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Date: Monday, November 23rd, 1998
From: Andy Boyden

Message: Hi
I live in Salo, Southern Finland and I understand that something has
been happening in Turku and maybe Helsinki lately...
As I am English and living here it is difficult to find these things out,
koska minun suomi on todella huono...
Are there any groups over here etc. and Dave
do you have any dates for shows here?
Any info would be great!

Date: Monday, November 23rd, 1998
From: Jane

Message: Rocky Horror is the best thing on earth and
Jason Donovan was absolutely amazing. Anyone who wants to
chat about the ultimate show on earth should e-mail me.

Date: Monday, November 23rd, 1998
From: Heather

Message: I'm looking for someone as mad as I am about Rocky to
chat to, share talk back lines with and possibly go to a show with
(I'm an 18yo girl from Hereford). Any takers.... antici....pating
your replies.... I love Ross O'Hennesey, Frankie is God.

Date: Sunday, November 22nd, 1998
From: Cath Buckland

Message: I've just come back from a totally rockin' show in
Cardiff- Mair, you were right, it DID make up for Bristol.
Hope Jason's ankle gets better, but anyone who gets the chance
should see Nathan Taylor- he really kicks ass!!!

Date: Sunday, November 22nd, 1998
From: Meg

Message: If any of you have any information at all about the
director for Rocky, Jim Sharman, please pass it on to me! Thanks! Meg

Date: Sunday, November 22nd, 1998
From: Debbie bendzak

Message: I love this sight......please keep me updated on all rhps stuff

Date: Saturday, November 21st, 1998
From: Louise

Message: ROSS KING....!!....Off to see Jason yet again in a weeks
time.....Can't wait....it gets better every time......
I'm waiting in ANTI.....CIP............PATION..................

Date: Friday, November 20th, 1998
From: Jon Jennings

Message: Greetings to all Believers,
Can anyone Help me I have been Looking for a copy of the show
(Audience Participation Version) as a gift. Any Idea's??????
Keep the faith.

Date: Friday, November 20th, 1998
From: Heather

Message: Rocky Horror. Bless my Soul. I was a virgin until the
18th November Cardiff performance. What an experience, I danced all
night, I talked back and basically absolutley loved it. Frankie is king!
Right I'm now to transexual, anyone fancy joining me?!!! :)

Date: Thursday, November 19th, 1998
From: Sarah

Message: love your web site.keep it fun.someday hope to see rocky over there.

Date: Tuesday, November 17th, 1998
From: Tristan

Message: Well, I'm full of an-ti-ci-pation down here in Australia.
The Aussies love ya too. Keep rock'n hard mates and "Don't dream it. BE IT!"

Date: Tuesday, November 17th, 1998
From: Dianne Sharpe

Message: Just seen the show in Bradford, it was my fourth time.
This time though I took my Mum, she even wore the outfit I made for her.
She really loved it.

Date: Tuesday, November 17th, 1998
From: Anthony Fowler

Message: I have not been a fan for very long - two years - but
already I feel like a member of a massive family. Rocky Horror is THE
best damn show in the history of everything! Happy birthday Rocky,
here's to the next 25 years!

Date: Tuesday, November 17th, 1998
From: Emma Lemon

Message: Tim Curry is the sexiest piece of apple pie!

Date: Tuesday, November 17th, 1998
From: Heidi Ruuska

Message: The picture is great me and my friend Janina are addicted to it!

Date: Tuesday, November 17th, 1998
From: HEidi Andersen

Message: Hi there Rocky fans .. any fans from the Cardiff/
Glamorgan area fancy arranging a "conventional"
get together ... let me know !! We are trying to
arrange something here next year .. !!!

Date: Monday, November 16th, 1998
From: Ironic Smiler

Message: Has anyone seen Nathan Taylor standing in for Jason
as Frank on the tour? To be honest I think he's better, and it's a crime that
Ross King's getting the part instead of him now.
Has anyone else seen him and do you agree?

Date: Monday, November 16th, 1998
From: kev

Message: Hi gang!
Re my Guest book entry of the 10th Nov.
For those of you who have asked, Jason was sitting on my knee.
Sorry if it sounded a bit rude!!! Ooh No Matron!
see you all at Stoke!!
Kev xx
P.S. Jason still smelt lovely though :)

Date: Monday, November 16th, 1998
From: Tania

Message: We love Jason in a corset, when does Ross King take over?
Thanks for both the shows in Leeds & Bradford. They were fab!

Date: Monday, November 16th, 1998
From: L.J

Message: Here's to glamour, rock'n'roll, fishnet stockings, high heels,
garters and interplanetary intercourse!

Date: Sunday, November 15th, 1998
From: Becky

Message: I've brought The Rocky Horror Picture Show film,
cd and t - shirts because I am mad for The Rocky Horror Picture Show
and I'm only eleven!

Date: Sunday, November 15th, 1998
From: John Eland

Message: Very Cool.

Date: Saturday, November 14th, 1998
From: Steve Mendham

Message: I've just bought the 25th anniversary CD with Jason Donovan
and Nicholas Parsons, I'd recommend it. Although nothing will ever match seeing
the original cast at the Kings Road Theatre back in the '70s. Hope to be seeing
another show in February. Great website, any chance of obtaining details of the
cast for the UK tour? What's Little Nell doing these days and are we ever likely
to see Tim Curry returning to the stage. Rocky keep on rockin'.

Date: Saturday, November 14th, 1998
From: paul maxted

Message: dear rocky, great show, great movie,
great web site(is that too many greats.)
long live the time warp

Date: Saturday, November 14th, 1998
From: DannaC

Message: I'm going to see The Rocky Horror SHow for
the first time in a fortnight and I CAN'T WAIT

Date: Friday, November 13th, 1998
From: Joe Eckhart

IS THE COOLEST THING SINCE POPCORN. Keep a rockn'. See ya at the time warp!!!

Date: Thursday, November 12th, 1998
From: kev

Jason is to be replaced by ROSS KING
(Yep he of Daytime TV fame!)
You read it here first!!!!

TW: Unless that is you are a member of TimeWarp, then you
would have heard it already. Alvin Stardust will also be guesting
as Eddie/Dr.Scott in Stoke-on-Trent.

Date: Thursday, November 12th, 1998
From: D-Meister

Message: R.H.S is funky, spunky and sexy
Anything else is pure accademic
Thank you for your attention
See ya all in Cardiff.

Date: Thursday, November 12th, 1998
From: Keith Lee

Message: How'd you do?
I've just found your site and think it's
glittering. Are there any other Rocky fans in
Dublin, Ireland? Let me know - I'm shivering with
an-ti-ci-pation already!!!!!!

Date: Thursday, November 12th, 1998
From: Heidi Andersen

Message: To my Unconventional conventionalists !
Hi there .. cannot wait to see the stage show
next saturday .. 21st nov .in Cardiff... Jason Donavon
looks extremely sexy in his basque .. so I've heard !!
If any Rocky fans want to mail me then feel free,
I am not desperate for friends or anything its
just that not many people at this UNi understand
the feel Rocky "thing" and it would be great
to talk to some "real" fans !

Date: Wednesday, November 11th, 1998

Message: Everybody come and do the Timewarp with us at the
Plaza Cinema in Crosby, Liverpool on Saturday 14th
November. It'll be astounding!

Date: Tuesday, November 10th, 1998
From: John Kafatos

Message: please, e-mail me an adress in London where i can buy,
official gadgets. Thanks, any way
(it wouldn't be bad to see the performance in Athens Greece,
there are a lot of funs here!)!

Date: Tuesday, November 10th, 1998
From: kevin

Message: Hi Folks,
anybody know how to get any Austrailian
Rocky merchandise from the latest production down Under?
P.S. Jason Donovan smells lovely! (I had him on my during
the show up in Edinburgh. Mmmmmm :)

Date: Sunday, November 8th, 1998
From: Troy connor Sr

Message: beware my children for Pharius is watching you ........

Date: Saturday, November 7th, 1998
From: Mair

Message: Hi there fellow freaks and fans. I've just been to the show in Bristol and
it was better than ever. I'm so pleased to see that Eddie's freezer is back. I
could'nt stand that body bag business. I'd just like to say to Cathy Buckland,
phone up those people who let you down on the Bristol show at 4a.m and shout
"TIME TO DIE". We'll make up for it in Cardiff.
Rocky Rules, Mair

at 17:58:20 Date: Friday, November 6th, 1998
From: Brad

Message: I love it at Oxford Appollo

Date: Thursday, November 5th, 1998

Message: Hi everyone. RHPS is still the best thing that has
happened to me and Richard O'Brien is a GOD! Who else could think of
something as excellent as the Rocky Horror Picture Show. Bye for now.
Don't Dream it - BE IT!!!!!!!

Date: Wednesday, November 4th, 1998
From: karan wellington

Message: I have been to see the rocky horror show numerous times in
swansea grand theatre it was fantastic,i also have numerous merchandise too,
i think the rocky horror show is a legend and should live forever

Date: Tuesday, November 3rd, 1998
From: yvonne,louise,gemma,rob

Message: We have just come back from watching the rocky horror at the
festival theatre, Edinburgh. We had a fabulous evening, obviously Janet was such
a slut and Brad was a complete arshole, but we left swinging our suspenders and
chanting our moto,"don't dream it, be it!". We are IT, darlings!!! chow.

Date: Tuesday, November 3rd, 1998
From: Keith Newton

Message: There will be a showing of The Rocky Horror Picture Show
film at The Plaza Cinema, Crosby, Liverpool on Saturday 14th November 1998
at 10.30 pm (22.30) - dress to excess!
Further details can be found at the Plaza site at: plaza.merseyworld.com

Date: Tuesday, November 3rd, 1998
From: Julie

Message: Hey anyone around the swindon area who'd like to get
in touch to see future performances/london cinema shows.
Recently saw the production in bristol and have been a die hard fan
for many years but need a pal to go with. Please get in touch.
Let there be lips!

Date: Monday, November 2nd, 1998
From: charlotte

Message: WHERE can i boy the film on the internet???
i am desperate! does anyone know?

Date: Sunday, November 1st, 1998
From: Bob Becker

Message: I'd love to do the time warp with you

Date: Sunday, November 1st, 1998
From: Mary

Message: Just found your site.
Glad I did! Just a US citizen longing for the chance to
experience 'real' RHPS in the UK. Keep up the good web-work!

Date: Friday, October 30th, 1998

worldpath.net OH ROCKY!

Date: Friday, October 30th, 1998
From: john coon jr.

Message: I like your web!! ROCKY HORROR PICTUER SHOW is the best!!

Date: Thursday, October 29th, 1998
From: tim wyatt

Message: i think that the rocky horror is the best thing that
ever happend to the film and theatre industry
richard o'brien,,, god save OUR QUEEN!!!!!!
we love you !!!

Date: Thursday, October 29th, 1998
From: Catherine Boothby

Message: Let's do the time warp again! May stockings and
suspenders rule forever!

Date: Thursday, October 29th, 1998
From: Barbara

Message: I have been a Rocky fan for X years, long enough
for me to pass the legacy and addiction to my 16 yr. old daughter,
she has inherated my Columbia jacket. I will have the good fortune
to be in Scotland and was really excited to be able to see a live performance.
I'll be up in the nosebleed section, cause the American dollar can only go so far.
Ayone out there remember this from the release in the movies? Opps! guess
I'm dated now. I going to the theater early (Sat, early performance, last night).
I'll be the one singing... Bless My Soul!
See ya in November!

Date: Sunday, October 25th, 1998
From: Bobby

Message: Tell me how to make a guest book nice job!

Date: Monday, October 26th, 1998
From: Kris

Message: I love you all.

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