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Print this pageEmail to a friendRocky Horror Poll results Number 11 - May 2000
We asked you what other interest and hobbies
you have outside of Rocky, shown below are the top answers.
Suggested by TWW
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We have kept your names secret
again to protect the guilty.

Movies featured high on the list of your hobbies, with Science-Fiction and
Horror particular favourites (I wonder why!) Grease, Dirty Dancing and
Pricilla Queen of the Desert were one persons particular choices.

Other musicals and plays at the Theatre also scored highly with quite a few
people into Amateur Dramatics themselves, what is it about Rocky that brings
out the performer in people?

Reading was also popular, a joint forth with listening to music, with Comedy and
Science Fiction both featuring strongly in your choice of literature. Playing a musical
also featured with Drumming and Playing the Saxaphone among the talents.

You guys aslo enjoy Singing and Dancing, you wouldn't if you heard me sing.

There were a couple of memntions of Socialising, really I never implied Rocky people
needed to get out more, quite the opposite!

Food seemed to be an interest for some of the entrants, ice cream in particular.

And the rest..........
Absailing, surfing, swimming, skiing, critical film study, designing costumes,
Philosophy, Sleeping, Drooling over Roger Taylor, poetry (especially Comte De
Lautreamont), Shakespeare, SEX!!, Internet, Following the lives of Tim Curry,
Susan S, Meatloaf, Watching paint dry and my favourite..............Being MAD,
MAD I tell you, MAD, MAD, MAD!!!

Thank you for all your entries, I now know who I'm dealing with!

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