Rocky Horror Picnic Show 2009 at Oakley CourtFor the Fans - By the Fans
Rocky Horror Picnic Show 2009 at Oakley CourtRocky Horror Picnic Show 2009 at Oakley Court
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There were 64 of us at the 2009 Picnic
There were 64 of us at the 2009 Picnic, here's 53 of them!

2009 was the year of TimeWarp's Twenty-First Anniversary. From what had gone before there was to be no picnic, or was there? Well the short answer is yes. Sixty four of us spent the day at Oakley Court original filming location for The Rocky Horror Picture Show and we picnicked on the lawns once more. As with the past three years events the weather held up for us, although this year it was a little cooler than before.

A great time was had by all as we relaxed outside the castle, with more food that we could cope with, in fact there was enough left over to provide nibbles for the evening event.

The picnic itself ended around five, leaving everyone the chance to spend a few hours doing what they wanted. Some decided just to wander around the grounds, others (I'm talking about you Rob and Carol) went off on a mission to get specific photographs done, some of us even spent a couple of hours in the pool.

At around ten pm we all went over to one of the hotels event suites to watch The Rocky Horror Picture Show projected onto a good sized screen and partake of a Rocky Horror Cocktail or three that the hotel had created. Dana had put together a little video of last years picnic images which we watched before enjoying the movie itself.

I never fail to smile at the symmetry of watching the outside of the building that we are in on-screen and the first shots of the castle always get a cheer from us all. After the movie, we had time for one more midnight Time Warp before we found our way to our rooms or to the bar once more.

As is traditional, the next morning after a stunning breakfast several of us made our way outside once more to chat, take photos and meet up at the fountain. It's a lovely way to say farewell to our fellow fans after another great day together.

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We'd love to hear what you all thought of the day. Use the standard Contact Us feedback form to let us know.

"It was wonderful.
Thank you everyone, but especially Stephanie and David, and the Oakley Court staff were pretty special too.
Thanks again, and looking forward to 2010 already"

Midi and Terry (quote taken from forums).

"We had a great time celebrating Timewarp's 21st with the gang. Looking forward to next year and will be bringing daughter and grandaughter!"

Anne and Trevor Sutton.

"A huge Thank you to Stephanie and David (and their 2 helpers) for a great time. I had a brilliant weekend, running around being silly and can't wait till next time. Love the T-shirts that much i ended up with 2 of them. Shame about the lack of cake but the chips made up for it"

Carol (quote taken from forums).

"Like many others no doubt I am back at work today thinking back over another fabulous weekend.
Particular thanks to the Freemans as always for putting it all together and to each and every one who attended. It is always great to meet forum fantoms in the flesh (with some showing more flesh than others !) "

James (quote taken from forums).

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