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Tis the season to be jolly - but what unique foodstuff would each character bring to a festive meal this Christmas?
Suggested by \'Tiny Tim\'
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Frank would bring this foodstuff.....
A Hot Dog with mistletoe32%
His Yule Log26%
Eddie burgers21%
A large, delicious, spiced bird16%
(A) Toast5%

Brad would bring this foodstuff.....
A 'square' meal40%
Turkey (cooked by the little woman)20%
Something traditional15%
Two small sprouts15%
A packet of Polo (ass)holes10%

Janet would bring this foodstuff.....
Apple Pie in the shape of a pudding45%
Chicken fillets20%
A Hershey bar - that's all she has15%
Two enormous milky puddings15%
Something un-opened5%

The Narrator would bring this foodstuff.....
A Turkey, with no neck!37%
An empty gingerbread house. In the middle of the night...26%
Just some Port21%
Cous Cous (Ainsley reference there)16%
An ear - lightly fried

Riff Raff would bring this foodstuff.....
Candy from the candyman31%
Hump-back Whale steak21%
A little Whine16%
Frisbie platters of meat16%
An ambiguous sticky substance16%

Magenta would bring this foodstuff.....
A ball of fluff with eyes from Transylvania called 'Poof'52%
Some Mistletoe (it is poisonous after all)19%
Nothing (it's what she asks for)14%
Something Eddie-ble10%
A Bun (dance)5%

Columbia would bring this foodstuff.....
S&M's - Like M&M's but with more feeling33%
'Tap'ioca pudding14%
Sponge cake14%

Rocky would bring this foodstuff.....
Raw eggs and anything nutritious and high protein28%
Easter eggs17%
Hot, Cross, Buns11%
Rocky chocolate bars11%

Dr.Scott would bring this foodstuff.....
Just Crackers16%
Wagon Wheels16%
Ein Wine16%
Something you need 7 forks to eat11%

Eddie would bring this foodstuff.....
Road Kill38%
Some cheese snapped off in the freezer28%
His own thighs17%
Something from a Little Chef11%
Brains in red wine6%

The Usherette would bring this foodstuff.....
Extortionately priced tiny tubs of Ben & Jerry's36%
Ice Cream31%
A full 12 course meal - she is a Cordon Bleu Chef in her spare time11%
A Christmas log in the shape of a torch6%

The Phantoms/Transylvanians would bring this foodstuff.....
Mynah birds with sleek black feathers and no names26%
Everything they can shoplift in time21%
A Bargain Bucket - no food, just a bucket21%
The 21%
A 'Party 7' (remember them?)11%

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