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Previous Results

January 1st, 2019. The Polls have now been consigned to the archives as after nineteen years online they no longer drew enough people voting to make them an accurate reflection of opinions.
No.177September to DecemberIf the characters were watching tv what would be their favourite shows? (Feel free to invent your own names!)
No.176May to AugustWhat would each character drink as a cocktail?
No.175January to AprilWhat would each character\'s last words be?
No.174September - DecemberWhat would each character call their children if they had them?
No.173May - AugustWho would each character want to go out on a date with (living or dead)?
No.172January - AprilIf each character had their own spin off movie what would it be called?
No.171October - DecemberWhat is each characters Favourite Food (real or made up)?
No.170July - SeptemberWhat famous person would each character most like to meet
No.169April - JuneFavourite holiday destinations for each character (real or not!)
No.168January - MarchWhat would their favourite lesson/class at school have been? (real or made up)
No.167October - DecemberWhat would their ideal mode of transport be? (real or made up)
No.166July - SeptemberIf the characters had their own theme tune, what would it be?
No.165April - JuneIf the characters could invent a new sport or a new game, what would it be?
No.164January - MarchWhere is each character\'s favourite place to shop?
No.163October - DecemberIf each CHARACTER were to act in a movie, who would they play?
No.162July - SeptemberIf each charatcer formed a band, what would their first song be called?
No.161April - JuneWhat would the characters nick-names be at school?
No.160January - MarchWhat would each character do if they were invisible?
No.159October - DecemberWhat dare would the Rocky characters LOVE to be given in a game of truth or dare?
No.158August - SeptemberWhat subject would each character study at university?
No.157June - JulyWhat would each rocky horror character make for a science fair?
No.156April - May Where would each character live in the real world?
(and maybe a reason why!)
No.155MarchWhich of these dance crazes would you like to see in the Rocky Horror Show?
No.154January - FebruaryWhose phone numbers do each character have in their phones?
No.153November - DecemberIf each character had a pet what would it be?
No.152September - OctoberWhat theme tune would each character have?
No.151July - AugustWhich contemporary celeb(?!) would play each character?
No.150May - JuneWhat type of food/drink would each charcter represent/promote?
No.149March - AprilWhat would each character buy for one another?
No.148January - FebruaryWhat would each character paint a picture of?
No.147November - DecemberWhere would the characters like to retire?
No.146September - OctoberWhat plastic surgery/cosmetic enhancements would each character choose to get done?
No.145July - AugustWhat was their first job after the Rocky characters left school?
No.144JuneWhich sci-fi or Fantasy show is Rocky Characters favourite? e.g. Star Trek, Buffy, Red Dwarf, Smallville, made up.
No.143MayWhat would the characters lingerie line be called? (e.g. franks fancy knickers)
No.142AprilWhat song would each Rocky Horror character have played at their funeral?
No.141MarchIf each Rocky Horror character acquired super powers, which superpower would they have?
No.140FebuaryWhat would each character have as a catch phrase?
No.139JanuaryWhich famous person would each character like to kiss at midnight on New Year's Eve, and why?
No.138DecemberTis the season to be jolly - but what unique foodstuff would each character bring to a festive meal this Christmas?
No.137NovemberWhat type of plastic surgery would each Rocky Character have done and where on body? e.g. Riff Raff would have a second hump added.
No.136OctoberIf each cast member had a pet what would it be and what would be it\'s name?
No.135SeptemberWhat would each character put on their CV as 'current job'?
No.134AugustIf the characters started a band what would it be called? (eg. Janet - 'Janet and the Virgins')
No.133JulyWhat would their prize winning entrant be for the annual flower and produce show? (eg. Frank-biggest courgette)
No.132JuneWhat would the character from Rocky collect (e.g. Stamps)?
No.131MayWhich T.V Programmes would the Cast Of Rocky watch?
No.130AprilWhat would their Specialist Subject be on Mastermind?
No.129MarchWhat would each character take to bed with them every night, one thing?
No.128FebruaryWhat song would the characters sing to each other?
No.127JanuaryIf the characters owned a shop what would it be called?
No.126DecemberWhich Cartoon Character should play each role?
No.125NovemberIf the character\'s starred in a video game, what would it be called?
No.124OctoberWhat award would each character win?
No.123SeptemberHigh School Year Book\'s Mostly likely to....?
No.122AugustWhat would be the name of the characters autobiography?
No.121JulyWhat would be the name of each characters favourite dance?
No.120JuneIf the characters had to market themselves, what would their catchphase be?
No.119MayIf each character had a secret lover, what would the lovers nick-name/pet-name be?
No.118AprilWhat would the characters be cutting down/going without on due to the credit crunch?
No.117MarchIf the character's ran a charity, what would it be called?
No.116FebruaryWhat computer virus (you invent a likely name) would each Rocky character's computer contract?
No.115JanuaryIf the characters presented a television show what would it be called? (real or made up)
No.114DecemberWhat would each character's 2009 New Year's resolution be?
No.113NovemberWhat would each character decorate their Christmas tree with?
No.112OctoberHow would each character spend a massive lottery win?
No.111SeptemberWhat is the favourite drink of each character?
No.110AugustWhich celebrity would each character love to meet?
No.109JulyIf the character's owned their own shop what would it be called?
No.108JuneIf the character's could star in a video game what would the game be called?
No.107MayWho is your favourite actor that you seen play each character (stage or movie)?
No.106AprilWhat is each character's favourite gadget?
No.105MarchWhat would each of the characters last meal be? (before going to the electric chair)
No.104FebruaryLet's see What's Hot and What's Not in the world of Rocky Horror
No.103JanuaryWhat would each of the characters have for a pet?
No.102DecemberWhat would each character's motto be?
No.101NovemberWhat would each character's biography be called?
No.100OctoberWhat was each character's favourite subject at school?
No.99SeptemberWhat would each character like written on their tombstone?
No.98AugustWhere would each character like to live? Real or imaginary.
No.97JulyWhat is each character's favorite book?
No.96JuneWhich is each character's favourite pudding/dessert
No.95MayWhat type of vehicle would each character use? (drive ride etc)
No.94AprilWho is each character's celebrity (nearly!) look-a-like?
No.93MarchWhat/who would each character have as a mobile phone ringtone?
No.92FebruaryWho would be each characters complete opposite?
No.91JanuaryWhat would each Character make as a new years resolution?
No.90DecemberWhat would each character like for Christmas this year?
No.89NovemberWho would each character's celebrity spouse be?
No.88OctoberIf each character could be an animal, what would they be and why?
No.87SeptemberWhat would each Rocky Horror character's favourite food be?
No.86AugustAnother chance to tell us what you do and don't like in the world of Rocky Horror
No.85JulyIf the characters could have a super-human power & a super hero name, what would it be?
No.84JuneWhat would each Rocky character name their children?
No.83MayWhat would each of the Rocky characters have in their school lunchbox?
No.82AprilWhat would each character do on a rainy (April) night?
No.81MarchWho would you never like to play each character in the new stage show tour?
No.80FebruaryWho would you like to play each character in the new stage show tour?
No.79JanuaryWhat course (real or not) would the characters study at University?
No.78DecemberWhat topical item would the characters like for Xmas 2005?
No.77NovemberWhat Cocktail would each character enjoy?
No.76OctoberWhat is each characters most treasured possesion?
No.75SeptemberWhat would Rocky Characters call their new-born babies & why?
No.74AugustIf the RHPS characters had a Superhero identity what would they call themselves?
No.73JulyWhat are the character's favourite (weird) party foods?
No.72JuneTime to catch up on what you all like and dislike in the world of Rocky Horror with some general questions
No.71MayWhat sport would the characters be best at?
No.70AprilWhat are the character's favourite words?
No.69MarchIf the Rocky Characters had their own TV show what would it be called?
No.68FebruaryWhat creature would each character have as a pet and what would they call it?
No.67JanuaryWhat would each character's New Year's resolution be this time around?
No.66DecemberIt's that time of year so.....what present would YOU buy for the Rocky Characters...?
No.65NovemberIf the Rocky Characters were to star in a 'Carry-On' film, which one (or invent one)....?
No.64OctoberIf each of the characters were an 'adult' movie star, their on screen name would be?
No.63SeptemberIf the Rocky characters wrote a magazine, what would they call it?
No.62AugustIf the Rocky characters could have a town, village or city named after them what would it be called?
No.61JulyIf the Rocky characters made sweets/candies. What would they name them?
No.60JuneWho would the Rocky characters want to play them in a film?
No.59MayIf the rocky crew were to run a theme park, what would the rides be and what would they be called?
No.58AprilCharacters from other musicals that Rocky characters might go out with?
No.57MarchIf the characters opened a shop, what would it be called and what would it sell?
No.56FebruaryWhat type of job the characters would have if they had to work?
No.55JanuaryWhat would their email adresses be?

No.54DecemberWhat gifts would the Rocky characters give to each other at Christmas?
No.53NovemberIf the characters started a band what would it be called?
No.52OctoberWhat spell would the characters cast, if they were witches or wizards?
No.51SeptemberIf a cocktail was made for them what would it be called?
No.50AugustWhat is each characters favourite perfume, real or (ideally) made up
No.49JulyWhat would the characters have in their shopping baskets?
No.48JuneWhere would the Rocky Horror Characters Choose To Live?
No.47MayHow would the rocky characters celebrate their birthdays?
No.46AprilWhat is each Rocky character's favourite flavour of Ice-Cream.
No.45MarchWhat would the characters choose as a favourite weapon to fight with?
No.44FebruaryWho would the characters do an impression of?
No.43JanuaryWhere would the Rocky characters go for a good night out?

No.42DecemberIf the characters from RHPS were on mastermind what would be their specialist subject?
No.41NovemberWhat do you think the Rocky characters are doing now?
No.40OctoberWhat should be the Title of each Rocky character's autobiography?
No.39SeptemberWhat would each character promote on a TV advert?
No.38AugustWhat modern popular song should be substituted for each RHPS song?
No.37JulyIf a rocky horror character won the lottery what would be the first thing they would buy?
No.36JuneWhich Muppet characters should play the Rocky Cast?
No.35MayWhich cartoon characters should play the Rocky Cast? (re-visited)
No.34AprilWho would you like to see playing the roles in the new tour?
No.33MarchGiven the choice how would the characters choose to die?
No.32FebruaryWhat food would the characters from Rocky Horror eat at a restaurant?
No.31JanuaryWhat would the characters would name their children?

No.30December Alternate character names?
No.29November What do the characters from the Rocky Horror Show order from the bar?
No.28October What do the characters from the Rocky Horror Show do to celebrate Halloween?
No.27September Who would you choose as a lifetime partner for each character?
No.26August Name your favourite pop songs to replace the original songs from Rocky Horror Picture Show?
No.25July Who were the Rocky characters in previous lives?
No.24June Which cartoon characters should play the Rocky Cast?
No.23May What's each character's favourite book?
No.22April What do the Rocky characters watch on TV?
No.21March If the Rocky characters were to star in
another film what would it be & who could they play?
No.20February Whose name would the Rocky Horror characters have on their T-Shirt?
No.19January Rocky Horror Toys - what did the characters play with as kids?

No.18December Who would Rocky characters be on Star In Their Eyes?
No.17November What would you Choose (two options only).
No.16October What would you buy for Halloween for the characters.
No.15September What would be your favourite web sites for the characters.
No.14August Who would make the ideal mother and father for the Rocky Characters
No.13July Choose a Hobby for each character
No.12June Where should the Rocky characters spend their holidays?
No.11May What other interests outside of Rocky do you have?
No.10April Who is your favourite/worst person to sit next to at a show
No.9March Vote for an alternate occupation for your favourite Rocky character!
No.8February Which soap stars should play Rocky characters?
No.7January Who would you choose as your Friend/Lover or Spouse?

No.6December What would you buy for a Rocky Character for Christmas and why?
No.5November Should there be a Sequel?
No.4October Rocky Cover Artists
No.3September A Few of Your Favourite Things
No.2August Rocky Dream Cast
No.1July Rocky Cast from Hell

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