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Date: Friday, December 18th, 1998
From: Eleanor Knowles

Message: Last week I got a Purple frank 'n' Furter bottle of nail varnish and it's brill
Girls have a great christmas

Date: Friday, December 18th, 1998
From: Lisa Thompson

Message: Hi It's Lisa again
all I want to say is have a rocky horror christmas and a brill new year
Lots of love and hugs

Date: Wednesday, December 16th, 1998
From: Steve Kennedy

Message: Anyone got the steps for the Timewarp??
(Timewarp virgin)

Date: Wednesday, December 16th, 1998
From: Alison

Message: "Let's do the TimeWarp again!!"
Great page. Can't wait to see the show.

Date: Wednesday, December 16th, 1998
From: Nessa

Message: I went to see the RHPS last year and thought Jason Donavon
was f***ing ace! I know that it is now the New Rocky Horror but
will there be any chance of sseing the old one? Thanks Nessa XX

Date: Wednesday, December 16th, 1998
From: Kiri Williams

Message: I saw Rocky Horror in cambridge in November, and it was gorgeous!!!!!
Jason had hurt his ankle, but nathan was great! It was lovely, and I can't wait to see it again!!!!!!!

Date: Tuesday, December 15th, 1998
From: Mat

Message: I have just arrived home after seeing the RHPS at Stoke on Trent.
It was a great show and we had a great laugh, especially me in a silver SKIRT.
I will send the pictures once they are developed so people can have a good laugh at me.

Date: Tuesday, December 15th, 1998
From: Steve Rowe

Message: Hello every body, and keep on warpin' !!!!!

Date: Tuesday, December 15th, 1998
From: franksbasque

Message: Just a quick message to wish all Rocky fans
a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.See ya all in 1999
for more fun, frolics and suspenders..... Don't dream it ... Be it !

Date: Tuesday, December 15th, 1998
From: lizzie osborne

Message: Message: i am a new rocky fan, long live rocky

Date: Monday, December 14th, 1998
From: Nikki Walters

Message: well a new Rocky Horror fan here, but its grows everyday.
I ususally watch it every day, and love to sing and dance along at home.
I plan for my 18th b-day to take myself and some friends downtown to
see the live show and sing and dance there!!!!

Date: Monday, December 14th, 1998
From: Claire Frost

Message: I saw the show in Manchester in May and Stoke on the 11 December!
Absolutely brilliant!! Jase you make a brilliant Frank!!!!
I wonder what I'll be getting in my stockings for Christmas?!!!
Hopefully Rocky!!!!!

Date: Sunday, December 13th, 1998
From: Cath

Message: I've just seen the video for the Timewarp single on The Box.
Hmmmmmmm. I'm tempted to agree that maybe RH Company has fallen for the
golden glow of crass commercialism. I only hope they manage to break free
before the essence of the show is lost entirely.
Sorry to talk rubbish, but I've got the flu and am dosed up on various "remedies"!!!!

Date: Thursday, December 10th, 1998
From: Steve Fitzgerald

Message: Hi,
I live in Romford, Essex, England,
and I want to know if "The New Rocky horror Show" is coming
to a theatre near me as I'm dying to see it!
P.S. : The film is brillient!

Date: Tuesday, December 8th, 1998
From: Mair Rigby

Message: Hi everybody! Wasn't Cardiff brilliant, even with Jason
taking a tumble. I think it's a shame that the show producers don't feel able
to give Nathan the part when he obviously has the makings of an excellent
Frank. No offence to Ross King, but does anyone else feel that giving him
the part is erring just a bit to much on the side of commercialism? I really
hope that we're not going to see Rocky turned into the sort of show in
which one celebrity name is more important than the Rocky ethos
(if that's the right word) as a whole. Imagine what might have
happened if in 1973, they'd employed some celebrity instead
of an unknown like Tim curry?

Date: Monday, December 7th, 1998
From: Kim

Message: I was doing a bit of Rocky Horror research on
the web and came to visit this wonderful site. No doubt I will return.

Date: Monday, December 7th, 1998
From: Alexandra Smith

Message: Madness
This is a time slip

Date: Monday, December 7th, 1998
From: Joe Dawkins

Message: I saw ol' Jase and the gang in Northampton and
have been hooked ever since
Love n Suspenders!

Date: Sunday, December 6th, 1998
From: Hannah

Message: Saw the show in Southampton last night.
What can I say - It was marvellous!!! Jason made an excellent Frank,
and Nicholas Parsons was as ever on top form.
I'm now looking forward to Reading next January - see you there!

Date: Sunday, December 6th, 1998
From: Ruth

Message: Went to my first RHS in 'uniform' yesterday and had the time of my life.

Date: Sunday, December 6th, 1998
From: Columbia (a Groupie) and Magenta (a Domestic)

TW: This is the longest message we've ever had and I've
been forced to take a large pair of scissors to it or we'll
run out of server space!!!! Thanks for your message ladies(?)
but it's time to snip!

So! (come up to the lab..) no, so, does Tim Currey wear a wig,
or what? Hoopla, all of you Dentonians and (OH YEAH!!!)
Transexual Transylvanians!! This is Magenta speaking
(Columbia was the one baffled about the wig). I personally
wish that I could have been in the Rocky Horror Picture Show
(if only I had been alive at the time!!*if only the car hadn't broken down!*).
I wish I could have been too(Columbia speaking);
This is Magenta again!! You know, I feel (people)- I mean, I feel sexy!
What's come over me? Anyway, I feel like doing the Time Warp
(or the MADISON!). It's so dreamy! Oh fantasy free me! .............
.....SNIP!.............................Let's do the Time Warp again!
(Columbia)-Well, I was walkin' down the street just-a havin' a think
when a ........SNIP!.......
Let's do the Time Warp again! (Da-na-na-naaa....) Yaaay! Hoopla!
Well, I think that we had better go. This has gotten a bit too long.
******NO IT HASN'T!!!!***************************
But, then perhaps it has....but, DO WE GET AN AWARD FOR
THIS OR SOMETHING??? .No, You get snipped!

Date: Saturday, December 5th, 1998
From: mandie lindsey

Message: Rocky horror was the best movie i ever saw .
i especially liked columbia.where can i found the soundtrack and movie?
love ya bye

Date: Friday, December 4th, 1998
From: Merlin the transexuale pig! (What?)


Date: Friday, December 4th, 1998
From: mark & lee

Message: Found site when looking through computer sucess mag.
Seen RHPS on the screen for the last time at the Boomerang picture theare Brisbane,
before they pulled it down, had great time with all the interaction from the fans.
Next time we see the stage show at the lyric theatre Brisbane (Australian production)
with karmal as the narrator. we enjoyed the night and even did the time warp in
the top balcony. would like to here from anyone.

Date: Thursday, December 3rd, 1998
From: Mairi Colquhoun

Message: I watched the show in Edinburgh and it was realy excellent!
Is there any way to get an offical 25th anniversary program by mail order?

Date: Thursday, December 3rd, 1998
From: GINA

Message: Is there any news on who is replacing Jason Donovan on the tour?

Date: Thursday, December 3rd, 1998
From: Emma D

Message: Hi!
Up until recently I was a Rocky virgin.
I saw my first show in October and thought it was brilliant!
It's led me to search for the hundreds of asites on Rocky,
and this is by far the best!
luv Em :-)

Date: Thursday, December 3rd, 1998
From: Jasmine

Message: Hi!
Great site! The show is so amazing, Jason ruled when I went to
see it in October.
If you're going to the Jan 9th show in Croydon, see ya there!
email me if you're gonna be in the front row! (I am)
Time Warp on, and remember to live the lyrics

Date: Thursday, December 3rd, 1998
From: philipp

Message: I'm gonna see the show tonight.
Better be there or you'll miss my costume!!!

Date: Thursday, December 3rd, 1998
From: Franksbasque

Message: Its just a jump to the left .... hey all you
transexual transylvanians out there get to HMV or
Virgin or the like and purchase yourself a copy of
"the TIMEWARP" performed by the 25th anniversary cast
.. its totally wicked !!! And remember Don't Dream it ..... BE it !!!

Date: Thursday, December 3rd, 1998


TW: No need to shout, the game should be release in the USA
as well as here, we'll post details as we get them.

Date: Wednesday, December 2nd, 1998
From: Andy Thompson

Message: If it is possible I would like as much information about
the Rocky Horror Picture Show as possible.
I am a great fan of the R.H.P.S. and now proudly own the soundtrack
on CD, the video and several articles of clothing

Date: Wednesday, December 2nd, 1998
From: Mark Elsdon

Message: Just wasnted to say that we were at the Cambridge show
on Sat Nov 28th. It was my first time, and my wifes 10th! We booked our
tickets back in January and as a result got first row seats. All I can say
is why didn't I ever go years ago. it was fantastic! The whole cast
was amazing, and I was very impressed with Jasons performance
of Frank n Furter - very Tim Curry indeed. So now I can't wait to
go again. There were 13 of us that went altogether, and all of us
dressed up in appropriate gear. The hardest thing for me was to
find a pair of size 12 stiletoes (I didn't succeed either). The only
thing I was disappointed about was the fact that they sold out
of the rocky horror t-shirts, and i really wanted to get one.
Oh well, maybe next time!

Date: Tuesday, December 1st, 1998
From: Leah

Message: I'm going to the Mayflower Theatre to see RHPS
on Friday 4th Dec. I'm going as Magenta, just like about 300 other people.
See you there.

Date: Monday, November 30th, 1998
From: Steph Winter

Message: I'd like to congratulate you on a brilliant performance
at the Alambra IN bRADFORD ON THE 13/10/98.
I had a wonderful night from start to finish e.g from getting my
corset on to being throwen out of Macdonalds for being dressed
to obscenely. please forgive the spelling but I'm suposed ton be
doing a spreadsheet, I'm doing performing arts at park lane in
leeds and hopefully one day I'll be starring as Janet alongside
Jason Donevon ....love steph

Date: Monday, November 30th, 1998
From: hannah williams

Message: The Rocky Horror Show is the best stage show i
have ever seen in my life. Jason is absolutely fantastig anybody
who ever said he was a crap singer can eat my shorts.

Date: Monday, November 30th, 1998
From: Allaina Eden

Message: Just seen RHS @ Cambridge.
My third time and DEFINATELY not the last. Next time I'll convert my
boyfriend, and he WILL dress up :-) I've loved RHS since I was 13.
Richard O'Brien is a genius

Date: Sunday, November 29th, 1998
From: Ib Andersen

Message: I saw RHS in Malmoe, Sweden last year, and have seen the
show the 4 times it earlier was in Denmark. I was a bit disapointed by
seeing in your Tour Dates, that 18. january 99 is a holiday. This day
the stage show is announced at Falkoner Salen in Copenhagen Denmark
(London Musical Theatre) www.aok.dk/E/E/CPHDK/000/05/24/

Date: Sunday, November 29th, 1998
From: simon cookson

Message: saw the show at corn exchange last night (28-11-98) BRILLIANT!!!

Date: Saturday, November 28th, 1998
From: Columbia

Message: Well, I saw Nicholas Parsons on the national lottery show tonight,
(he was fantastic, of course!) and all I have to say is...
Don't dream it...see it!!!!

Date: Friday, November 27th, 1998
From: Jack

Message: Please Please can someone tell me (e-mail me!) what is on
the orange badge that Brad wears in the "There's a Light" song in the movie of RHPS.
Thanks Gang!
Luv Jack

Date: Wednesday, November 25th, 1998
From: laura

Message: I thank you for having this web-site. I love RHPS
and I hve troubl fiding interesting sights, so again
I thank you=)

Date: Tuesday, November 24th, 1998
From: Tabatha Nelson

Message: The Rocky Horror Picture Show is the best movie known to man.
I wish to thank everyone who kept it alive, and thank Richard O'Brien for writing it.
As well as the cast.Great Job Guys!!!!

Date: Tuesday, November 24th, 1998
From: Franks basque

Message: I agree that Nathan Taylor was totally wicked .
I saw him as Frank in Cardiff on 21st Nov after
Jasons "indisposition" and he was totally amazing!!!!!

Date: Monday, November 23rd, 1998
From: Tommy

Message: Ooops. Urgent announcement!!
Went to see Rocky for the 2nd night running in Cardiff on Friday 20th, and
halfway through Sword of Damocles Jason fell rather badly on his ankle,
meaning he couldn't carry on the performance and that Nathan Taylor
(a Phantom) had to take over. Incidentally he was fantastic!
However, it seems that Jason's ankle was damaged sufficiently to
also prevent him appearing the night after. Don't want to panic
anyone prematurely, but just in case Jason isn't there please give
Nathan Taylor your full support. He is brilliant. And now they've
bought the stageshow soundtrack out, what about a video recording??

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