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How would each character spend a massive lottery win?
Suggested by The Mystery Winner!
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Frank would spend the money on......
making men45%
making the world a dictatorship and turning everyone into sweet transvestites.27%
new shoes corsets fishnet stockings and suspenders18%
rocky's workout eqiptment and a leather jacket!5%
buy Ann Summers5%

Brad would spend the money on......
He could buy himself a life!!37%
A house and Janet22%
liftime supply Y-fronts16%
get a new car13%
learning to walk in high heels12%

Janet would spend the money on......
She would buy everything Betty Munroe has- but nicer!54%
a rocky blow-up doll17%
A modest home to live in with Brad15%
Book her wedding to Brad14%

The Narrator would spend the money on......
New suits, possibly a mid-life-crisis sports car.30%
A massive library29%
A neck transplant or shirt with a wider collar25%
all 1st edition books16%

Riff Raff would spend the money on......
Hump removal operation25%
Magenta and a semi automatic anti matter weapon25%
He would buy the election in Transylvania21%
New cleaning cloths and lab coats, seeing as the others are stained.18%
Drugs and donuts11%

Magenta would spend the money on......
She would buy a blood bank!!22%
She would hire private detectives to spy on everyone for her18%
her own servants17%
worlds biggest feather duster17%

Columbia would spend the money on......
Clone Eddie35%
She would buy Disneyworld32%
Replacement sequins, that suits gotta need alot of upkeep20%
fund her own musical on Broadway8%
buy Eddies motorcycle off Ebay! 5%

Rocky would spend the money on......
Workout stuff, new gold undies. Poor thing thats all he knows.44%
wouldn't even know what he won36%
A new brain8%
rusks to go with his milk5%

Dr.Scott would spend the money on......
His very own Sonic Transducer!30%
Some new lap blankets, and some heavy liquor, just because.24%
Bionic legs21%
solid gold rocket powered wheelchair12%
a lawsuit against Frank11%

Eddie would spend the money on......
Rock and roll porn und a motorbike61%
New Guitar, New Bike, Columbia a Gift (aww how sweet).20%
nothin. he is dead10%
The corpse of Elvis9%

The Usherette would spend the money on......
Her own picture house30%
buy her own ice-cream factory21%
all the films from Science Fiction Double Feature12%

The Phantoms would spend the money on......
get themselves star parts in anything34%
A cruise to the bahamas, a sports car each, some new fishnets they always seem to be ripped.26%
Lifetime suply of spirits24%
sunglasses for every day of the year10%

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