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What song would the characters sing to each other?
Suggested by Pam Humphreys
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Frank would sing this...........
(to Dr Scott) Anything You Can Do, I Can Do Better27%
(to Brad) Take a Walk on the Wild Side20%
(to Riff) I Am What I Am20%
(to Rocky) Don'y you want me baby20%
(to Rocky) I Wanna Hold your....Hand13%

Brad would sing this...........
(to Janet) You're the One that I Want36%
(to Frank) I've had the Time of my Life25%
(to Rocky) Runaway!13%
(to Dr Scott) Help13%
(to Frank) You're My First, My Last, My Everything13%

Janet would sing this...........
(to Rocky) Take Me I'm Yours42%
(to Rocky) I Need Love19%
(to Rocky) Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow?13%
(to Brad) Suspicious Minds13%
(to Rocky) Hold Me Tight, don't Let me go13%

The Narrator would sing this...........
(to everyone) The Neverending Story33%
(to Frank) You're the Devil in Disguise27%
(to the audience) Strange Days20%
(to the audience) Knowing Me - Knowing You13%
(to the audience) The Story of an Average Man7%

Riff Raff would sing this...........
(to Rocky) Born To Run31%
(to Frank) I Shot the Sherriff28%
(to Magenta) Sisters are Doing it for Themselves24%
(to himself) Paranoid10%
(to Magenta) Love Me Do7%

Magenta would sing this...........
(to Columbia) Murder on the Dancefloor33%
(to Riff) He Ain't Heavy - He's My Brother33%
(to Riff) Love the One You're With20%
(to Riff) Close to You7%
(to Frank) Sorry Seems to be the Hardest Word7%

Columbia would sing this...........
(to Frank) I Will Survive42%
(to Frank) My Endless Love19%
(to Eddie) Rock Around the Clock19%
(to Magenta) 2 Become 113%
(to Eddie) Let's Dance7%

Rocky would sing this...........
(to Frank) I'm to sexy42%
(to Janet) Don't Stop 'till you Get Enough19%
(to Riff) Stop the Cavalry13%
(to Frank) Hold On - I'm Coming13%
(to Frank) I want to Make it with You13%

Dr.Scott would sing this...........
(to himself) Wheels on Fire36%
(to Eddie) Leader of the Pack25%
(to Brad and Janet) All You Need is Love19%
(to Frank) You Win, I Lose13%
(to Brad) Help!7%

Eddie would sing this...........
(to Rocky) If I only Had a Brain44%
(to Frank) Born to Wild25%
(to Columbia) Bat out of Hell19%
(to Columbia) Gimme Some Lovin'6%
(to Brad) Wanna Be Like You6%

The Usherette would sing this...........
(to everyone) Sweet Dreams are made of this44%
(to everyone) On the Good Ship Lollipop31%
(to everyone) I Get Knocked Down13%
(to everyone) Move It6%
(to everyone) Spice Up Your Life6%

The Phantoms/Transylvanians would sing this...........
(to everyone) Together Forever30%
(to Brad) She's No Good25%
(to Frank) Green Door19%
(to Frank) Stand By Your Man13%
(to everyone) Just the Two of Us (3,4,5?)13%

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