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Date: Wednesday, August 12th, 1998
From: lilpoop

Message: this a really cool web page,
i thought it would have been good if you had had lyrics because
thats why i came here. Rocky horror picture show is so awesome.
i would just like to say hello to my friend stella and ying and correan!!!

Date: Tuesday, August 11th, 1998
From: andy

Message: Hi , RHS freaks keep the flag flying for the greatest show in the world.
If any one attends the Birmingham shows send me your .E mail address so we can get in touch.

Date: Tuesday, August 11th, 1998
From: Olivia black

Message: Hello from New Orleans....

Date: Tuesday, August 11th, 1998
From: Timewarp Talker

Message: Hi. Great Page.. But then RHPS is a great film..
Found this page while checking "Timewarp" links..
Timewarp Talker (the first RHPS based talker)

Date: Tuesday, August 11th, 1998
From: Suzie

Message: I've done it!! Passed the 65 shows mark (stage shows, that is)
and I'm still not 20. Not to mention that I've got 10 more booked before that
birthday (next Feb - any shows around then I wonder?).
Keep on with that Pelvic Thrust.... makes for some interesting chat-up lines at shows!!

Date: Monday, August 10th, 1998
From: Hazel

Message: Any Transexual Transylvanians out there going to the convention
or the Bradford shows who want to look after a couple of
Virgin Brad and Janets please mail, I'm going home!

Date: Sunday, August 9th, 1998
From: "slut"

Message: Hello to all you rocky freaks.
The madness of this movie makes me shiver with antici...'say it'...pation.
I hope to travel on many more strange journeys. How strange? I hear you cry.
Well; very, very strange.
Just listen closely, not for very much longer............ROCKY RULES!!!!!

Date: Friday, August 7th, 1998
From: Sarv

Message: "Don't be upset. It was a mercy killing.
He had a certain naive charm, but no muscle."
-Frank N. Furter SCORALICIOUS!!!

() on at 08:22:29 Date: Friday, August 7th, 1998
From: sandy and lisa and geri and charvay

Message: hi i'm looking for rocky horror vintage stuff. e-mail me

Date: Friday, August 7th, 1998
From: Melissa Back

Message: this is a great webpage, i love rocky horror so
much,it has to be the all time greatest movie
ever made, with the best cast... And i would
just like to say f**k to all the up-tight
pr***s who think this movie sucks...
although, there's probably more who love it..
. so there..hehe

Date: Thursday, August 6th, 1998
From: Cat

Message: I live in the US where the RHS is virtually unheard of.
Fortunatley for me, my friends love it as much as I do. I hope to visit Ireland
someday and if I do I'd love to catch a show of the sickest, most twisted
show around - RHS! Long live sweet transvestites, groupies and laser-wielding
aliens everywhere! This site is great!

Date: Wednesday, August 5th, 1998
From: Gwenny

Message: Any suggestions on worst Frank. Jonathan Morris, anyone?!!!!!!!

Date: Tuesday, August 4th, 1998
From: tumtugger

Message: hey rocky freaks hows it going? Well e-mail me who ever sees this!!!!!!!

Date: Monday, August 3rd, 1998
From: Transient Presence

Message: Great site! I'm shivering with anti - ci - pation for the next time I visit!
Perhaps I should change my name to Transvestite Presence.
Remember, don't dream it be it!

Date: Friday, July 31st, 1998
From: Bijoux

Message: here all the way from Canada to see ya. I know, it's a huge deal.
never seen the show live since i live in the awful and secluded country. someday right?
anyway, looking for other fans on the net who love RHPS as I do.
live by the rules - don't dream it be it!!!

Date: Wednesday, July 29th, 1998
From: Glenda Redfearn

Message: I first saw the show in 1980 Loved it!!
My daughter (who is 15 now) has also seen it many times and loved it also.

Date: Tuesday, July 28th, 1998
From: Unconventional Conventionalist Pete

Message: Hey Guys, we've just discovered the meaning of "The Zen Room"..
Send $400 in used notes for information (Richard O'Brien needn't bother).
Alternatively, watch the show and the video as many times as we have
and spend just as much dosh trying to work it out!!
We'll ask Nicholas Parsons next time round......
"What the f.....'s The Zen Room??"

Date: Sunday, July 26th, 1998
From: Louise

Message: All North East Rocky Fans - you can get the 'Spectacular'
Rocky Nail Polish in Middlesbrough town centre in a shop called 'Danglers' (!)
- I got the full set of 6 last week. They're selling it at 1.99 a bottle!

Date: Sunday, July 26th, 1998
From: Hannah

Message: I want to thank you for the tips for virgins
and thank Jason for being so incredibly sexy in that basque!!!!!!!

Date: Sunday, July 26th, 1998
From: Sally

Message: I have recently seen the RHS twice - in Manchester and
then Blackpool. It was absolutely brilliant, hence why I went twice.
I would like to say thanks for the tips for virgins it really helped
and made my night relaxed and enjoyable. Also, I would just
like to know if any one out there agrees with me that Jason Donovan
was absolutely gorgeous and seductive. Please write to me with your
feelings on that or just any thing about this wonderful, creative show.

Date: Saturday, July 25th, 1998
From: David

Message: Just seen the show yet again - this time at Brighton
(Hour and a half's drive!). Donovan was "indisposed" - come on,
"stars", stop 'phoning in with "sickies" - support your patrons
as you would wish them to support you. Look out, too,
Nathan Taylor is hard on your High Heels. And what
about that wonderfully demented Columbia!!!
Great show as always - we (five of us) have already booked for
The Marlow in Canterbury in October (9th). We've definitely
joined the "Cult" (I think that's how it's spelt) scene.
Long may O'Brien's protege flourish.
LDTTWA and again, and again, and again.........

Date: Thursday, July 23, 1998
From: Robin "The Visitation" Ellwood

Message: Great site keep up the good work.
I have my own web page which is under construction at the moment
but you can visit it anyway at http://members.tripod.com/~thevisitation/.
I've included the Official Rocky Site link but I shall include yours as
well when I get back to edit my pages.
Best wishes, keep the faith and allways show your true colours. Robin.

TW: This is the only link we are going to allow in the Guest Book

at 14:42:42 Date: Thursday, July 23rd, 1998
From: tom kelley

Message: you were watched every day when I was in the hospital
to help me get better and I guess you helped out. I am now brain injured ,
but still capable of doing the TIMEWARP!!!

Date: Wednesday, July 22nd, 1998
From: sweet transy

Message: Love the sight guys.
Rocky is one of the most original movies of all time.
I'm thrilled to see that all of you freaks out there love the
show as I do. Remember, don't dream it.
P.S. I'd love to hear from other 16-25year olds,
especially if you've ever been to the vogue in louisville, ky.

Date: Wednesday, July 22nd, 1998
From: Amanda

Message: UH...HI!!!

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