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If the characters ran a charity, what would it be called?
Suggested by Bonnie
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Frank would run this charity.....
'Sex Aid' (Funding prostitutes for those hopelessly addicted to sex)35%
MUT, Money for Underprivelaged Transvestites34%
'Home The Helpless' Offering a bed for the night17%
Save a transvestite's soul14%

Brad would run this charity.....
Arseholes Anonymous22%
SFE, Sweaters For Everyone21%
'The Asshole Befriending Scheme'20%
'Help me, I'm an asshole' (let's buy Brad a life)17%
Specwearer Savers11%
ButtAid - No If's, just Butt's9%

Janet would run this charity.....
HPT, Help for People who have been Touched49%
'The Betty Munroe Organisation' (Helping poor, unfortunate souls to afford everything 'nicer than Betty Munroe has')30%
The Touch-a-Touch-Me charity (Touch Janet for $5-all proceeds go to Denton Episcopalian church)21%

The Narrator would run this charity.....
Help the Neckless56%
Restless readers society37%

Riff Raff would run this charity.....
The 'Igor' Scheme (Matching 'faithful servants with suitable masters)55%
OUT-cest (Therapy to help people overcome their incestuous feelings)34%
CUC, Cloths for Underpriveleged Cleaners11%

Magenta would run this charity.....
'Voyeuristic Intentions' (Spy School Scholarships for the poor)36%
HWLJS, Help for When Life Just Sucks33%
The 'Help-send-me-home-to-Sweet-Transexual' Fund31%

Columbia would run this charity.....
The Squeak Academy (Stage school for poor kids)33%
STE, Sparkly Tailcoats for Everyone31%
T.A.P. Touching Alien People29%
The Meatloaf Preservation Society7%

Rocky would run this charity.....
'DUH!' (Buy Rocky a brain)40%
YTYGIB, You Think Youve Got It Bad?31%
MAD - Monsters Against Disco27%
Muscle Bound2%

Dr.Scott would run this charity.....
Wheels Across the World35%
GSG, German Support Group28%
Protection of transducer paralysis22%
Vonderful Donations15%

Eddie would run this charity.....
RRR, Rock and Roll Rehibilitation42%
Bikers Against Freezers31%
Victims of rock and roll porn20%
Save the Wails7%

The Usherette would run this charity.....
SLHE, Stage Lights Hurt Eyes34%
Save the Indy Cinemas29%
Sweeties - Helping thin kids get fatter15%
Ice-cream addicts15%
Torches for Ki-Ora7%

The Phantoms/Transylvanians would run this charity.....
HomeWard Bound - Just 12,000,000 can send a Transylvanian home32%
Charity, theyd just collect money and keep it for them selves30%
Party People - Organising Conventions for those more fortunate30%
We're not really there so help us8%

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