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The Rocky Horror Picture Show "sequel"
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NEWS There will be a blu-ray release of the movie on August 7th 2017. Click here for details.

There was also a Shock Treatment Stage Show in London in 2015. More details abouth this production can be found on our dedicated page for the stage version.

Shock Treatment was released in cinemas in 1981 and in 1983 a Laser Disc was produced here in the UK, one of the first titles on that format. There was also a laser disc release in Japan. A VHS video was also released around the world in 1988. There is also a CD of the soundtrack available. Although crap quality pirate copies of the movie on DVD have surfaced on ebay, these are cheap rip offs from the video tape and not even up to the standard of the laser disc, save your money because........

Lips Set - image © TimeWarp 2006The new 30th Anniversary Collectors Edition "Lips" Box Set featuring not only The Rocky Horror Picture Show but also the eagerly awaited release of Shock Treatment on DVD was released on Monday 22nd May, 2006. There will also be a special 30th Anniversary 3 disc set of just the movies released at the same time.

We've been viewing the Shock Treatment disc and the picture quality is stunning, far beyond the Laser Disc or VHS releases of the past.

We've split our review of the Shock Treatment itself, the new "Lips" package and Double release DVD into sections as there was a risk of this page taking a month to download!

The 25th Anniversary USA (region 1) version of Shock Treatment was released on 5th September 2006 and is even better than the UK version. Read all about it via the link below.

Shock Treatment
Shock Treatment
DVD reviewedHOT!

and screenshots
Lips Box Set
"Lips" Box Set
Quick time view
QTVR 360o

of the "Lips"
320kb file size
Double Movie Pack
30th Anniversary
3 disc set
USA release
USA 25th

Double PackUpdated A special edition Shock Treatment DVD with extras was also released on region one in the USA on 5th September 2006.

Amazon were selling the Limited Edition "Lips" Rocky Horror Picture Show / Shock Treatment Box Set for a massive 61% discount of the rrp of £69.99 at just £26.97 (price at Sunday, July 29th, 2007)

There will also be a Rocky Horror Picture Show/ Shock Treatment double pack at £24.99 rrp for anyone who doesn't want or can't afford the lips packaging.

Double Pack Rocky Horror / Shock Treatment (no additional items)

Please check with Amazon and Play for the current prices.

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About Shock Treatment

Shock Treatment was the intended sequel to the Rocky Horror Picture Show. Due to changes in filming and related strikes the final product was shall we say a little different from what Richard O'Brien originally planned. However the movie itself stands out as a great musical and makes a fine comment on television culture taking over people's lives, long before Big Brother and other 'reality shows' were conceived.

The movie follows the further adventures of Brad and Janet Majors, now not so happily married, as they take part in a television show called "Marriage Maze". The show and it seems most of Denton TV's output is sponsored by Farley Flavours Fast Foods, but Farley himself has a dark motive for wanting Janet and Brad to take part in the show.

It's up to Judge Oliver Wright and Betty Hapschatt in their roles of investigative journalists on the "Denton Dossier" show to try and uncover the truth and save Brad and Janet before it is too late.

Central to the plot are Doctor Cosmo McKinley and his sister Nation, who may not be all they seem either.

I won't spoil the movie by telling you the ending, but let's hope that love can again conquer all.

Shock Treatment is a great movie in itself with many memorable songs from Richard O'Brien. I've always loved the movie, but in a different way to Rocky Horror. It's not about talk back line, or dressing up, it's just a rocking good musical.

There are loads of sites on the net with much more information on Shock Treatment, this page is just a taster for what is out there.

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Shock Treatment cast listing

Jessica Harper
Janet Majors
Cliff De Young
Brad Majors
& Farley Flavors
Richard O'Brien
Cosmo McKinley
Patricia Quinn
Nation McKinley

Charles Gray
Judge Oliver Wright
Ruby Wax
Betty Hapschatt
Nell Campbell
Nurse Ansalong
Rik Mayall
'Rest Home' Ricky

Barry Humphries
Bert Schnick
Darlene Johnson
Emily Weiss
Manning Redwood
Harry Weiss
Wendy Raebeck
Macy Struthers

Jeremy Newson
Ralph Hapschatt
Betsy Brantley
Neely Pritt
Perry Bedden
Neely's Crew
Rufus Collins
Neely's Crew

Christopher Malcolm
Vance Parker
Ray Charleson
Floor Manager
Eugene Lipinski
Barry Dennen
Irwin Lapsey

Imogen Claire
Wardrobe Mistress
Gary Shail
Oscar Drill
Donald Waugh
Glish Davidson
David John
'Bit' drummer

Claire Toeman
Brenda Drill
Gary Martin
'Bit' guitarist
Sinitta Renet
Sal Piro
Guy on 'phone

Poster and Lobby Card set

2021 was the 40th anniversary of Shock Treatment and just by chance I managed to aquire an original Cinema Poster and Lobby Card set that Halloween.

Here for you enjoyment are some scans of the items.

Shock Treatment Poster

Shock Treatment Lobby Card 1Shock Treatment Lobby Card 2
Shock Treatment Lobby Card 3Shock Treatment Lobby Card 4
Shock Treatment Lobby Card 5Shock Treatment Lobby Card 6
Shock Treatment Lobby Card 7Shock Treatment Lobby Card 8

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