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Royal Court Theatre - Wednesday 3rd May, 2006
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Image © Rex Features 2006

So then a little history for you all. The Rocky Horror Show was born at the Royal Court's tiny Theatre Upstairs on Saturday, 16th June 1973. It was raining.

Fast forward to 2005 and the Royal Court Theatre conduct a poll to find the People's Choice of favourite shows to celebrate their 50th anniversary in 2006. Up against many famous plays such as Look Back in Anger Rocky romps home as the clear winner, much to the delight as surprise of fans as there is a promise of the winner being performed once more at the Royal Court.

Rocky Horror Tribute Show at the Royal Court TheatreRocky Horror Company and The Royal Court Theatre decide that instead of the normal show, the evening of 3rd May 2006 will be a special concert style event with tickets sold at a premium in aid of Amnesty International UK and the Royal Court Theatre. Richard rewrites the narration for the show and a cast of performers is put together from previous stars of the show and other amazing performers.

The Royal Court's Theatre Upstairs holds only around 60, so the show is presented in the main theatre, seating around 370. Tickets go on sale priced at £50, £100, £200 and £350 each. Rocky Horror Company also feels that the fans should have an opportunity to be at the show and run a competition exclusively here on timewarp.org.uk for twenty one fans to win a ticket to the night for the cost of a text entry. There are some happy people when the winners are announced to say the least. The event sells out a couple of days before the performance. Tickets are reported as being sold on-line for up to £800 each. Richard mentions in a tv interview that anyone making a profit on the ticket should donate at least half to Amnesty International. On the night itself some people unable to get tickets manage to sit in the bar area and watch the video feed.

Richard, Nell and Patricia © Perry Bedden 2006Then things get really good when the cast is announced. Richard O'Brien, Patricia Quinn, Little Nell and Rayner Bourton on stage for the first time in 33 years, back where it all began.

They are joined by one of the best Frank's ever Anthony Head as well as original transylvanian's from the Rocky Horror Picture Show, Christopher Biggins and doing the final Time Warp Perry Bedden. Sharing the role of Frank N Furter was Michael Ball and Toyah Wilcox, Kraig Thornber, Ade Edmondson, Sophie Lawrence, Robin Cousins, Steve Pemberton, Tony Slattery, Jamie Theakston, Amy Field, Gary Amers, Ben Richards, Joanne Farrell, Stephen Gately and Julian Littman made up the rest of the cast.

Michael White, original producer of the show was in the audience, along with Sue Blane and Kimi Wong on the night.

Richard O'BrienDirected by Christopher Luscombe, the concert itself was a unique Rocky experience. Amongst the fans there had been a lot of discussion whether to dress in costume or not, Rocky Company were more than happy for people to wear what they wanted, there were quite a few of us travelling straight from work though. On the night there was a nice mix of costumes and our version of smart clothes to compliment the suits and posh frocks. One thing that all the fans had agreed on was we wouldn't be shouting out the normal audience participation, the chance to hear Rocky performed at the Royal Court was enough and to be honest as the narration was making up for all the action between songs, it wouldn't have worked anyway. Everyone danced the Time Warp of course!

Tony HeadThe performers were mostly dressed in smart black clothes, with the odd Jacket or prop and minimal make up. The band were on stage with the performers and the place rocked!

The night was to say the least one of the best Rocky events anyone can remember, when else are you going to see four of the original cast back where it all began? We have a little section for those that were there on the night in the audience to prove the fact to the world. Check out the I was there and I can prove it! section to see how to add your name to the list. Sitting in the bar doesn't count by the way.

ToyahStephanie and I also got to attend the aftershow party and everyone we spoke to there was thrilled they had been a part of this piece of Rocky Horror history. Perry Bedden took lots of backstage images and you can see them here or via the gallery link above. We also gained written permission to use some images from the performance itself that appeared in the press the next day. You can also buy prints of the images from the picture agency by following the links on that page. We'd love you to send us your images of the night for the Fans Gallerypage. Use our Contact us Form to send them in. Add details of who is in the images if possible.

DVD!The event was filmed with five cameras. At the time we were told it was intended just as an archive recording of this historic event, but......TimeWarp rep Saffron spotted a DVD release scheduled for 14th October 2008 on a USA online retailer site. The DVD is also now to be released in the UK on 10th November and we've been sent the Press Releases and artwork for the disc to use on this site as well as a preview disc. Click here for more info and buying link(s).

One really nice side effect of the recording was some of the lucky winners were moved to even better seats to make way for the static cameras.

Royal Court BrochureThere was also a very nice brochure produced for the night, with some original images from 1973. We've added full details of this to the Collectors Corner section of the site and we have news on how you can still buy a copy (still valid as of Saturday, April 14th, 2007).

A big thank to Richard, Pat, Nell, Tony, Adrian, and all the performers, to the backstage crew, to the Royal Court and to Christopher, Meryl and all of Rocky Horror Company, to Shaun and Liz, and of course all the fans that helped make it one of the best ever Rocky Horror events we've been to.

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Amnesty International Amnesty International's press release page for the show


Joanne Weir sent us this report on who played which role in the show.

Here's a quick rundown of the actual show....It was basically all of the songs, with narrators filling in the story in between them. No-one was in costume, all were dressed in black formalwear, except for the 2 Franks who wore make up & heels with their outfits.

Introduction - Richard O'Brien and he introduced Michael White, original producer of the show who was in the audience.

Narrators - Christopher Biggins (RHPS), Rayner Bourton (Rocky 1973), Robin Cousins (Frank 1995), Steve Pemberton, Tony Slattery & Jamie Theakston

Science Fiction - Patricia Quinn

Dammit Janet - Ade Edmondson (Brad 1990) as Brad, & Sophie Lawrence (Janet 1994) as Janet

There's a Light (Over at The Frankenstein Place) - Ade Edmondson as Brad, Sophie Lawrence as Janet & Kraig Thornber (Riff Raff 1994) as Riff Raff

The Timewarp - Toyah Wilcox as Magenta, Kraig Thornber as Riff Raff & Amy Field as Columbia

Sweet Transvestite - Anthony Head (Frank 1991 & 1995) as Frank

The Sword of Damocles - Gary Amers as Rocky

I Can Make You a Man - Anthony Head as Frank

Hot Patootie - Ben Richards as Eddie

I Can Make You a Man (Reprise) - Anthony Head as Frank

Touch - A Touch Me - Joanne Farrell (Janet 1995) as Janet

Once in a While - Stephen Gately as Brad

Eddie's Teddy - Anthony Head as Frank, Amy Field as Columbia & Julian Littman as Dr Scott

Dammit Janet - Anthony Head as Frank, Joanne Farrell as Janet & Toyah Wilcox as Magenta

Floorshow - Michael Ball as Frank, Joanne Farrell as Janet, Ade Edmondson as Brad, Gary Amers as Rocky & Amy Field as Columbia

I'm Going Home - Michael Ball as Frank

Superheroes - Joanne Farrell as Janet & Ade Edmondson as Brad

Science Fiction (Reprise) - Patricia Quinn

Encore - Timewarp - Richard O'Brien, Patricia Quinn & Little Nell

Sue Blane, Perry Beden was also there (RHPS), Kimi Wong (RHPS) was around too, Mel Smith, Richard Wilson & Jennifer Saunders were also there. Christopher Luscombe, director of the current UK tour of Rocky Horror also directed this show.


The competition winners, drawn at random by computer, were..........

Stephen Bennett, Emma Simpson, Jacqui Tillotson, Jason Tandy, Sarah Lloyd, Tom Bradshaw, Paul Linghorn, Michelle Rockliffe, David Wordley, Clare Wayne, Caroline Parker, Jo Kirkland, Barbara Wilson, Andrew Beswick, Jennifer Bell, Nikki Cross, Davide Sahner, Sam Beavis, Mitch Kolebuk, Jenny Rosbottom and Joanne Weir. To paraphrase the words of the original Magena herself, Patricia Quinn.....They're all lucky.


REX FEATURES© Performance images used on timewarp.org.uk with written permission of Rex Features. Please do not reproduce these images on any other site.
Some of these images are available to order as prints from Rex Features Print Sales, along with many other Rocky Horror images. Click here for more details.

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