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Page updated Monday, February 2nd, 2009
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If the characters presented a television show what would it be called? (real or made up)
Suggested by Bonnie and Bethany
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Frank would present this show......
Absolute Pleasure (on cable channel cos it's filthy)52%
The Sweet T-Time Show20%
Frank Talkin' (a chat show)17%
How to look good naked and in Heels6%
(se)X factor5%

Brad would present this show......
University Challenge44%
I'm an asshole get me outta here!40%
100 most boring things in the WHOLE WORLD!10%
Strictly Come dancing3%
Miss World3%

Janet would present this show......
Even Looser Women! 35%
'Slut TV' (Shown late night on 'Television X')20%
Touch-a-touch me TV20%
Who´s child is it anyway?10%
Grand designs10%
Very Blue Peter5%

The Narrator would present this show......
I'm a Narrator get me a Neck!27%
The wonderful world of books26%
The Real X-files15%
Antiques Roadshow15%
'I would like, if i may, to take you on a strange journey...' (similar to 'Tales of the unexpected')8%

Riff Raff would present this show......
Crystal Maze35%
'Riff' (Jerry Springer-type chat show)25%
That's so Emo! (a music show on MTV)25%
Never mind the buzzcocks10%
Madness takes its toll5%

Magenta would present this show......
How clean is your Castle?52%
Spaced out on sensation22%
Nigella bites19%
Big Sister5%
The Apprentice2%

Columbia would present this show......
Glitter n Glam (singin n dancin extravaganza)62%
Amercian Idol18%
Eurovison song contest7%
Squeakin 'n' sequins7%
The EX Factor6%

Rocky would present this show......
Worlds strongest man56%
What not to wear- gold underwear! (fashion tips)24%
Changing Wombs9%
Who? (Doctor)5%

Dr.Scott would present this show......
How I Survived Hell and Regained My Leg Function45%
Wheel Crimes30%
The Zzz Factor14%
Scotty's Science Show7%
German History - the Facts4%

Eddie would present this show......
Rock n roll porn und motorbikes (Rated adults only)36%
Dancing in Ice21%
Massive things with massive engines!21%
Hairy Biker's Cooking Show18%
Top gear4%

The Usherette would present this show......
The Usherette's Guide To B Movies55%
Big brother (she would love that!)21%
Getting Over Multiple Personality Disorder19%
Movie Mania5%

The Phantoms would present this show......
'It's just a jump to the left...' (Learn to dance with the phantoms)66%
Celebrity ghost swap20%
Ghost Busters10%
Strictly come dancing2%
X Factor2%

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