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Aiden BellAiden Bell played Riff Raff on stage in the Rocky Horror Show, on the European tour back in the early nineties. This album features his renditionof the Time Warp as well as songs from various other well known stage shows.

Aiden was also a guest at the TimeWarp Transylvania 94 convention.

Not really a first choice for a strictly Rocky Horror collection, this album is however to be enjoyed.

Playing Time: 41.36

Aiden BellTrack listing:

  1. Introduction
  2. The Time Warp
  3. The Run Tum Tugger (Cats)
  4. Just a Game
  5. Aquarius
  6. Meadow Lark
  7. What's New, Buenos Aires?
  8. Maybe We Can Make It After All
  9. Pity the Child
  10. I Am Elite
  11. Anthem

PUP Records CD Number: CD61047

This disc is currently no longer listed on Amazon or any of the other on line sellers, but you may be able to special order a disc.

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