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Doctor X (1980 movie)
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Doctor XDirected by Michael Curtiz (1932)

Doctor X will build a creature, well not quite but this movie does involve creating synthetic flesh, so close.

A killer is striking in New York and his victims are strangled, cannibalized and surgically incised under the light of the full moon. Newspaperman Lee Taylor is determined to track him down. Actually the newspaperman is the worst part of the whole movie with his wisecrack comments worse than Roger Moore as James Bond and that's saying something.

The trail leads to the cliff-side mansion of Dr. Xavier (Dr X), where the doctor and his colleagues conduct a strange experiment to identify the killer. The nice thing about this movie is everything is implied, you don't need to see the murders to get the feeling of horror. There is more skill in the lighting effects and acting than you find in most modern horror movies.

Fay WrayFay Wray plays the doctors daughter, Joan screaming her way through the entire film.

Trivia time: The film is based on a play which opened in New York City on 9th February 1931 and ran for 80 performances.

This was also a pioneering film for an early technicolor process. The movie was also shot in Black and White at the same time for other cinemas.

Cast list:

  • Lionel Atwill - Dr. Jerry Xavier
  • Fay Wray - Joanne 'Joan' Xavier
  • Lee Tracy - Lee Taylor, Daily World Reporter
  • Preston Foster - Dr. Wells (Academy of Surgical Research)
  • John Wray - Dr. Haines, Academy of Surgical Research
  • Harry Beresford - Dr. Duke, Academy of Surgical Research
  • Arthur Edmund Carewe - Dr. Rowitz, Academy of Surgical Research
  • Leila Bennett - Mamie, Xavier's Maid
  • Robert Warwick - Police Commissioner Stevens
  • George Rosener - Otto, Dr. X's Butler
  • Willard Robertson - Detective O'Halloran
  • Thomas E. Jackson - Daily World Editor (as Thomas Jackson)
  • Harry Holman - Mike, Waterfront Policeman
  • Dr X postcard Mae Busch - Cathouse Madame
  • Tom Dugan - The Sheriff

Rating: none

Aspect Ration: 1.33:1

Sound: mono


Running time: 78 minutes

Not currently available on DVD. We have an American NTSC Laser Disc of this classic movie which we can play on our multi system player and that is used for this review.

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