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Date: Tuesday, June 15th, 1999
From: KevMc

Message: Any of you good people know who won the
25 Anniversary Brouchure Competition?
How About a list of those answers folks?
Up yer Hoop folks!
Kev xxx

Date: Sunday, June 13th, 1999
From: Katherine

Message: I'm suffering from severe Rocky withdrawal
symptoms...can't wait for the new tour to start so I can do the
Timewarp again... Does anyone know anything about who
will be playing Frank in September? I nearly cried when I
heard Jason was leaving...please don't say it's going to be
Ross King, pleeaase! How about having Nathan Taylor -
the Phantom who was Frank's understudy? Some of my
friends saw him here in Newcastle when Jason stood on
his own foot (!) and they said he was brilliant.
Lots of love and lust to all Rocky fans everywhere ;-)
- don't dream it - be it!

In bed with Frank (although, Jason - I'm still open to offers)

Franky baby of course

Date: Sunday, June 13th, 1999
From: Emma (aka Lumbi)

Message: We (me, Nat aka Lust Angel and some others)
are going to see the show in Stoke at the early show on
Saturday 2nd October. :-)
AND we have seats in the centre of the front row!!! :-):-)
If anyone else is going, why not mail me and perhaps we
can meet up or something. Keep rocking in your
stockings and sending me pictures of Craig Giovanelli.....

The Phantoms

everyone and everything that is connectted to the phenomenon that is Rocky

Date: Sunday, June 13th, 1999
From: Lottie

Message: Well....I'd just like to say happy 18th birthday to
myself and also happy 26th birthday to Rocky for Wednesday ;-) ;-) !!
(yes....I have exactly the same birthday as the beloved one!!).
Anyway, to all those poor people (like me!) stuck in the middle of
those nasty a-levels :-( at the moment,
good luck, and don't worry TOO much!
Anyway, gotta go, but if anyone wants another rocky-obssessed
( and I mean OBSESSED!!) fan to talk to, please feel free to drop me a line!
love + fishnets
lottie x

in bed with Jason + Ross!

hmmm, where do I start? Jason Donovan..Ross O'Henessy..Richard O'Brien...Tim Curry.......!

Date: Sunday, June 13th, 1999
From: Izzy

Message: Just bought the game.
Kept me busy for a few hours. Great fun.!!!!
Fairly frustrating at first, but worth every penny. :-)



Date: Saturday, June 12th, 1999
From: Kat

Kat's Current Message
She has a world of her own,
well a Guest Book anyway!
Click Here

Date: Saturday, June 12th, 1999
From: pete edge

Message: ITS NOT FAIR!!!!
i broke my leg a few months ago,
but i just got the pot off and guess what!!!!
this means that i will look kinda odd in my
stocks when i dress in my franky costume

In the Front Row


Date: Friday, June 11th, 1999
From: Janet damn it!!!!1

Message: Hello fellow groovsters!!!!! i love rocky and you obviousley
think I'm extremely sad and pathetic as I'm writing because I'm
so bored!!!! I just wanted to say hi as I'm a real fan of rocky!!!
Take Care sweet transvestites!!!
Bec xxxxx



Date: Friday, June 11th, 1999
From: foxy

Message: In the Velvet darkness on the blackness night,burning bright
there's a guiding star, no matter what! ooooor who you ar---e,
there's a light.....This is definatly ( what a rocky spelling) a
foxy lyric which i had to reminde you all.:-)



Date: Thursday, June 10th, 1999
From: Helen

Message: Hi there all you wild and untamed things!
Great website but why does no-one ever talk to me in the chat room :-(
Why do U all go to bed so early?!! Stay up later and we will talk.
Bye for now XXXXX

At the Show

To wear fishnets

Date: Thursday, June 10th, 1999
From: Kate Ward

Message: Isn't this all fab?! Oh, so cool to know that everyone else loves
all things Rocky as well! Sorry, not much to say really :-( but I'll
be back at some time, ready to say something witty and funky ;-)
Anyway, have fune in everything that you do.

Jason's personal stocking adjuster!

Jason (he's a funky guy!)

Date: Thursday, June 10th, 1999
From: Monique Cooper

Message: Although i'm only 14 i'm already a fan, i think that Rocky Horror
is one of the greatest stage shows ever and that no-one will
ever be able to come close.

In the Front Row

Date: Thursday, June 10th, 1999
From: Mistress Dallandra

Message: Good lord, I love the site ;-)

At the Late Night Double Feature Picture Show


Date: Wednesday, June 9th, 1999
Email: Not Supplied




Date: Wednesday, June 9th, 1999
From: Busylizzie

Message: The show without a theatre in September
IS ON MY BIRTHDAY!!! Well...how nice ;-)
Will I get a birthday smooch from Frank?
:-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-)

At the Late Night Double Feature Picture Show

Pelvic thrusting, baby!

Date: Tuesday, June 8th, 1999
From: Nat (Lust Angel)

Message: Hoopla! to all you wonderful fishnet-clad people.
Just a short note to ask if anyone has any pics of the GORGEOUS
Dave Webb, as there is only one pathetic little one in the programme
and that's it. :-( Also, does anyone know if he is coming back for
the next run? That's it. Please send me any pics you have or I'll
cry OK, maybe not cry...

in March 98 so the tour would be just starting, rather than just finished

everything Magenta

Date: Tuesday, June 8th, 1999
From: Deez Nee

Message: Hello peeps!!!!! Well I had an excellent time at the show
on Saturday and I would like to say a huge hello to all the people that
I met there. Remember me I was the one with the virgin in the front row,
serveral of you sat on her lap and I don't think that she was very impressed.
I can not believe that I will never see that cast again. Although I have only
ever seen the one cast, so I can not compare, I think that they are all brilliant
and each really suits the part that they play. Does anyone have any idea who
the new Frank might be? Surely they would not consider having Ross King
back!!! No please, that is not even worth thinking about.
Only 3 mnoths and 18 days till I go to see the show again in Stoke. Is anyone
else going to be there on September 29th? I have front row seats but I don't
know what numbers they are yet as they still haven't arrived. If anyone else
is going I'd love to met up as I want to get to know as many Rocky fans as poss.
Talking of getting to know fans are there any fans out there from around
Kidderminster or the Midlands? I really need to try and find people to go
to the show with as the person that usually comes with me has decided
that she has better things to spend her money on the seeing the show
over and over again. What am I going to do? Would I really be brave
enough to turn up at the shows on my own?
So what did everyone else think of Saturdays show? It is the first show
that I have seen when the cast actually seemed to be having some fun on
stage. When I have been before the cast have all been word perfect and
it all went with out a hitch but it was good to see that they do make mistakes.
Oh and when Ross flashed his bum, gotta be a highlight of the show well
it was for me anyway. It was also good to see the other ending, I had
only ever seen the " happy " ending before. I actually think that I prefere
it when Janet rejects the ring, it sort of changes the whole feel of the show.
Well I guess that I will be going now, feel free to email me.
See Ya Peeps!!!!

doing the Time Warp again

Doing the time warp

Date: Tuesday, June 8th, 1999
From: Gem Naughton

Message: Hello! I haven't got much to say except 4 AND A HALF
MONTHS TO THE CONVENTION!!! Yey! Okay, i can't
think of anything to say, but its part of my weekly ritual
to write in here. And to B33J4Y, don't worry about Beffun,
she aint going to move in with Anthony Head, and if she
does, you can't kill her ok? Bye all, G ;-)

On a seriously secluded desert island with Richard O'Brien

Richard O'Brien

Date: Monday, June 7th, 1999
From: Ariane

Message: Hello to all sweet Transylvanians!
I am desperately trying to find someone who has recorded
the Rocky Special on BB2! And I haave another favor to ask
- could anyone buy me the new Rocky-CD with Jason Donovan?
I'll send you the money, of course!
Hope to see ya soo!


Riff Raff

Date: Saturday, June 5th, 1999
From: Bethan

Message: well then, all you guys and gals, HI THERE!
You look like you're all pretty groovey! ;-)
I can't stay here all day exams to do and stuff to see!
Just wanted to say hi there and
(to Gem - she has promised me she will nver live with him!)
with V.I

a non-phone aphobic

DUH! Anthony Stewart Head

Date: Saturday, June 5th, 1999
From: Mel Glover

Message: Its a real shame that the show finishes for
the Summer just before I get back in the country, I suppose
that it cant be helped though. I do enjoy reading the
experiences of others through this guest book and the
RHS one. Cant wait for the tour to start up again, I
imagine that I will be everywhere as we have started
booking tickets already! See you all on the new tour
with whoever the cast is. Maybe we should place
bets on who is going to be Frank or just mail our
suggestions. I reckon a good one would be
Howard Samuels again but I suppose only
famous people work nowadays!

In the Front Row

The phantoms

Date: Saturday, June 5th, 1999
From: joe the happy enchilada

Message: hi peps,
were you the peps who took pics of me on victoria station,
drop us an e if ya did.. wanted to chat but had to catch
last train.. lol.. cheers to the young lady who bought me
a drink in the stalls bar! no pockets in a basque cheers..
ps not bad site this.. will try to get to hanely in september!!
have fun



Date: Saturday, June 5th, 1999
From: Kaline O'Brien

Message: I would like to say The Rocky Horror Picture
Show Kicks ass!! I need to find out were i can get Rocky Horror
buttons please if you know e-mail me!! i need buttons
merchandise RHPS is my life!! luv,
~a very obsessed fan~:)



Date: Friday, June 4th, 1999
From: Steve Fitzgerald

Message: Just wanna say I am so glad that Rocky Horror
will be starting again :-) in September after it
finishes :-( tomorrow, but I would also like to know who
will be leaving the cast (eg Jason Donovan ) and who will be
taking their places, can you tell me as I desparatly want to know.

At the Show


Date: Friday, June 4th, 1999
From: Melanie

Message: The more I see rocky on stage the better it gets.
What I really wanted to say was, that I am incredibly jealous of
my brother because Jason Donovan sat on his lap at the end
of the I'm going home song and kissed him!

Riff Raff

Richard O'Brien

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