Headliners Poseables - Rocky Horror Figures

Box reverse

And this is where the true Collectors have a slight problem, the packaging for the Poseable Headliners is glued down, you have to break the seal all the way around to get the figures out. As real collectors like to keep the products will all packaging. This leaves you with the choice of either buying two of each figure, one to open and one to keep pristine, or buying one of each and never seeing the back of the figure!

Of course it would cost more to put the figures in reuseable boxes, apart from the extra packaging the extra size would mean bigger transport costs. It is just a shame that they couldn't even do a perforated back to the pack so you could get the figure out with less damage. My figures get to be the set in our house that we can look at in detail, while Stephanie's set remain pristine, I couldn't do the photography while the figures remained in their packs as the packaging is highly reflective as well.


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