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Rocky Horror Picnic Show 2007 at Oakley CourtRocky Horror Picnic Show 2007 at Oakley Court
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Picnic Show 2007
Once more the Rocky Horror Picnic Show was blessed with stunning weather as nearly fifty of us picnic'd at Oakley Court Hotel (original filming location for The Rocky Horror Picture Show. The image above is of the first thirty or so people to arrive on the day.

The Picnic's have always been intended to be a chance to chill with fellow fans at this amazing venue and once again we all had a great time. Fabulous picnic food and drinks as always and plenty of cake and deserts! How does Rob always get to the front of the queue for the food and will I ever learn to actually get something to eat myself instead of photographing him doing it?

It was so nice to see some new faces at the picnic as well as many familiar ones. Anyone that didn't know each other soon made friends. You didn't have to be a fan club member to attend and we don't intend changing that policy for future years events.

One little extra that wasn't on the menu last year was Stephanie's Rocky Raffle with loads of Rocky related merchandise up for grabs. Each of the winners was greeted with a very sporting round of applause as they made their choice of prize.

As a special event this time around Stephanie organised the chance for fans to have a meal in the original room used for the filming of the Dinner Scene and with full costume permitted. Just under twenty of the attendees took up the offer and got to experience a little of the movie themselves (although in the original I don't recall Ed staring through the window from outside!)

The chill out factor continued, with a rather nice chat in the grounds in the warm evening air. We also got the chance to shoot a few images of Oakley Court by night to add to the collections.

Unlike at our 18th Birthday event last year, we didn't run the movie this time around as originally it would have clashed with the evening Dinner Scene meal, however this didin't stop Rob and company from watching it later in their room on a giant 12" laptop sceen with six on the bed (insert own jokes here). There are some images of this in Max and Helen's Gallery.

Nice to talk to so many of you at breakfast the next morning, everyone seemed to enjoy the picnic the day before. After a final Time Warp on the lawn outside the castle (a very spur of the moment - no costumes type thing), we headed home once more.

Here's looking forward to 2008 when TimeWarp celebrates our Twentieth Birthday.

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Comments from those at the event

"It was great, loads of fun. The weather couldn't have been better. The picnic was excellent, Frank's dinner was very yummy (apart from the sorbet!) and also cool to be having dinner in the room from the film. Great to meet lots of very nice Rocky fans at the event too."
Steve Hammatt (quote taken from timewarp.org.uk forums).

"It was a great couple of days and we will definitely be back next year!! I will attempt to finish my shorts that I started last September too!! (thanks for the reminder Steph!) Thanks Dave and Steph for a fab time and it was great to meet those of you i hadn't before!! Roll on 2008!!"
Natalie Hills (quote taken from timewarp.org.uk forums).

"ABSOLUTELY AMAZING. This year's picnic was just as good as last year's in lots of different ways. So many highlights, I'm still in a daze, and I actually managed to go and a get a photo (or several) next to the entrance and sign to Bray Studios this time too, which I've been meaning to do every time I've visited Oakley Court in the past."
Rob Bagnall (quote taken from timewarp.org.uk forums).

"The weekend was fantastic fun for me. I felt very welcome.
Great organisation, lovely people, fab costumes, funny memories of the hotel staff saying hello to us by our character's name when we descended the staircase! People falling off beds (sober!), and a pub which had run out of beer (really!).
Must say a special thank you to Carol. I owe you one."

Nicky (quote taken from timewarp.org.uk forums).

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