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If each cast member had a pet what would it be and what would be it\'s name?
Suggested by \'Alex Jones\'
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Frank would have this pet.....
A white tiger called 'Rocky'32%
A gerbil named 'Rocky jnr'25%
Some kind of reptile named snap21%
A dog called 'Stay'18%
A monkey called 'Bubble'4%

Brad would have this pet.....
He's not allowed pets31%
A rock called 'Brian'24%
A fish called 'Janet'21%
A goldfish called 'Goldie'17%
A dog called 'Pal'7%

Janet would have this pet.....
A white cat called 'Kitty/Pussy'41%
A stick insect called 'Brad'28%
A poodle called 'Flossie'17%
A rabbit called 'Backup'7%
Something heavy7%

The Narrator would have this pet.....
A parot called 'Polly'31%
A worm called 'Bookmark'21%
A dog called 'Old Faithful'17%
A bookworm called 'Bob'17%
A dodo called 'Deb'14%

Riff Raff would have this pet.....
A tarantula called 'Tim'32%
A three legged cat named 'Laser'28%
A vampire bat called 'Sucky'18%
A snake called 'Lou Adder'11%
A snake called 'Slither'11%

Magenta would have this pet.....
A python called Cuddles43%
A ball of fluff with eyes from Transylvania called 'Poof'25%
A fish named 'Vanda'21%
A spider called 'Spy' der!11%
A hampster called 'Bro'

Columbia would have this pet.....
A stray kitten called 'Eddie'32%
A mouse called 'Micky'23%
Erm.. a hamster called 'Nibbles'23%
A bird with it's wings clipped called 'Tap'11%
A butterfly called 'Sequin'11%

Rocky would have this pet.....
None, he is a pet69%
A kitten to squeeze and squeeze and squeeze14%
A mouse called 'Squeakers'10%
Three mice called 'Huh', 'Huh' and 'Huh'7%
A dog called 'Go away'

Dr.Scott would have this pet.....
A snail called 'Speedy'41%
An alien lifeform that he's trying to find the name out for28%
A goldfish called 'Claus'14%
A Hampster called 'Wheely'10%
A genetically enhanced monkey called 'Bush'7%

Eddie would have this pet.....
A bat out of hell called 'Stan'38%
A bulldog called 'Butch'34%
A pitbull terrier called 'Bullseye'17%
A penguin called 'Buddy'11%
A kitten called 'Columbia'

The Usherette would have this pet.....
Something sweet34%
A pig called 'Pig and Mix'27%
A skunk called 'Everyone out'17%
A fish called 'fish no1'11%
A budgie called 'Hero'11%

The Phantoms/Transylvanians would have this pet.....
Mynah birds with sleek black feathers and no names59%
101 Dalmations all called 'Spot'14%
Little alien monster named 'Yoshi'10%
Lemmings with no name10%
A pack of wolves called 'Larry, Bob and Clint'7%

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