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Details of Recordings, extras, images, and lot's more
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Welcome to our The Movies of Science Fiction Double Feature section, featuring details of all the movies mentioned in the opening song of Rocky Horror. It Came From Outer Space and Tarantula are now due to be released in the UK on 3rd April on DVD, we will post reviews of the DVD's as soon as we get them.

Klatu Baracta Nictu PatriciaThe Day the Earth Stood Still UK DVD - Details

sings....sings....Michael Rennie was ill, the Day the Earth Stood Still, but he told us where we stand

USA R1 version

Flash Gordon Flash Gordon - Space Soldiers UK DVD Box Set - Details

sings.... And Flash Gordon was there in silver underwear

Details Flash Gordon the movie (Richard O'Brien) DVD - Details Details

The Invisible Man The Invisible Man DVD - Details

sings.... Claude Rains was the Invisible Man

Hey, Hey we're the Monkies King Kong DVD - Details

sings.... Then something went wrong, for Fay Wray and King Kong.
They got caught in a celluloid jam.

Urrrgh!! It Came From Outer Space - Details

sings.... Then at a deadly pace, It Came From......Outer Space.
And this is how the message ran...

Doctor X - Details

sings.... Science fiction, double feature, Doctor X will build a creature.

Not available on DVD, Laserdisc reviewed here.
Dr X

Forbidden Planet Forbidden Planet - Details

sings.... See androids fighting Brad and Janet
Anne Francis stars in Forbidden Planet

Only currently available as USA version
Forbidden Planet

sings....Wuh uh uh oh o-o-oh, At the late night, double feature, picture show.

It's got eight legs and hair Tarantula - Details

sings.... I knew Leo G. Carrol, Was over a barrel
When Tarantula took to the hills.

Triffids The Day of the Triffids UK DVD - Details

sings.... And I really got hot when I saw Janette Scott fight a Triffid that spits poison and kills

Pass those runes! Night of the Demon (Curse of the Demon) - Details

sings.... Dana Andrews said Prunes, Gave him the runes
And passing them used lots of skills.

Only currently available as USA version


PatriciaWhen Worlds Collide - Details

sings.... But When Worlds Collide, Said George Pal to his bride,
"I'm gonna give you some terrible thrills"

Also Available, full details to be added........

Details Coming Soon Flash Gordon Conquers the Universe DVD - Details Available Soon

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