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Date: Friday, January 22nd, 1999
From: J.R.

Message: I'm posting from the USA and I've been seeing Rocky
since 1982. At last count, I probably saw it close to 700 times. I am very
impressed with this site and I hope you keep up the good work! Very cool!
I'll see the Show until they stop showing it here. Rocky Lives!

Date: Friday, January 22nd, 1999
From: Magenta (a domestic)

Message: Hoopla! This is Magenta again. I'm the Magenta who helped
to write your longest message ever. If you don't believe me, I can tell you exactly
what you left out from our letter. For example, I wrote a bit about "my best day ever"
that wasn't included. Columbia recently sent in another message and wrote about
my original thoughts on that day. It was a bit more vulgar than what I decided to
include, but I didn't know if kids would be accessing this page. I guess if they like
RHPS they wouldn't think twice, but you never know...
I just wanted to say thank you for the recognition. I'll check back to this site again
real soon! Oh! By the way, yes, we are both ladies. I guess I should get going now.
"I grow weary of this world" and must return to my own. Talk to you later!

Date: Friday, January 22nd, 1999
From: Carl Hadi

Message: I think your club is absoluteley brilliant and I will be
hoping to join very soon
Regards - Chadibeast

Date: Friday, January 22nd, 1999
From: Heino Holdt Christensen

Message: I just saw the show yesterday and I was choked.
It was even better than Ive ever imagined.
I just loved it......

Date: Thursday, January 21st, 1999
From: Jennie Sandford

Message: Maverick Television are looking for couples getting
married, Rocky Horror style, between now and July
for a new television series. Please call Jennie
on 0121 771 1812 if you are from, or are getting
married in the Midlands and fancy being a TV star.

Date: Thursday, January 21st, 1999
From: Columbia(a Groupie)

Message: Hoopla once more! For those of you without a life who checked out ALL of
the messages, or who saw THE LONGEST MESSAGE OF ALL TIME (snipped!)
on Dec. 6 (or somewhere around then) you will know me, and my distinguished
counterpart Magenta(a Domestic) - and, yes, we ARE both ladies! - I was so
sad at just HOW MUCH of our message got "snipped" - honestly, people,
there were some funny fights in there!...Anyway, Magenta told me today to
leave a bit of our "snipped" message to prove it was really me, so: at one
point I called Magenta "Miss Wonderf***" and she commented that today
she had "checked out the moniter and ate a jelly doughnut. It was her best
day ever!"...actually, there was more to it; the whole thing was:"Today I
f***ed a bird, had some elbow-sex with Riff, ate a jelly doughnut, and
checked out the moniter. It was my best day ever!" or something like
that. But she was high on consience mushrooms that day and deleted
it because it was "too vugar" - you've probably noticed that I'm no
stranger to (confusion) vulgarity already, and someone has probably
already been offended by it - but if you have, then, you shouldn't have
come to a Rocky Horror website! (And, Magi, if you're reading this -
don't get mad! I HAD to share your REAL message to the world! -
if you're "confused," see 9 lines up!)
Well, I'd better go, so I don't get "snipped" again! Anyway...Bye!
P.S. - Can I join this fan club, even though I'm an Ugly American?
P.P.S.- Feel free to send me hate-mail! (I'll be expecting it from SOMEONE!)

TW: Not quite unedited *** (work it out)
and yes we'd love you to join our club.
We edit out some swearing because unlike going to
a Rocky show where you know what you will get
we do not wish to make our site offend casual visitors.

Date: Thursday, January 2st1, 1999
From: Grace

Message: Amazing Website !
Any fellow fans feel free, can Email me and make friends with me !!!

Date: Wednesday, January 20th, 1999
From: Maxine Brown

Message: hello time warpers,
may you time warp again and let rocky rock on forever!

Date: Tuesday, January 19th, 1999
From: justin

Message: hey all you sexy transvestites...love ya lots...keep up the good work!!!!!

Date: Tuesday, January 19th, 1999
From: Ib Andersen

Message: Great show yesterday in Copenhagen!
Please: Is it possible to include Denmark, Sweden and
Germany in the Tour Dates? - I had nearly missed it!

Date: Monday, January 18th, 1999
From: Grand Hatter

Message: Richard O'Brien has given his hat to an innovative
British mental health charity. It is for sale VERY SOON at Sotheby's,
New Bond Street, London on the evening of the 27th January 1999.
Tickets are available only by mail from: Grand Hatter, Worklink
46-50 Grange Road West, Birkenhead, Merseyside, L41 4DA
United Kingdom or you can bid on the web site at
where you can see a picture of the hat.
Hope you all find this interesting.
Grand Hatter

Date: Thursday, January 14th, 1999
From: Mike Hayhurst

Message: Stay sane inside insanity.
May Rocky live eternal!

Date: Tuesday, January 12th, 1999
From: james antonoio masefield

Message: Hello to all those crazy Transylvanians out there.
I have been apearing as frank n furter in the A.P. for years and have
been following rocky, show and movie, religiously all my life. I would
love to hear from any rocky people out there!!!Please,please,please!!!

Date: Tuesday, January 12th, 1999
From: Iain Gardner

Message: What a great show, it has not aged over the years,
anyone attend the Corn Exchange in Cambridge in November 1998?
I'm all ears drop me a note, one very big fan.

Date: Monday, January 11th, 1999
From: martin taylor

Message: hey! nice to know that i'm not the only sicko left.
jason donovan was pretty damn good as frankie don't you think?
tim curry is god! see ya.

Date: Monday, January 11th, 1999
From: Gina

Message: Going to see R.H.S. in February, Iam going on the first and
last nights, I will dressed as Columbia on the first night and Magenta on the
last night in costumes I have made myself.Hope to see some friendly faces there!
My fella is going as Eddie the first night and Riff the last, even though he is
disabled (so look for the Riff with a walking stick!) Let`s do the Time Warp Now!!!!!!!

Date: Sunday, January 10th, 1999
From: Gemma Naughton

Message: Amazing website. Brilliant.
Any fellow fans want to mail me just feel free

Date: Sunday, January 10th, 1999
From: Jules Bigg

Message: Is anyone going to Chichester?
Has anyone else got to suffer the indignity of going with
conservative middle-aged parents?
If so get in contact. See you there!

Date: Sunday, January 10th, 1999
From: Ruth

Message: I saw the show last night in Croydon and LOVED it!
It's such a relief to have a chance to escape the harsh realities of south
London for an evening and to let your hair (and pants) down.
I have been a fan since I was 14 and will continue to be a follower for
a "very, very long time" (HOW LONG?)
Thanx to all the audience as well as the performers for a great night.
If anyone in Croydon or the surrounding area wants to email me with
info on RHPS please do!

Date: Thursday, January 7th, 1999
From: Daryl

Message: Message: my friend Nathan is currently in my office

Date: Thursday, January 7th, 1999
From: Asta

I'm pretty new to Rocky Horror, but I can't help but adore it!
It's absolutely the best movie EVER! And Richard O'Brien...
oh god isn't he just gorgeus on it?! I'm only sad cos it's pretty
difficult for me to see the Shock Treatment. See, I live in Finland (...)
and even RHPS is kinda hard to find. And for what I've searched,
Shock Treatment doesn't even exist here. Well at least I can drool
over RHPS... If anyone wants to mail me, do it.
But now I'd like to, if I may, answer the phone.

Date: Thursday, January 7th, 1999
From: Emma

Message: Can anyone tell me the Dates and Venues of the next tour???
I love Rocky

Date: Wednesday, January 6th, 1999
From: Carolyn Stanley

Message: Still can't prise my thong out of my arse!!!!

Date: Tuesday, January 5th, 1999
From: Kat*

Message: Is Ross King any good as Frank??? I've only seen
Jase playing the part of the SWEET TRANSVESTITE!!
God I love the show so much, Jason is a Brilliant
Frank. Going to to see the show again on 9th Jan
Dammit Janet I can't WAIT!!!!! See you all in
Croydon, In spirit anyway!!! Anyone coming to the
Sow Please E-mail me. Rocky Horror, Bless my soul,
I REALLY love that Rockin' Show!!!!!!! S'brill
C Ya Love and Kinky things!!! Kat*

Date: Monday, January 4th, 1999
From: Naomi

Message: "It's not so easy having a good time" -Dr. Frankenfurter

Date: Monday, January 4th, 1999
From: Lillian

Message: This is My 11'th B'day and it is not fair because Your
stupid musical wont let me in to see it until i'm 15 even though ive
already seen the film 5 million times so smuggle me in.
P.S: I Love Your Film.
p.p.S: Lets do the Time Warp again!!!

TW: There are no age restrictions on theatre in the UK,
only cinema, and Rocky's a '12' certificate at the cinema.

Date: Sunday, January 3rd, 1999
From: jim & jill craig

Message: love it been 2 / 5 shows this year
welcome to 1999 hope you took that step 2 the right into 1999
only 5 showes book so far {O brad !! how will i live beyond
april help e mail now if you known how ?
wecome 2 the dawn

Date: Sunday, January 3rd, 1999
From: Mel Glover

Message: On 16th Jan there will be an appearance of the
"Timewarp dancers" on Night Fever. I thought I would let everyone
know about it so that you can all watch it. It was great fun to film and
hopefully we can all do something like that again in the future.

Date: Friday, January 1st, 1999
From: Steve

Message: Can anyone confirm the cast line up for the
Orchard Theatre at Dartford in februaury, if so could you please
E.Mail me, many thanks.

Date: Friday, January 1st, 1999
From: Donna Castle

Message: Rocky horror is the greatest film alive and will be forever!
Timewarp the the greatest fan club and im IN IT!

Date: Thursday, December 31st, 1998

Message: The Rocky Horror show is the best thing i have
ever seen.I have been to a few live performances
and it's like being set on fire with excitement.
The atmosphere is electric!

Date: Wednesday, December 30th, 1998
From: lou

Message: hello. i love Gael Johnson. timewarp is great.
jason is god so is tim and i just love rocky horror. i am overcome
with emotion at merely the sound of those two words.
thankyou richard i love you aswell. you are god too.

Date: Wednesday, December 30th, 1998
From: zoe

Message: hi i just want to say I LOVE ROCKY HORROR thankyou.

Date: Sunday, December 27th, 1998
From: Sally Reid

Message: Well, I've trawled the web for Rocky sites and I've
got to honestly say this is the best. Well done!
The only thing is, on the printing problems page for
fan club joining info, my problem was that most of
the text on the page is written in white font, therefore
it doesn't print out on white paper! But congrats
on a great site :)

TW: Page Setup - Print text black - Bob's your Auntie.

Date: Friday, December 25th, 1998
From: Sally Commins

Message: Hope every Rocky fan is having a great festive season.
Saw the show in Hull, when JD was down with flu.
Got the new CD for Christmas, currently listening to it, great,
excellent memories.
See ya next year!!!

Date: Wednesday, December 23rd, 1998
From: MS. Spydra

Message: Don't Dream it be e e it!
I've been a Rocky Fanatic for 5 years now.
Hopefully this spring, I'll get to be in a production of RHPS.
Love your site! I think this and Cosmo's factory has to be my
two favorite RHPS sites!!! Keep up the good work and until I
read ya next time I'll be time warping!

Date: Monday, December 21st, 1998
From: lilly

Message: hi my name is lilly .i love rhps and shock
treatment . they are my favorite movies. im 11
years old my brother and sister think im wierd
because i like it. what do you think

Date: Saturday, December 19th, 1998
From: Nikki

Message: I love Richard O'Brien, he is a babe (well he was when
he did Rocky Horror) If anyone wants to E-mail me for anything go ahead.
As long as you don't insult Richard O'Brien thats all that matters.

Date: Saturday, December 19th, 1998
From: Mishell

Message: My mom got me hooked on the Rocky Horror Picture Show.
The first time I saw the movie was when I was 11 and ive been hooked ever since.
I participate in all the stuff I can to do with the show but in my little town thats
about once a year if im lucky when im a little bit older i would like to put on big
R.H.P.S nights like every weekend. I really like this sight, keep up the good work!!!!

Date: Friday, December 18th, 1998
From: Lachrysma

Message: Um... um. What can I say? I have only one thing to say on the subject:

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