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If the characters had to market themselves, what would their catchphase be?
Suggested by Lucky
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Frank would have this catchphrase.....
Don't Dream It, Be It44%
By night, I'm one hell of a lover!!!28%
You'll want more, more, more!11%
In just 7 days, I can make YOU a man11%
Best bang since the big one6%

Brad would have this catchphrase.....
Damn It!44%
Help me mummy...22%
The loveable nerd17%
I'm too sexy for my shirt11%
Spare tyres - You never know when they'll come in handy6%

Janet would have this catchphrase.....
Touch-a-touch ME!39%
You'll get by, on my Apple Pie22%
I'm a muscle fan!22%
Weiss Up11%
I just want a husband - anybody's6%

The Narrator would have this catchphrase.....
You're going to remember this for a very long time33%
I would like to...28%
If strange journeys are your thing, I'm your man!28%
The future - a book waiting to be opened!11%
Neck to meet you, to meet you neck0%

Riff Raff would have this catchphrase.....
I am your new commarnder35%
I'm a hunchbacked hunk (and a good shot with a laser gun!!)29%
Incest... I know I would18%
You're Wet6%

Magenta would have this catchphrase.....
Vunderfully veird38%
I'm spaced out on sensation22%
Elbow sex - a sensation you'll never forget!17%
I'm a loveable nerdty maid with voyeuristic intentions17%
Aaah, I am a from the moon drenched planet!6%

Columbia would have this catchphrase.....
Slowly Slowly it's too nice a job to rush!28%
Glitter! It makes the world go round28%
I'm an all-singin', all-dancin', squeaky, sparklin' babe!22%
That was some goovie sensation, got any more?11%
Gorgeous groupie11%

Rocky would have this catchphrase.....
Feel my Dymanic Tension47%
Actually I have a degree in advanced language skills17%

Dr.Scott would have this catchphrase.....
I can break you down and project you through time itself!22%
Mein Field! It's next to mein house11%
Heil hun, I 'm home11%
I'm super sonic!6%

Eddie would have this catchphrase.....
Hot Patootie!38%
Whatever happens it will be Saturday night33%
Guaranteed Delivery17%
I won't loaf around the house6%
Saxy man for hire6%

The Usherette would have this catchphrase.....
Lick it!57%
I'm the original sugar-babe23%
I'm the creap of the crop!18%
Sweet as honey pie1%
Vanilla Ice, Ice, Baby1%

The Phantoms/Transylvanians would have this catchphrase.....
We're the original party animals39%
Time Warp!28%
We sure do take our lives into our hands11%
Weird n wonderful!11%

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