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Oakley Court Hotel, Sunday 26th August, 2012
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"From what had gone before this was certain to be..........A Picnic."

2012 Group Shot
TimeWarp Picnickers, August 2012

UpdatedSunday, February 24th, 2013

A few more images added from Sue and Paul.

The 2012 picnic was great fun once more. So nice to see so many familiar faces and lovely to meet new people for a relaxing couple of days of Rocky Horror fun.

Driving up to the hotel we always get a wonderful feeling as we see our flag flying over the building, recreating that movie scene from all those years ago.

We started the day after we had all checked in and got into our costumes with a nice drink or two outside the castle taking in the relaxed atmosphere of this beautiful location. Around fifty of us attended this year and even the weather was kind with some early clouds clearing by the time we got to the picnic itself.

The hotel did us proud once more with some great hot and cold food for the picnic. We even had a couple of tables laid out for us for those not wanting to sit on a blanket on the lawn. Quite a few people commented on the fact the food was even better than previous years.

After the food itself we spent a few more hours happily chatting with friends old and new. We've always said we want to make the day as relaxed as possible, so the picnic and movie screenings are the only arranged parts of the day. It's nice to have the time to go exploring and take hundreds of photos.

The hotel provided us once more with a large room to screen The Rocky Horror Picture Show and after a quick game of "Where's Illya" as he had vanished with all the raffle tickets, we did a quick introduction to the movie and began the screening just after ten. It is always a highlight to watch the movie inside the building that is being shown on the screen, the castle always gets an cheer when it first appears.

As usual, after the screening people wandered around taking lots of night shots of the castle and chatting and having the odd drink (or two, or three) into the early hours.

One of my favourite parts of the weekend is the breakfast in the dining room at the hotel, playing a game of 'who is that person?'. Without costumes and make-up it's not always the easiest thing to spot who you spent the day before with!

After a little more wandering around, (Illya and Dana went swimming for a couple of hours), the traditional "meet by the fountain" took place with everyone taking the chance to chat and say goodbye.

Stephanie had been talking to the hotel in the week before and we also had the bookings for 2013 ready to go, so many people took the opportunity to make their reservations for the following year as they checked out.

Overall, it was another great couple of days and it was so nice to just relax with friends old and new. Here's to next year!



The hotel have also now opened booking for next year's picnic (Sunday 25th August, 2013), which sees TimeWarp celebrate our 25th anniversary, as well as the stage show's 40th year.

The hotel have also offered to hold the room+picnic rate for 2013 at this year's prices, but do book early as all the rooms at the hotel sold out this year due to other events.

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