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The Cast from Hell!
Suggested by TWW
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We wanted to hear who you really wouldn't want to see play your favourite Rocky Horror Characters. The best nominations of each character submitted were voted for and the winners are shown below. (Please note: It's not my spelling that's terrible, all of these names are copied from actual nominations sent.)

The worst person to play Frank

Prince Charles15.7%
Chris Evans9.5%
Bernard Manning 9.5%
Leonardo DiCaprio9.5%
Fred Elliot9.5%
Timmy Mallet9.5%
Jeremy Clarkson4.4%
Jack Dee4.4%
Cliff Richard4.4%
Dale Winton4.4%
Nicholas Cage2.4%
Paul Gasgoine2.4%
David Hasselhoff2.4%
Timmy Mallet2.4%
Ross King2.4%
John Major2.4%
Jason Donovan2.4%
The Queen Mother2.4%

The worst person to play Brad

Arnold Swarzenegger12.8%
Eddie Izzard10.2%
Sylvester Stallone7.7%
Bill Clinton5%
Rolf Harris5%
Noel Edmonds5%
Jerry Addams5%
Ronnie Corbett5%
Nicholas Cage2.6%
Keeanu Reeves2.6%
Marlon Brando
(in his current state)
John Major2.6%
Nicholas Lyndhurst2.6%
Mick Jagger2.6%
Prince Charles2.6%
Julian Clary2.6%
Harold Bishop (neighbours)2.6%
Terry Christian2.6%

The worst person to play Janet

Lily Savage10%
Zsa Zsa Gabor10%
Camilla Parker Bowles7.5%
Margert Thatcher7.5%
Venessa Feltz7.5%
Donna Air7.5%
Roseanne Barr5%
Geri Halliwell5%
Tony Blair5%
Pamela Anderson5 %
Jo Brand5%
Pauline Quirke5%
Joan Collins2.5%
Julie Goodyear (Bette Lynch)2.5%
Rosie O'Donnell2.5%
Pat Butcher2.5%

The worst person to play The Narrator

Otis the Aardvark13.1%
Richard Whitely10.5%
Joe Pasquale10.5%
Maculay Culkin7.8%
Tony Blair7.8%
Rab C Nesbitt7.8%
Scooby Doo7.8%
David Hasslehoff5.2%
Slyvester Stalone5.2%
M. Manson5.2%
Fred Elliott2.6%
Terry Wogan2.6%
Ian Paisley2.6%
Clive Anderson2.6%
Kelsey Grammer2.6%
William Hague2.6%
Keanu Reeves2.6%

The worst person to play Riff Raff

Luciano Pavarotti18%
Keith Cheguin7.7%
Adam Ricket7.7%
William Hague5%
Dale Winton5%
Tony Blair5%
Michael Barrymore5%
Arnold Swacheneger5%
Ed Tudor Pole5%
Brad Pitt2.6%
Ansley Harriot2.6%
Michael Jordan2.6%
Julian Clarey2.6%
Brian Blessed2.6%
John Prescot2.6%
Saddam Hussein2.6%
Leo DiCaprio2.6%
Donnie Osmand2.6%
John Inman2.6%

The worst person to play Magenta

Maureen from Driving School26%
Janet Reno10.2%
Pamela Anderson7.6%
Mary Whitehouse7.6%
Zoe Ball5.1%
Jane McDonald5.1%
Trevor Macdonald5.1%
Barbara Cartland5.1%
Lilly Savage2.5%
Jo Brand2.5%
Mel C. (spice girls)2.5%
Neve Campbell2.5%
Anica Rice2.5%
Kelly Brook2.5%

The worst person to play Columbia

Vanessa Feltz13%
Queen Latifah10.2%
Maggie Thatcher10.2%
Bonnie Langford7.6%
Su Pollard5.1%
The Queen5.1%
Carol Vorderman5.1%
Bella Emburg5.1%
Pamela Anderson5.1%
Lisa Riley5.1%
Denise Van Outen2.5%
Judy Foster2.5%
Mel G.2.5%
Baby Spice2.5%
Chris Evans2.5%
Rossanne Barr2.5%
Toyah Wilcox2.5%
Chris Evans2.5%
Keeanu Reeves2.5%

The worst person to play Rocky

Rowen Atkinson as Mr Bean15.4%
Woody Allen12.8%
Cartman from South Park10.2%
Fred Elliot7.6%
Angus Deyton5.1%
Adam Rickett5.1%
Tony Dowding5.1%
Homer Simpson5.1%
Robbie from Eastenders5.1%
Angus Deyton2.5%
Brian Blessed2.5%
Christopher Biggins2.5%
John Goodman2.5%
William Hauge2.5%
Mr Muscle (from the ads)2.5%
Marilyn Manson2.5%
Mike Myers2.5%
Rick Moranis2.5%
Michael Barrymore2.5%
Michael Flatley2.5%

The worst person to play Eddie/Dr Scott

Barney (yes, the dinosaur!)20.5%
Andrew Lloyd-Wa*ker7.6%
Jasper Carrot7.6%
Julian Clary7.6%
Mr Bean5.1%
Stuart Miles off Blue Peter5.1%
Leonard Nimoy5.1%
Vinnie Jones5.1%
Shane Ritchie5.1%
Elton John5.1%
Keeanu Reeves2.5%
Michael Ball2.5%
Lionel Blair2.5%
Leonardo de Caprio2.5%
Tony Blair2.5%
Dale Winton2.5%
Daniel O' Donnell2.5%
Hugh Grant2.5%
Hulio Aglasius2.5%
Jeremy Beadle2.5%

The worst person to play Phantoms

The Roly-Poly's13.5%
The dancers in Fat Boy Slim's 'Praise You' video13.5%
The cast of Riverdance10.8%
Manchester United8.1%
The Spice girls8.1%
The Beverly Hills 90210 Cast5.4%
The Beegees5.4%
The Beasty Boys2.7%
Keeanu Reeves2.7%

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