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The "I've finished the Game!" Review
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O.K. so I cheated, I got myself a Walk-Through (fast-track) guide and played through using it, on the plus side I got to see a lot more of what's in store for you in this great new game.

If you've read my first impressions review of the game, you will know that I've been playing a beta copy for a few weeks now, with no 'Save' option enabled it's been a bit hard to get too far into the game. I've now finally played through the game to the end (although I can't tell you what happens after you win, as my copy stopped in it's tracks at that point) and this is what I now think of the Rocky Interactive Horror Show.

I Love It! The puzzles are great fun, working out what a particular object does to help will take ages, but it's worth it each time as you find you can access more and more of the game. The 'Narrator' gives clues to some of the tasks that need to be completed, as does the 'Game Devil', although I've learnt not to trust all his advice, Richard how could you send me the wrong way in the maze?!

You need to collect nine pieces of the DeMedusa Machine to free your loved one, but that's not all. At the end of the game there is a sub-game where you need to assemble the device using a mechanical arm and remembering the displayed sequence of parts to be placed on the shelves in an exact order.

It's a nice little game in itself, but very frustrating. I resorted to drawing a plan of which part goes where and trying to write out the sequence.

Interaction with the characters tends to involve avoiding them stealing your clothes (which slows you down and means you can't pick up more objects because your hands are covering your underwear), but there is the chance to give Frank a present, give Rocky a brain and best of all control the Robot. Watch out for Eddie's deadly motorbike though. If you do get injured, you can continue the game from the 'Infirmary' room.

The background graphics are great fun, I loved Magenta's room, complete with handcuffs on the ends of the bed. The 'Spare Room' in black and white is also well thought out, the room itself is a clue to what you need to do. I think my favourite is the 'Crypt', my characters reaction to the dead body in the coffin was quite a sick AVI movie, literally.

What didn't I like? One problem I had was with the movement and control of my character (nothing new there, I hear you cry), to start with the movement seemed a little jerky. Maybe this was down to the fact I'm used to games on a PlayStation, maybe it was due to my PC (although a Pentium 166MMX with 64Mb of RAM, 20x CD and 8Mb Graphics Card is above the recommended spec), after playing the game a while this didn't seem to matter as much anyway. The most frustrating thing I found was the positioning of the character to collect objects or accomplish tasks. You need to be quite precise in where you stand to complete particular puzzles, getting the key from the fish above the bathroom door took me ages to work out, even with a cheat sheet, in the end stepping back a little from the door allowed me to complete the task. Some people may get a little frustrated by this or may think that they are going about a solution the wrong way when all they actually need to do is change the characters screen position by a step.

Overall I have to say that I did enjoy the game, both as a puzzle solving game and as a 'Rocky' item. There are of course the wonderful video clips of Richard O'Brien and Christopher Lee, the bonus audio tracks and AVI's of Richard singing Sweet Transvestite, TimeWarp, and more. My first review highlighted the similarities between this game and previous 'Rocky' computer games, but having played through it I can honestly say there is no comparison. The Rocky Interactive Horror Show is the best 'Rocky' game I've ever seen, recommended as a game and a must have from a collectors point of view.

TimeWarp's rating:

The Game: 8/10 (character's movement lost it a mark, if the final version improves on this we'll make it 9/10)

Additional Features: 8/10 nice bonus tracks, and AVI's

Fun Factor: 10/10 worth the mark for the background details alone.

Game Sound: 9/10 nice choice of music and sound effects.

Overall Score: 9/10 Buy It!

We published a 'Help Page' for the game, after it was released, here on the TimeWarp site. It allows you to ask about objects, puzzles and clues. Use it as a last resort to solve a puzzle that has kept you awake at night, believe me it's much more fun finding the solutions yourself, and the surprises are worth the work needed!

David Freeman - TimeWarp Webmaster - 13th March 1999

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