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Last Updated Sunday, August 19th, 2000  Current Contents: One and only one very long message

Message: Aaaaaaaaaaah I love summer holidays!! I had a great three weeks away but with barely any internet access. I too am sad that Rocky has ended but it will be back!!! Also I do think that the long break will be beneficial as well. Firstly it'll give the tour a chance to get some new props and scenery together as the 25th anniversary stuff was looking a little knackered when I saw it last. Another thing is that we'll hopefully get a great set of people in the cast when the show re-starts as they will have had plenty of time to look for some excellent people and to give them enough rehearsal time(no I'm not saying that there was really anything wrong with the last cast don't worry!!!). I was talking to somebody (Tim?) and he said they had a ridiculous amount of time to rehearse before the tour, something like 2 or 3 weeks. A brilliant thing for me (and probably other broke fans too) is that I'll have enough time to save up loads of dosh for tickets and improving costumes.! ..etc before the new tour. So there are those good things about it and probably some other's I've missed out!! :-) The big news for me at the moment is that I've lost Rosie. I think she's off on holiday somewhere but I don't know where she is or when she'll get back. If anyone sees her stalking around any parts of the country please direct her back to Cambridge.

I'm really pleased with some great photos I have fromthe late night show on the Saturday at Norwich as well! Despite the no photos during the show I couldn't resist a couple of piccys of Michael looking rather fetching in his Usherette!! The Norwich show was my last one of the tour and it was totally brilliant too. I finally got a good photo with Marge before the show and a great one with me squashed in between Tim and Alana!!! Not that I'm complaining about the squashing at all, apart from Tim's new bog brush wig going in my mouth!!! I also met up with Abi!!!(Hiya!) and there were quite a few faces that I knew dotted around. I was also very pleased with my aim when lobbing a KitKat. I was about 4 rows back (not a friend of the theatre, therefore no chance at front row) and managed to throw it onto the step next to Alex!! I was chuffed with that. According to the interview in TW mag Nathan probably nicked it later. (the little chocaholic that he is!!:-p )

Tim shocked me that night by announcing that he was probably off to Sarajevo (if that's how you spell it!) He also loved his picture of him in the Phantom Janet dress which I gave him and said (quote!!): 'Ooooh I can give that to my mum, she always wonders what I'm doing!'. Anyway I'll stop going on about Rocky in Norwich as I'm sure people have loads of brilliant stories to tell about Plymouth too!!

Did anyone else see Cats when it was on TV about a week ago?? Jo was fabby as Rumpleteaser and I loved that cartwheel thing she did with Mungojerrie!! The annoying thing was that during her main song she'd been dubbed over!! Boo hiss!! Anyway I'd better be off for now so this message isn't up to the usual standards for length!!!
Love Kat xxx

on the moonlit shores of Transylvania!!

Everything about Rocky!!!Oooh except the crippling
pain from my Usherette shoes!!!

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