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Oakley Court Hotel, Sunday 27th August, 2017
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"From what had gone before this was certain to be..........A Picnic."

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Picnic Show 2017
Picnickers 2017

The Rocky Horror Picnic Show/TimeWarp Picnic is always one of the highlights of our year and this year didn't disappoint.

2017 was the first year that the picnic had sold out, months ahead of the day itself, so we were expecting well over a hundred people. On the day itself we had around 125 fans join us for the twelfth picnic.

FlagAs always if was nice to drive into Oakley Court Hotel's car park and see our Transylvanian flag flying on the flag pole, although the calm weather was making it a little droopy.

We always set off really early just in case of snarl ups on the M25 and we were there well before the official 3pm check in time for the rooms, so we walked around the back of the hotel to the lawns to meet up with other early birds and those that had stayed an extra night on the Saturday and have a little drinkie or two.

We got two of our room(s) a little before the 3pm check in and managed to get changed into our costumes. Having two kids over 16 who no longer wish to share a room meant we needed three this year, Dana did however pay for his own room.

Food timeIt was lovely to meet friends old and new and we had some great chats and a photo or two (galleries further down the page) before the hotel started to set up the food for the picnic. Once again they did us proud with a wonderful selection of hot food which we could either eat at one of the tables on the lawn that they had provided or, as many did, we could sit on the lawn and eat. As always we had soft drinks included in the picnic food and the hotel had created a rather nice cocktail for the day itself. Not the cheapest drink I've ever bought, not the most expensive, but one of the nicest for sure. The food began to be served around 3.45pm, luckily we had so many people that any latecomers were still able to join the end of the food queue before the first people went back for desserts.

After the food itself we all got together for the traditional group shot in front of Frank's castle, along with me being given a dozen other cameras from the picnickers to take a shot for them. One year I will keep them all!

The next few hours were free for people to do whatever they wanted, many chosing to remain on the lawns chatting to friends new and old. It was really nice that we had a lot of new folks at the picnic this year as well as many of our regulars. A few people that would normally attend were unable to this year and you know who you are and I can say you were indeed missed on the day.

ScreeningAround 9pm we all met up in one of Oakley Court's suites for a movie screening. We also did our traditional fan club raffle with a nice selection of hard to find Rocky related goodies for our winners. The suite also had it's own bar, which was much appreciated. After a few adverts courtesy of Time and a short recap video from the past picnics courtesy of Illya we all settled down to a screening of The Rocky Horror Picture Show.

I say this every time, but I never tire of watching the house we are in appear on screen. I love it gets one of the best cheers of the evening. Apart for a couple of seconds glitch (fingerprint on the bluray, it turned out) the screening was once again great fun, with lots of verbal audience participation. We don't do the props at these screenings, otherwise we'd be the ones clearing it up!

After the screening lots of folks headed off to bed, leaving the die hard fans to retire to the main bar for a drink or two, or three, or more. Some people also chose to walk around the grounds, seeing the castle as close as possible to how it appeared in the movie.

After a good nights sleep, we headed downstairs to the fabulous Oakley Court breakfast. I think I got the biggest surprise of the weekend when we walked into the restaurant to find Illya already waiting for us, no sign of my older son though. It's a fun game trying to spot who was at the picnic at breakfast the next day sans costumes.

GoodbyeCheck out is by 11am so I took the opportunity to take a few more photos of the back of the hotel (light is perfect for that early morning) before sorting our the last of our luggage and checking out.

After a quick meet up to say goodbye and a quick 'plain clothes' group shot, we headed back home, missing the hotel the moment we left the driveway. We'll be back next year and we can't wait.


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2018 is also now booking! We have a dedicated page set up for the next picnic here.


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