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If the character's owned their own shop what would it be called?
Suggested by John Grimstone
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Frank would call the shop......
Suck it n see26%
Don't dream it, be it - a fancy dress shop26%
Tranny Time24%
Butcher Franks (Meatloaf a specialty)20%
Basque Seperate Bits4%

Brad would call the shop......
A Hole Accesories37%
Satanic Mechanic (with spare tyres)9%
Ive Never, Never Never9%
nerds r us7%

Janet would call the shop......
Janet's Cherry Pies50%
Slutz - an Ann Summers type shop20%
Virgin on the ridiculous18%
Muscles for Fans Escort Agency8%
Leather & Lace4%

The Narrator would call the shop......
Tome Sweet Tome - a bookshop31%
Necks & Globes - Your Local Library28%
NECKlaces Galore28%
Strange Journey Antiquities9%

Riff Raff would call the shop......
One hump or two? - a teashop44%
Lasers, Candelabras and Beyond23%
Hump-B-Gone (a new type of surgery)20%
Blondies Wig Shop10%
Hump City3%

Magenta would call the shop......
Voyeuristic Intentions - a camera shop35%
Domestic and Dominatrix accessories30%
Boots and Bobs15%
Slutty Maids R Us11%
KFM - Kentucky Fried Meatloaf9%

Columbia would call the shop......
Rose Tinted World - a sunglasses shop29%
Sparkle Heaven29%
Top Hat & Tails Dancewear6%
Ears And Beers3%

Rocky would call the shop......
Dumb Belles - a sports shop45%
Muscle Mania20%
The Charles Atlas Gym7%
Pump It6%

Dr.Scott would call the shop......
The Turbo Stair Climbing Wheelchair Company40%
Scotties Wheels28%
Mein Kampf - a Nazi memorabilia shop24%
Wheels R Us4%
Craft Work4%

Eddie would call the shop......
'Hole in the Head' Biker Shop26%
Rock-N-Roll Porn26%
Iceland - frozen goods!25%
Motorbikes And Chicks19%
Spare Parts4%

The Usherette would call the shop......
Sweet Delights45%
Back Row - a DVD shop38%
The B-Movie Sanctuary10%
Movie Style Sweets7%

The Phantoms would call the shop......
Dark Spirit Karaoke24%
Castles R Us - an estate agency for rich weirdos23%
Shady Geezer Boutique20%
Shades - Backing vocal hire shop18%
It's Better With A Crowd10%
Oo Oo Oo Singing Lessons5%

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