still like that animation idea.....sigh. I see at as being an updated interpretation for our times. Let's face it, Rocky Horror itsn't as 'mainstream' as FOX might like to imagine. (Get those luscious, lewd lips off the screen now! Remember that, oh FOX-studios?) Every tale has to be 'updated' to the era. And they have to make their money back. That's all that matters to them. And I doubt Ritz has much controls/rights over his Creation anymore. sigh again.... Let's just hope the general populace doesn't embrace this as the true Rocky. I think we all might go extinct or something. Keep on Time Warping dopes, you're my only hope! And Rose tint your worlds......and keep us safe from trouble and pain! GOD SAVE THE ROCKY! Poor Baby is gonna be 30! Give him the RIGHT treatment!;-) And hope you feel better Dave!

MagentaRiff Raff

email this person Date: Sunday, July 7th, 2002
From: Emma des Fourchettes
chat emmafork

Message: Well! the one good thing that can be said about the remake is that at least it's got people talking about something!!!
Personally I think it sounds dire. Really dire. To the extent that even Fox will (hopefully) look at the finished product and say "Sheesh! were we stoned when we came up with that one or what!". (Hey! How about Rocky done like an old silent movie!! Sorry, injoke there!;-) )
But then again, you never know. So I'm willing to give it a go, and it will either be so bad its laughable (like a lot of my fave movies) or it will be embarrassingly saccharine and "not-really-rocky-but-very-accessible-to-normal-people" and just cringeworthy. We can only wait and see.
In the meantime, we want more guestbook rants!!! Come on guys, get bitchin!!!!
PS I am also really really REALLY not looking forward to hearing who they've (mis)cast in this thing!
PPS Oh yes, thanks to everyone who travelled up/down/across to the show last Sunday at the Grosvenor. It was an absolute blast. We're still eating the cake! :-p

making a cup of tea any minute nowcake!

email this person Date: Sunday, July 7th, 2002
From: Sue Anderson

Message: Nice to hear from Amanda Jane Manning. I've been lloking out for news of her for ages. Just wanted to take the time to recommend Taboo to all fans of the RHS. (The life story of Boy George and we do like a good tranny don't we?)There's untapped potential for dressing up there. And especially good is the actor who palys Phillip Salon who insults loads of the audience personally. It's great go and see it. It's at the Venue Leicester Place, incidentally nextdoor to The Prince Charles Cinema whre RHPS played for years. Go see it you'll like it, especially if you lived through the 80's. At least it'll keep you going until the Autumn. Let me know what you think of it!

In the Front Row and watching Taboo until Rocky starts again

Audience Participation

email this person Date: Saturday, July 6th, 2002
From: Mandy Ory

Message: I've been a Rocky fan since I was 12 years old. :-) My mother introduced me to it. I also do not agree with a so called "REMAKE" of The Rocky Horry Picture Show :-p. That's just not right! Remake's are NEVER as good as the original. Like I read in a previous entry, classics should not be touched. Sadly, I have not been able to make it to a live show yet :-(, but when I get back from overseas, I plan on going to see it. I can't wait and I'm looking forward to it. ;-)


email this person Date: Wednesday, July 3rd, 2002
From: Rob Bagnall

Message: OK, I was prepared to give this ROCKY HORROR remake the benefit of the doubt, but, in light of further information, and some very disturbing rumours, my alarm bells have started ringing.

Reports this week suggest that the new version, now titled THE ROCKY HORROR BIRTHDAY SHOW, will be set in modern times and that Frank-n-Furter will now be "a successful plastic surgeon who lives in a posh penthouse". WHAT!?
Come on, part of the long term appeal of ROCKY HORROR has been its retro feel. It's a spoof, parody, pastiche of 1950's science fiction B-movies, and Frank-n-Furter is the classic mad scientist. Updating the show, its settings, and its characters will betray all that it represents. One report even used that awful word "re-imagining" to describe the project.

There's also speculation that Richard will write at least one new song for the film. Now, as much as I love Richard's songs, and have every faith in his talent, I do not like the idea of adding new material to what is already a perfectly structured musical. THE ROCKY HORROR SHOW is the greatest musical of all time. It's the only show which has no weak numbers (not one), they are all classics. It is perfect. PLEASE DON'T TAMPER WITH IT.

Furthermore, a survey on the website Cosmo's Factory asks fan opinion about certain possibilities, including: How would you feel if "Toucha touch me" was deleted; or there were no bedroom/sex scenes? What if it was set in modern times? What if it was set in another place, other than Denton U.S.A.? What if there were no "Superheroes" or "Once In A While"? I can't believe I'm reading such questions. This is a nightmare.

Deleting "Toucha touch me" (a defining moment for Janet's character) or the bedroom scenes would merely be a ploy to make it suitable for family-orientated (PG 13) American television censors/audiences. Again, this would destroy all that ROCKY stands for. Setting it in modern times shouldn't be an option, as the beauty of ROCKY is that it is timeless (it's the only 70's musical which hasn't dated over the years). As for setting it somewhere other than Denton; what would be the point of that? Would anyone dream of setting a production of HAMLET (the second greatest piece of theatre ever conceived) somewhere other than Denmark?
The thought of them removing "Superheroes" or "Once In A While" makes me feel physically sick. I'm sure that Richard O'Brien has even cited "Superheroes" as his favourite ROCKY song (while "Once In A While" is one of mine) so why take it out?

An even more disturbing aspect of this survey is that the results so far seem to indicate that the fans do not seem too bothered about these possibilites. Come on, this project has disaster written all over it. We're talking about celebrating ROCKY's 30th birthday. If it ain't broke, don't fix it. In fact, better still, DON'T BOTHER.

Rob Bagnall (July 2002).

At the ShowTo wear fishnets

Date: Tuesday, July 2nd, 2002
From: Amanda-Jane Manning

Message: Hello everyone!!!long time no see?
just to say that i'm really looking forward to returning as Janet on the European Tour of Rocky and to let you all into a little secret? that my real life boyfriend Jamie Tyler is going to be playing Brad!!! (very naughty) so i hope lots of you will be there when it all kicks off in Vienna (july21) !!!see you there
love always Amanda-Jane Manning

email this person Date: Tuesday, July 2nd, 2002
From: Clive
chat clive800

Message: Thanks to all the members of the 'Forks for a fantastic show but special praise to Marty and M. The show doth truely rock.
As for the remake. Lets just see what its like before we pass judgement. I mean we already have the film and the stage show both slightly different but loved in the same way!!! we just might have a 3rd string to the bow and more members that might want to come and see the film and stage show.

Riding my bike and performning in another cast


email this person Date: Sunday, June 30th, 2002
From: Steve Scott

Message: I see no problem with the Rocky remake; let's withold judgement until it's actually made and broadcast. At the very least, it means that Rocky will be accessible to a whole new audience. Give it a chance.

watching Zippy and George from Rainbow play Brad and Janet in the forthcoming tour

email this person Date: Sunday, June 30th, 2002
From: Nikki
chat Litle_Nell
javachat Litle_Nell

Message: The first thing I thought when some one mailed me with the Rocky remake news - as if! I really don't believe this is going to happen! Not to say I don't have faith in the whole Rocky phenomenon but I just don't think it'd work at all. How on earth can you improve on some thing like RHPS which is already set in stone? I certainly wouldn't want to watch it. Especially if they put Sarah Michelle Geller in it (sorry Sarah fans I just think she's a bit over-used at the moment!). Besides I think there'd be enough negativity to stop the project ever reaching fruition... but that's only *my* opinion.

in charge of the remake.the original.

email this person Date: Sunday, June 30th, 2002
From: Cath Buckland
chat sequinsandsparkles

Message: *ahem*
Sorry about my last message. I stand by what I said, but, the way I said it was possibly influenced by the migraine pills I had been taking that day... hehe. Oops, guess I won't be getting an invite to any potential RHPS remake party now, lol.
yay stuff. woohoo.


email this person Date: Saturday, June 29th, 2002
From: Rob Bagnall

Message: I have to admit that I am completely in two minds about this whole ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW remake thing. Personally, I feel an out and out remake of the movie version would be pointless. The film is a classic for a reason, and classics cannot really be improved upon (most remakes of genuinely classic movies turn out to be self-indulgent messes).
However, I am not sure that "remake" is the right word here, and I think that the announcement from Sal may be a little bit misleading. I read recently, in CRAZED IMAGINATIONS (an American ROCKY fanzine), that Richard had dropped a major bombshell, while appearing at the Fab Cafe in Manchester last October. He revealed that 20th Century Fox were planning a TV movie of ROCKY HORROR, with an $8,000,000 budget, based more on the original stage show script rather than the PICTURE SHOW screenplay.
He also said that he'd personally like to see an animated version one day (now, that's a cool idea).
I think we need more information here before we pass judgement. Yeah, a straight-forward remake of THE ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW would be a bad move; but a TV movie based on THE ROCKY HORROR SHOW, or (even better) a televised broadcast of an actual live ROCKY show would be a great 30th anniversary tribute to this beloved classic.

TW: Stephanie mentioned this over a year ago in the TimeWarp newsletter, there is a rights issue as to why they cannot televise the show. Cath Buckland's view on the whole issue below is quite interesting too!

In the Front RowTimeWarp

email this person Date: Friday, June 28th, 2002
From: Tamsin Q

Message: Hey fellow fans! I am HORRIFIED to learn of the planned re-make of RHPS. Ya can't improve on perfection! Some cool anniversary merchandise would be good though and I can't wait for December when I will be strutting my funky stuff at Woking! See ya there! ;-)

In the Front RowTim Curry

email this person Date: Friday, June 28th, 2002
From: Sandra Schwarz

Message: Hiiiii, :-p Im looking for people who love Riff Raff and want to share my love to him with somebodey!!!! ;-) Im from Germany, but I understand a lot of Enlish!!!! :-)

MagentaRiff Raff

email this person Date: Wednesday, June 26th, 2002
From: Mephistopheles

Message: a remake of the RHPS? has Lou Adler gone nuts? am I the only one to think this is a bad idea? Does anyone know what Richard O'Brien thinks of this? I suppose he has no rights any more... anyway

on the back of RO'Bs Hondaoveracting

email this person Date: Tuesday, June 25th, 2002
From: Amy
chat electra81 / awakey

Message: Huzzah, after a nearly two month gap, a chance to shout at and throw rice at people again!
Can't wait for Glasgow this weekend, will be odd as it will be my first time seeing the Grovesner, yet the last - all getting a little too profound for the mayhem that is RH, better go and darn my stockings...
See you all this weekend! Amy xx

At the Late Night Double Feature Picture Show wearing my kinky golden boots

Big Brother call back lines TW: "Is is a bird, Is it Jade, no it's super-pig"?

email this person Date: Monday, June 24th, 2002
From: The Concrete Hippo

Message: Looking forward to a show near me sometime soon.
I'm seriously in need of a Rocky fix.
I've also got a new girlfriend who is a Rocky virgin ;-)


Date: Monday, June 24th, 2002
From: Morbidia, the little sister of Riff and Magenta they never mention

Message: Hoopla, my unconventional allies! Let us hope greedy prospects of media mass marketing and an all-star 'clebrity cast' don't cloud our beloved Rocky! My hope is for a 'surprisre'. Something uncnventional, outrageous, hunky, funky, and spunky. But I don't see how they can get too 'kinky', making it for T.V. Maybe there will be 2 seperate Cults- the Real Ones, (We,us, me!) and a teeny-bopper spin off! I hope not. May O'brien's orginal vison of 'Don't dream it be it' prevail!

MagentaRiff Raff

email this person Date: Sunday, June 23rd, 2002
From: Mitch

Message: Hi all! I think that a remake of The Rocky Horror Picture Show would be interesting! Of course, nothing can ever replace the original which we hold so dear..but it would be interesting to see how it would turn out with film technology of today's standard. Think about it! If it turns out crud then we can shun it!:-p The music would be kicking!!! Please e-mail me and let me know what you think. I LOVE YOU ALL!!! C U AT THE NEW TOUR! xxx Mitch-Raff

Riff Raff

email this person Date: Sunday, June 23rd, 2002
From: Cath Buckland
chat sequinsandsparkles

Message: Remakes suck.
Sounds like the biggest, cheapest, tackiest pile of utter crap I've ever heard in my life.
*points out that this is the polite version of what she thinks and toddles off muttering about milking a cash cow dry and having no respect for the quality of the milk. or something*

in bed without the migraine i've had for five sodding days

not having a headache

Date: Friday, June 21st, 2002
From: Morbidia, the little sister of Riff and Magenta they never mention

Message: Hello!:-p from America! Been comin' here for a bit. You guys are fab! So kindly letting fans interact with polls, chat-rooms, etc., without being stuffy or commercial! LOVE THIS SITE! THe UK ROCKS! And I love RHPS, of course! Must spread more Absolute Pleasure. Tim is sexy. Meatloaf is sexy too. But don't get me started on Columbia, Magenta, or R-R-R-rrrrrifffff-Raff!;-)

MagentaRiff Raff

Date: Friday, June 21st, 2002

Message: I'M A REALLY FRANKY FAN!!!!:-p


email this person Date: Thursday, June 20th, 2002
From: Rob Bagnall

Message: I know I am as guilty as anyone, as I've not written for ages, but I've been finding the extremely small number of weekly Guest Book entries a bit depressing lately. One of my regular Sunday rituals is to check out the latest TimeWarp site update, and I particularly enjoy reading the Guest Book. Come on, guys. Our baby is gonna be 30 real soon. New cast, new production, new merchandise. Here's to the BIG 30 SHOW. Let's make some noise.

At the ShowTimeWarp

email this person Date: Wednesday, June 19th, 2002
From: Joe&Carmel

Message: We have been watching and singing The Rocky Horror Picture Show for the last 25years, old aren't we. We just saw it for the first time on DVD what a blast I will never be sick of seeing it. We hold Time Warp in such regard that we danced to it at our wedding,21 years ago. Great show great site keep up the good work;-p


email this person Date: Wednesday, June 19th, 2002
From: Spoo Lennon

Message: PLEASE HELP ME!! I'm trying to track down Peter Hinwood (no, not stalking!) and want to know where abouts in London his antique shop is. It would be really cool just to have a chat with him. Thanks in advance! Luv hugz and magic to you all!!

MagentaTo wear fishnets

email this person Date: Tuesday, June 18th, 2002
From: Adam Warren uk

Message: hiya :) I love rhps but i am a virgin :( but im planing on going to one very soon :-) ive know alot of what people shout out because i have watched the dvd patispation:) i also love this site :) see u soon :-)

Riff RaffMagenta

email this person Date: Wednesday, June 12th, 2002
From: magentawannabe

Message: Love the site. Thanks for letting me look around!!!

Magentasexy sweet Frank

email this person Date: Saturday, June 8th, 2002
From: Sheila Ladybeatle

Message: Hello everybody I'm a virgin but I've seen it on TV and I WANNA GO!

With Dr. Frank-N-Furter... in more ways then one!

email this person Date: Friday, June 7th, 2002
From: salvidor vally

Message: Please God Make Durden Lord Mayor of SWANSEA for the sake of the ROCK and the ROLL

The UsheretteRocky 2000

email this person Date: Thursday, June 6th, 2002
From: Nikki
chat Little_Nell

Message: Went to Rocky Horror auditions yesterday! Eeeek, nerve racking stuff! I think I did alright (made them laugh anyway!), and it was a great experience! Just wanna thank Clive, Scott, Ben, Amy, Markk and Maggie Bob for a great two days in the big city, which streets are not actually paved with gold. Yet. Good luck to everyone who auditioned - from what I heard there were a lot of talented people there! :-)

in the arms of my fluffy one.Ben

email this person Date: Wednesday, June 5th, 2002
From: Skye

Message: I am and always will be a Regular Frankie-Fan! I'm only 13 but I am in a cast with all my freak-friends and I play the best part ever! COLUMBIA!!!muah! muah! I love you!!! muah! muah!;-)

I don't "wanna be" I AM Columbia!!!!

being Columbia, being a freak, wearing fishnets and performing!!!!

email this person Date: Friday, May 31st, 2002
From: Saff
chat Glitter-Bug

Message: Just to say hello and " nice to see everyone!" to all who were at the Book Launch-How cool was it??! Can't wait to see the photos. Sorry I didn't say goodbye but I had to make a mad dash for my train ( with my sequinned eyes!)and even then they DID turf me off at Watford so I had to get 2 more trains then a taxi home...never mind , it was worth it! Hope nothing TOO exciting happened after I left....see everyone soon :-) xxx

Sue Blane's PASequins and cleavage...and spilling drinks

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