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Print this pageEmail to a friendRocky Horror Poll results Number 118 - April 2009
What would the characters be cutting down on or
going without due to the credit crunch?

Suggested by Joanne Broome
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Frank would go without.....
Takes 3.5 days builds half a man... guess which half35%
Less Affairs, AND he will use the stairs not the lift20%
Riff and Magenta's bedsacks.20%
Draw the lines onto tights to look like fishnets15%
Use Home-made moisturiser10%

Brad would go without.....
Spare tyres. And we all know what happened next.35%
Won't buy a Sat-Nav this year34%
He will buy a tandem instead using the car31%

Janet would go without.....
Less Apples in her Pie30%
Get Married - then he can pay20%
She will wear less clothes ?! or no clothes 20%
Everlasting gum.21%
Forgoes the half slip and takes on leg lift workouts for the big reveal9%

The Narrator would go without.....
Lower-wattage lights in the Library48%
Cancel Book of the Month Club30%
Eases up on the five dollar words... to the relief of the American peasantry8%
He will stop smoking in his smoking jacket 7%
Weird Fantasy7%

Riff Raff would go without.....
Eat more left over Meatloaf36%
Stop throwing away perfectly good candles34%
Money? What money?20%
Comes to live with me so I can wait on him hand and foot .... AND .... (don't get me started!)10%

Magenta would go without.....
Change underwear every month instead of fortnightly32%
Takes bannister buffing full time in her stride31%
Will make her own household cleaning products24%
Vonderful vine13%

Columbia would go without.....
Aim a torch at herself to save on Christmas decorations35%
Sell some of her sequins on ebay30%
Takes it down an octave and joins a Kate Bush tribute group20%
Blue M&Ms. No, wait, f**@ that!15%

Rocky would go without.....
Cancel the Open University course on Social Documentary Skills of the 20th Century34%
Colouring books32%
Will sell his dunbells and get a dog to take him walkies21%
With heavy heart and lead foot gives up his movement classes13%

Dr.Scott would go without.....
Signs a tell all Rocky book deal employing the psycho-(anal)-ytic method45%
Won't get the insurance on his wheelchair fully comp this year18%
Darn his old fishnets20%
Krankenschwestern (nurses!)17%

Eddie would go without.....
Pimps out his teddy at the local puppy park (he reeeeaaaallllly didn't like his teddy [*eyebrow^ *])36%
Spend less on Rock n Roll, Porn and Motorbikes, except the music, sex and speed aspects22%
'It'll be cold patooties from now on...'22%
Buy a 49cc moped20%

The Usherette would go without.....
Buy Lidl ice cream instead of Ben & Jerrys44%
Not ice cream, that's for sure23%
Check between all the seat for discarded food to eat22%
Spend money on carrots instead of torch batteries11%

The Phantoms/Transylvanians would go without.....
They will not eat ...not that they need to46%
Spend more time huddled together to keep warm, so less heating bills30%
Buy less Pokemon cards16%
Bypass the show and start following the actors home10%

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