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Page updated Saturday, March 17th, 2007
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Frank 'N' Furter, Riff Raff, Magenta, Columbia, Rocky and Janet
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HeadlinersThere're back, but this time smaller and bendy!

From the United States comes this 25th (film) anniversary edition of Rocky Horror Figures

These are basically small versions of three of the larger Headliner figures. These ones are designed to be poseable, although there is a very limited range of movement to each character. Each figure is about 5" tall and once again each character is based on the Rocky Horror Picture Show performers and each packet is marked "25th Anniversary Limited Edition. They do not come with any kind of collectors certificate, so there is no way of telling how many are being produced.

The Characters are currently limited to just Riff, Frank and Columbia, but we would expect more to follow soon.

At the moment you will have to hunt around to find the figures in the UK, TimeWarp did have them as part of the Members Merchandise in a previous newsletter. You can order some from the Dark Refrain web site in America. At the present time the figures are only officially available in North America and Puerto-Rico!

One thing that is a disappointment is the packaging, read why by clicking on the Packaging link below.

Click for a closer look at...Riff-Raff | Frank 'N' Furter | Columbia | The Packaging |

We also have Quick Time VR of each character, see the figures from all around without opening the packets, sometimes it's handy being a photographer.

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