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What would the characters lingerie line be called? (e.g. franks fancy knickers)
Suggested by Matthew Drury
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Frank would call the range.....
Whips and chains42%
Fancy Furters25%
In Just Seven Days17%
Brief Encounters8%
Trans-parent Treats8%

Brad would call the range.....
Hidden Treasures33%
Big Pants are Us25%
Y or When Fronts17%

Janet would call the range.....
The Toucha Meeeee! Collection42%
Just one touch25%
Like a virgin17%
Angelic Comfort8%
Look, Don't Touch8%

The Narrator would call the range.....
By the Book Underwear32%
Hidden Pleasures32%
Strange and Unusual per homme9%

Riff Raff would call the range.....
My Sisters Secret48%
Dark Delights9%
Whiplash glory9%
Man Servent for Him9%

Magenta would call the range.....
Maid for Her33%
Land of Night25%
I See All17%
Gothic Fun8%

Columbia would call the range.....
I've Seen It!32%
Squeaky Clean32%
Simple Sparkle32%
The Nicky Nouse Club2%

Rocky would call the range.....
Golden Balls50%
Seven Day Wear25%
Packed for Men17%
Foolin' around

Dr.Scott would call the range.....
Mein Dickleber42%
Das Pants33%
Vondabarr! corset makers of Berlin17%
Knickers R Us8%
A Great Deal About a Lot of Things

Eddie would call the range.....
Baps out of Hell snapped off in the freezer25%
Rock N Roll Style25%
Bad Boys8%
Army Surplus GI

The Usherette would call the range.....
A Touch of Light17%
Movie Star Bras17%
Midnight Mashups8%

The Phantoms/Transylvanians would call the range.....
Frankie Fans42%
Keep on Panting25%
Add Ons17%
Hangers On 8%
We're All In This Together8%

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