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1998Although the site started on the 1st August 1997, the first image we have of the front page is from 1998. Nothing had really changed on the design for that whole year.

As you can see the logo itself is still much the same today as it was way back then. I seem to recal using a bit of software on my old Commodore 64 to make the 3D effect from our standard logo. Nowadays it would be a couple of clicks on Photoshop, but back then it took ten minutes to render.

The "Enter at Your Own Risk" sign is also the same as today, although back then there wasn't yet the Javascript rollover to change the brightness of the sign as you entered the site.1999

1999 saw the introduction of Javascript rollovers on the "Enter" sign as well as a Java controlled scrolling "Latest News" sign. >>

We also added a couple of "Over Ten Years of TimeWarp" signs on the front page to celebrate our birthday the year before. Forward planning or what?


<< Jumping a couple of years forward in time to 2001 saw the first appearance of our "What's New" link on the front page of the site.

We'd also added a "bookmark this page" option by then.


2003 offered a few cosmetic changes to the front page. >>

The main change was to get the page a little more in proportion as it had grown a little "tall" over years. I also got rid of the heavy border around the latest news display.


<< Here we are in 2008.

The main page gained a thin rounded border early in 2007 and we now feature a "Shockwave Flash" scrolling news window.

The an rss newsfeed with the "RSS" button was added in January 2008 and a small "FireFox" button (our browser of choice).

In 2008 the main TimeWarp logo was also reduced slightly in size and a "1988-2008 - Celebrating 20 years of" banner was added to commemorate our twentieth birthday year.


Front page in 2010 >>

We added a rotating banner below the main image, this allowed us to flag up the most important upcoming events. Towards the end of the year I also added a quick navigation menu to the main sections of the site.

Main page 2011

<<2011 saw another small change in July when I added four more quick jump buttons to the Forums, Virgins Guide, Stage and Screen dates and How to Join TimeWarp pages. We also added a small link to the TimeWarp facebook pages. The whole site also got some nice borders for those people with wide-screen/huge monitors. You can only see these on a big screen with a very wide web browser though.


Front page in 2013 >>

For our 25th anniversary year, it was time for a little declutter of the main page - gone are the clickable links below the rotating banner, replaced with a Fast Page Finder in the center of the main page. Alongside this are the four main links.

This was designed to make it easier to see the What's New and Enter at Your Own Risk signs whilst still keeping the navigation options in place.

The banner itself gets a couple of linking graphics to the main section.

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