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Page updated Saturday, February 17th, 2007
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Rocky Horror On IceOnce again TimeWarp gets the scoop on a brand new production of The Rocky Horror Show!

This latest version of Rocky is produced and directed by A.P. Phewall, who was also responsible for the very rare, now sadly discontinued Swiss Audience Participation Album.

Some of you may remember that Robin Cousins made a very good Frank 'N' Furter in a previous UK production of Rocky. As many of you also know, he was previously best known as a figure skater. Robin is said to be the inspiration for the idea for this production.

Audience Participation will be allowed at the shows, but for obvious reasons they will be discouraging the throwing of water and for that matter salt. A complete new range of merchandise is also planned, such as ice cream scoops, ice cube moulds in the shape of Magenta, Riff-Raff and Frank 'N' Furter. There will also be a range of Rocky Ice Lollies available during the interval, with flavours such as 'Strawberry Slut', 'There's a Lemon Light' and 'Fromage Frank'.

Rocky Horror On Ice rehersal shotThe Ice for the production will use a special fluorescent base, which will add amazing lighting effects to the production. After each show the ice will be melted and the water stored in special containers, it will be frozen using an adaptation of reverse-microwave technology, taking only two hours to freeze to a suitable level for the performance.

This is a photograph from the first technical rehearsals testing the ice on a standard stage.

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