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Valentines Messages 2002.

Is there one here for you?

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(The brave ones who put an email address to reply to now
have their Initial set as a mailto link for replies!)

To: Lou
From: Martin

I just called to say:
Love you - forever.
.... and you're so sexy you make Magenta
look like Riff Raff. xxxxxx


To: Zwe
From: Sophie

I just called to say:
Love you zwizweXxX


To: Tim Curry
From: Tim Curry's Slut

I just called to say:
Happy Valentines day, from me, and all your fans


To: Donna Salope
From: Mitchula Poobelle

I just called to say:
Ello! Just to let u know that u mean a lot to me!!!
I used to get depressed cuz i knew that what i
wanted to happen...wouldnt. But now i realise
i have u as a close friend and that means
more to me than anything else ever could.
Cheers Don Don! Love and fishnets,


To: Hublet
From: Babyskin

I just called to say:
Five years and still going strong...Let's go
back to Vegas and do it all over again!
All my Heart, Always...XXXXXX


To: Little Nell
From: Clive

I just called to say:
Hi sweety,
Happy St Vals day to a great
friend and columbia impersonator


To: Jen
From: ?

I just called to say:
Happy Valentine
To Jen Hope the fishnets look good on you
Lots of love from ????


To: *Lisa*
From: *Lisa*

I just called to say:


To: Ed
From: Amy

I just called to say:
Ed - My own Riff Raff!
Here's to another amazing year of costumes,
canoodles, and yes, more Rocky!


To: Merrique
From: Lestat

I just called to say:
No matter where the path leads, I will always love you.
Always your harbor from the storm.
Love Lestat xxx


To: Clive, Scott, James, Jeremy, Alex
From: Nikki

I just called to say:
Hey there my "special little guys"!
Lots and lots of hugs and snogs on a very
luuuuuuuuuuurrrrrrrrrrrrrrrvely day! Have fun
whatever (or whoever) you do! ;-)
All my love 'n' Sparkles,
xxx ;-)


To: Prince Charm-ing
From: Lilly Putian

I just called to say:
You know I could never bring myself to send you a
conventional card, so here's one to say hubba hubba,
you big hunk o' burnin' love! Thank you for all the blood,
sweat and tears (and the lollipops) and I hope you'll
still wanna be a bad boy with me after you've seen this!!


To: Richard Q
From: Hermione

I just called to say:
This is to say Rich, you're the best
husband ever and I love you more
than anything. Loads of love and
a big kiss. Herm. XXXX


To: Pinky Winter
From: Sue

I just called to say:
Darling, muah, muah. Love you as always

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