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Date: Friday, May 14th, 1999
From: Woking's Rocky Horror Resident

Message: Just listened to the latest message on the Timewarp
phoneline and decided to write and congratulate you on your choice
of location for the 1999 Rocky Convention.
We are currently in the process of converting our small two-bedroomed
house into a B+B to house 200 Rocky fans in October.... reasonable rates,
although beds may not be too comfortable (ironing board, bath, kitchen table, etc...).

TW: Thanks Cathy, although you're going to need to make a few
more beds than that as registrations are past 250 now.
How about some tents in the garden (flower beds)?

stroking Dave Sax's large instrument...

Date: Thursday, May 13th, 1999
From: S. Fan

Message: I am in deep depression since Craig the phantom left
but I have heard that Shane is just as good as Craig. I hope that this
he is good as he is the only reason why I have come out of my
depression and decided to book tickets for the show. I love
all the phantoms truly and would love to be one, one day!

The Phantoms

The Phantoms

Date: Thursday, May 13th, 1999
From: Gillian Anne Rose

Message: I love RHPS and I always have...my mother has been
swearing that I'm weird since I was 5! Oh well, this page is amazing and
I'm glad to have soo manh fellow Rocky lovers out there.
Take care take time take peace.



Date: Thursday, May 13th, 1999
From: Graham

Message: :-( Why is there never anyone in the chat room ?

There is, but not all the time.

:-( Why is the clock always wrong in the chat room ?

The Chat Room server is in America, we're in the UK.

And when is the Transylvania Convention - Any News yet ?????

Saturday, October 30th 1999.
Check out the Transylvania section on the
site for the latest news.

At the Show

Chatting to fellow Rocky Fans

Date: Thursday, May 13th, 1999
From: Chrystle Rai Dietschweiler

Message: Hello I just adore the movie and the screen play in Illinios.
Thanks for the great movie.

At the Late Night Double Feature Picture Show


Date: Wednesday, May 12th, 1999
From: Steve Fitzgerald

Message: Just want to say that Rocky Horror is brilliant
and I have seen the film hundreds of times and seen the show
once and I am only 13!! Now just a few questions I would like answered:
1) Does the show finish after it has been showing at Victoria Palace.

The tour won't start again until the end of September.

2) On June 5th who plays the Narrator.

I don't know if they have decided yet.

3) Where can I get a copy of "The Rocky Horror
Picture Show Special Edition" as I have looked
everywhere and cannot find it.

Very rare, Fox may have withdrawn it,
probably so they can sell a 25th Anniversary version
(same film, new box!) next year.


At the Late Night Double Feature Picture Show


Date: Wednesday, May 12th, 1999
From: kev


At the Late Night Double Feature Picture Show

To wear fishnets

Date: Tuesday, May 11th, 1999
From: Gem Naughton

Message: can anyone tell me how to get Robbie around
the house in the interactive Game show? I really have no idea
and "usefull things lifts" makes no sense when you can't get
him to the lift cos its up the stairs!:-(

OK, you need the remote control from the
grave, then you can operate him. You get him
around the house via the lift that is operated by
the candles near the phone.

in Richard O'Briens Pants

richard O'Brien

Date: Tuesday, May 11th, 1999
From: Bethan

Message: I just wanna say, I can't wait for the convention
eiher and that I haven' yet sen Jason D. as Frank yet, But trust me
I intend to! I'm sure he's marvelous! ;-)

The Phantoms


Date: Tuesday, May 11th, 1999
From: 801

Message: I've seen the stage show 14 times and wanna
go again! Why is London so far away?!

At the Show


Date: Monday, May 10th, 1999
From: Lottie

Message: Woooohoooooo!!! I've won the runner's up prize from
this month's competition (hahahahahahaha - evil cackling again!)...I know
it's not the best prize, but I've NEVER won anything to do with anything before!!!!
Anyway, I'm stil really bummed, 'cos I've got nobody to go see the show in
London with, and at this rate, this means that I won't be able to go
(booooohoooooo!) ;-) If anyone comes up with any bright
ideas, please let me know!! (I would go on my own, but I'm not even 18 yet,
and the thought of going all the way up to London on my own kinda scares
the s**t outta me (especially considering that I'd have to wear part of my
costume up there!!!!!) I'm gonna be SOOOOOO depressed if I don't get
to see the show in London - and knowing my lucvk, it's probably too
late to join Timewarp and get in on their trip......or is it??!! I have to
see the show in London, 'cos I've been a fan for just over ten years
now, and I've never even had the chance to see it in London before,
(I've seen it in Canterbury, Southend and Dartford, but so far that's it
:-( )so I HAVE TO GO!!!!!!!!
Well, anyway, now that little rant's over and done with, it's onto another
one!! Why is it that there is NEVER anyone in the chat room? I've been
in there so many times, and it's always been just me (and I'm starting to
go mad from talking to myself all the time - okay, okay, more mad!) So,
someone, ANYONE, just use the blimming thing OR ELSE!!(or else I'll
come around and 'belt you about the mouth and mouth you about the belt'!!)
Anyway, I've gotta go in a mo, but if anyone's got any (and I mean any!!)
useful suggestions about how I culd get to see the London show, please
feel free to e-mail me! lots of love and fishnets ;-), Lottie!

in the show, especially in bed with Frank!!

everyone who's been in Rocky
(especially Jason Donovan, Ross O'Henessy, Howard Samuels......!

Date: Sunday, May 9th, 1999
From: Martin & Julie

Message: Saw the show at Victoria Palace evening
of 7th, lovey. Absolutely fabulous. Rock On.



Date: Friday, May 7th, 1999
From: Kat

Message: Hi all :-)
I got the Rocky Interactive Horror show game a few months ago but...
how do you get the de-medusa piece off Robbie in the game. I tried
taking him to the juke box but it doesn't work, I have played every
song to him 5000000000000000000000000000 times but it still wont work!!!

TW: 1st Song and get HIM to play it

Also I cannot open the safe in the spare room. When I try to put in
the combination using the arrow keys + space bar it doesn't do anything.
I select the first number (5) and press space and then the blimmin' thing
won't let me put in any more numbers. This is annoying the **** out of
me. Also what does it mean in your help guide by saying 'How to activate
the control panel without getting fried', I did that OK but without the robot.
I wouldn't ask this if I wasn't really stuck but I have been at the same place
in the game for nearly a month!!! I think the game is brilliant BTW and a
must for any Rocky fan!!! ( with a pc anyway!!!) Love Kat xxx
p.s. I only found the help guide a week ago and I haven't tried to cheat to
find the ways of getting the other items it's just I am totally stuck and
cannot do anything in the game.

able to get out of this blimmin' bit of the game I'm stuck in

The Rocky Interactive Horror show game and Ross O'Hennessy

Date: Wednesday, May 5th, 1999
From: Sazz

Message: Hey, love the whole Rocky world.
Stand up for the rights of sweet transvestites from sexual Transylvania ;-)


Date: Tuesday, May 4th, 1999
From: Marcy

Message: I've been a fan for a long time but haven't yet seen
a live show yet. I want to know where you can buy costumes for
Magneta or Columbia. I would like to know where they are found.


Riff Raff

Date: Tuesday, May 4th, 1999
From: Gem

Message: please can any of you tell me if you know of a
rocky horror cast in or around Wales that is looking for a female
to perform or for stage crew or anything really! Please e-mail me,
I'm desperately looking for a cast...:-(

The Usherette


Date: Monday, May 3rd, 1999
From: Illi

Message: Since I've seen The Rocky Horror Picture
Show I'm the greatest person in Vienna, no in Austria.


To wear fishnets

Date: Monday, May 3rd, 1999
From: hannah

Message: I'm off to the show on the 8th - if anyone out there will be
there too please mail me, i'd love to meet some other fans there... :-)
I'm sure i'll be converting all my virgin freinds once they've been!!!!!!!

At the Late Night Double Feature Picture Show

Date: Monday, May 3rd, 1999
From: Feel_me

Message: I have not yet been to see the RHPS, but am fortuante
enough to be going to see the live show next week. I am really, really excited.
I am going with lots of friends-some of whom aren't virgins some of whom
(like me) are. We shall be going dressed up and i just can't wait to go out
in my corset, fishnets and see-through net skirt. Eat me baby!

At the Show

Dancing the Timewarp

Date: Monday, May 3rd, 1999
From: Deez Nee

Message: Big hugs to all the peeps I've met in the chat room.
Every one who is going on the group booking with Time Warp to
Victoria Palace I'll see you there. Mega excited, how will I cope
with out the show until September!!!!!!! I'm taking a virgin
with me so I hope that you will all make her welcome. Right
then what else do I need to say. I'm always on the look
out for new peeps to chat to so feel free to mail me,
I'll always reply.
Is anyone else having to arrive in London hours before
the show? I'l be there at least two hours before the show
and would like to know of places to go. Can any one help?

Ross O'Hennessey's underpants

The thought of what is in Ross's pants !!!

Date: Tuesday, May 4th, 1999
From: Ben Hepplestone

Message: I was recently a Rocky Horror Virgin until I saw it
at the Sheffield Lyceum. I was lucky enough to get a front row
ticket with some pals. I'd watched the video for years but the
show is unbelievable. What an atmosphere!!!!

At the Show

To wear fishnets

Date: Monday, May 3rd, 1999
From: Sandra

Message: Wonderful site! I have been a fan of RH ever
since I saw FAME!!! Yes I know that dates me...
Have seen the film many times and always try to get to a live
show when I can. Not many of my friends are into RH and its
good to know that there are so many like minded folks out there.
Keep up the good work! :-)

At the Show


Date: Friday, April 23rd, 1999
From: Gem Naughton

Message: I love Rocky Horror I love Richard O'Brien,
okay so hes 41 years older than me but who cares??

In the Cast!

Richard O'Brien, truly...

Date: Friday, April 23rd, 1999
From: Lottie

Message: HELP!!!!! Please, someone help me!!
My only go-to-Rocky-with friend now has a boyfriend and has forgotten
what on earth RHPS is (how I don't know!!). Anyway, I'm desperate to go
to London, but I've got no-one to go with now, and I've also lost the only
person I can talk to about this without them thinking I'm nuts!! If there's
anyone in the south-Kent area (especially Dover/Canterbury) that would
like to get in touch with other fans, or someone to possibly go to a show with,
then gimme an e-mail!! There's gotta be someone out there who wants to
meet some other RHPS nut-cases too, surely?!
Love + fishnets,

in bed with Frank (especially if it's Jason!!!!)

the Rocky Horror Show and God (aka R. O'B.), duh!!!!

Date: Friday, April 23rd, 1999
From: Sue

Message: I was in the chatroom on Friday 23rd Oct talking
to beansontoast and Catherine69 (or something similar)from Cheltenham.
I got booted and could not re-obtain access. (connection refused)
I ned to contact Catherine so if she reads this could she email me
with her email address. I tried the one she sent me but it
got returned to me. :o( Sue

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