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Who would make the ideal mother and
father for the Rocky Characters?
Suggested by TWW
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Frank's Mum & Dad would be........

Ruby Wax & Julian Clary33%
Anne Summers & Leonardo DiCaprio23%
Judy Garland & Bela Lugosi16%
Lily St. Syre and RuPaul13%
Cruella de Ville & Divine David7%
Mick Jagger and Monica Louwinski4%
Robin Askwith (confessions of..) and Lili St Cyr4%

Brad's Mum & Dad would be........

Joe 90 & Thelma from Scooby Doo41%
Mr Bean & Mrs Doyle ( Father Ted)13%
Mr Muscle & Claudia Chiffer13%
Prince Charles - Camilla Parker Bowles11%
Mary Whitehouse and Robin Day7%
Hugh Grant & Diana Doors7%
Elizabeth Taylor & Charlie Chaplin4%
John Major and Margaret Thatcher4%

Janet's Mum & Dad would be........

Marilyn Monroe and David Bowie30%
Sandra Dee & Steve Reeves20%
Fay Wray & King Kong (that's what went wrong!)13%
Geoffrey Archer and Mary Whitehouse13%
Mrs Beeton and Graham Kerr (That'll improve her apple pie!)10%
Claire Raynor & Russel Grant8%
Denise Van Outen & Nicholas Parsons3%
Pamela Anderson & Ross Kemp3%

The Narrator's Mum & Dad would be........

R2D2 and Mary Poppins31%
Nicholas Parsons & Charles Grey27%
Ronnie Barker & Carol Vorderman10%
Christopher Lee and Liz Hurley10%
Fay Wray & Tom Baker10%
Micheal Aspel & Betty Boothroyd7%
George A. Romero & Bette Davis5%

Riff Raff's Mum & Dad would be........

Dr Frankenstein and his bride21%
Bette Davis & Boris Karloff18%
Eddie Izzard and Lily Savage18%
Quasimodo and Esmeralda15%
Handy Andy & Carlie Dimmock7%
Nigel Kennedy & Janet Street Porter7%
Jay Kay & Cybil Fawlty7%
Richard E Grant & Bella Emberg7%

Magenta's Mum & Dad would be........

Mick Jagger & Jerry Hall23%
Kermit the Frog & Miss Piggy20%
Antonio Banderras and Kate Bush13%
Elvira & Lestat DeLionheart13%
Basil & Cybil Fawlty10%
Elsa Lancastire & Boris Karloff10%
Leo Sayer and Sarah Brightman7%
Yvonne de Carlo and Lon Channey4%

Columbia's Mum & Dad would be........

Ziggy Stardust & Drew Barrymore17%
Ann Miller & Mickey Mouse17%
Lionel Blair and Geri Haliwell10%
Shirly Temple & Frank Spencer10%
Zac Hanson & Courtney Love10%
Liza Minnelli & Mickey Mouse10%
Bonnie Langford & Steps7%
Rita Hayworth & Gene Kelly7%
Liza Minelli & Fred Astaire4%
Christopher Biggins & Bonnie Langford4%
Jenny McCarthy & Walt Disney4%

Rocky's Mum & Dad would be........

Charles Atlas & Frank N Furter39%
Frank created him!17%
Arnold Schwarzeneger & Fatima Witbred14%
Marilyn Monroe & JFK10%
Sly Stallone & Bridget Neilson7%
Adam Rickitt & Denise Van Outen7%
Christopher Evans & Gerri Halliwell3%
Flowella Benjimin & Jonny Ball3%

Eddie/Dr.Scott's Mum & Dad would be........

Hitler & Thatcher54%
Julie Andrews & Claude Raines20%
Zsa Zsa Gabor & Herr Honecher10%
John Belushi & Liza Minelli10%
Carl Foggaty & Dr. Ruth3%
Brad Whitford & Ike Hanson3%

The Usherette's Mum & Dad would be........

John Travolta & Olivia Newton-John37%
Barbara Cartland & Boy George20%
Mick Jagger & Cyndi Lauper13%
Mr Frosty & The Duracell bunny10%
Liza Minnelli & Alfred Hitchcock6%
Gloria hunniford & Terry Wogan6%
Tay Hanson & Twiggy Ramirez4%
Steve Reeves & Madonna4%

The Phantom's Mum & Dad would be........

Cher & Meatloaf40%
Russell Grant & Mystic Meg22%
Frank N Furter & Elvira16%
Boy Zone & Steps7%
Boris Karloff & Ginger Rogers7%
An Undertaker & Celine Dion4%
Vlad Dracul & Sandy Gore4%

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