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Page updated Wednesday 1st December, 2010
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What type of plastic surgery would each Rocky Character have done and where on body? e.g. Riff Raff would have a second hump added.
Suggested by \'Jen\'
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Frank would have this done.....
Nothing - he's perfect in every way58%
Breast Implants21%
Botox in his lips11%
Penis enlargement5%
Boob job - just like Jordon5%

Brad would have this done.....
Better body35%
Pectorial implants and chest hair 20%
Penis enlargement!15%
Head transplant5%

Janet would have this done.....
Facelift - but better than Betty Monroe has!35%
Breast enlargement25%
A third superboob10%
Laser eye sight correction

The Narrator would have this done.....
Two necks. That'd show us.50%
Removal of large book-shaped growth on hands30%
Face lift10%
Extra arm -so I can hold book, sherry, and cigerette holder10%
A third ear - no wait he has one in his pocket

Riff Raff would have this done.....
Lazer eye surgery! -so as he can have lazers in his eyes40%
Whatever Magenta loves made bigger35%
Hair replacement10%
Hump removed10%
Unmatched spat removal5%

Magenta would have this done.....
Re-attachment of her siamiese twin -aka Riff Raff 42%
Eye lash tattoos26%
A ball of fluff with eyes from Transylvania called 'Poof'16%
Even skinnier body11%
Botox in her cheeks5%

Columbia would have this done.....
Sequin implants42%
Lower her voice a few octaves33%
Some added height10%
Two more legs so she can accompany herself tapping10%
Nose job5%

Rocky would have this done.....
Nothing: he's already perfect45%
Rest of the brain transplant20%
Tattoo - wherever Frank says he wants it20%
Even more muscles10%
Removal of very small mole on his buttock -an imperfection! 5%

Dr.Scott would have this done.....
Ein bigger brain35%
Leg replacement surgery35%
Full male to female sex change 20%
Accent removal surgery10%
Make him look younger

Eddie would have this done.....
He'd like his brain back please, but someone's using it45%
Sew back on a little something that snapped off in the freezer35%
Hair and scalp transplant15%
Facial scar revision5%

The Usherette would have this done.....
Nothing, she's just perfect :) mmmmmm40%
See in the dark eyes20%
Improved taste buds - sweet only15%
An extra set of arms for serving refreshments 15%
Lip botox10%

The Phantoms/Transylvanians would have this done.....
Mynah birds with sleek black feathers and no names36%
something that made them look like each other31%
Their ears pinned back and teeth straightened16%
Skin lightening11%
Liposuction - without the lipo bit6%

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