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Which famous person would each character like to kiss at midnight on New Year\'s Eve, and why?
Suggested by 'Mikey'
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Frank would kiss this person.....
Lady GaGa - because he likes weird24%
Anyone with or without a pulse24%
A mirror19%
Fay Ray - becuase he wants to be dressed just the same!19%
Freddie murcury because they both look alike14%

Brad would kiss this person.....
His one true love33%
Marilyn Monroe because she was an American icon29%
President Nixon - he likes someone who doesn't quit19%
Louis Spence -because Brad is adaptable14%
Stephen Hawkings5%

Janet would kiss this person.....
Tim Curry -becuase he might just toucha toucha touch me! 38%
Rocky as he's perfect29%
Brad of course19%
Superman as he's perfect14%
Paris Hilton

The Narrator would kiss this person.....
Someone he met on a strange journey23%
His Booky Wook23%
Helen Mirran -he thinks she was sexy in 'The Queen'23%
Enid Blyton cos she wrote such lovely books23%
The thanksgiving turkey8%

Riff Raff would kiss this person.....
Magenta - makes a change from all that elbow sex38%
Helena Bonham-Carter...looks like magenta38%
Dracula so he could bite his neck14%
Tha Candyman5%
Rhianna -because she dresses like my seestaaa!5%

Magenta would kiss this person.....
Eddie Izzard -who else could handle Magenta!33%
Riff Raff as incest can be fun28%
Columbia - the whole state19%
A ball of fluff with eyes from Transylvania called 'Poof'10%
Igor...looks like her riffy10%

Columbia would kiss this person.....
Eddie cos she loves him47%
Whoever gets to number one in the charts19%
Pat Quinn but only if she'll change her first name to 'Se'14%
Cher (from the X factor)...both ANNOYING!10%
Justin Beeber -she wants a part in HSM part 310%

Rocky would kiss this person.....
Paris Hilton - no IQ conflict and her dogs are tiny! 46%
Frank of course15%
Rhymes with 'Gannet'10%
Charles Atlas because he wished he made him1%

Dr.Scott would kiss this person.....
Janet - he's always wanted to43%
Marlena Dietrict - ich libre dict!19%
Speed Racer - nice wheels14%
His sister - that's why he looks like Eddie14%
Ein Frauline10%

Eddie would kiss this person.....
Playchick of the month - every month snapped off in the freezer47%
Dieter Von Tesse - she's hot patootie!24%
Columbia - she's so sweet14%
A bat - out of hell?10%
Jack Black...rocker5%

The Usherette would kiss this person.....
Ben or Jerry, she's not fussy46%
Jannete Scott - just to try it28%
Micheal Rennie - so that the earth can stand still!19%
A Hot Dog6%
Mr Kiora1%

The Phantoms/Transylvanians would kiss this person.....
Each Other42%
The great and powerful O'Brien28%
Ozzy Osbourne cos he was in Black Sabbath10%
Cliff Richard - because he was also always in the shadows! 10%
The Spice Girls - but they draw the line at Scary10%

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