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Which sci-fi or Fantasy show is Rocky Characters favourite? e.g. Star Trek, Buffy, Red Dwarf, Smallville, made up.
Suggested by Jen
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Frank would love this show.....
The Bionic Man48%
Doctor Who (or What!)25%
The Clone Wars13%
The Twilight Zone13%
Primeval (it's how he feels)1%

Brad would love this show.....
Smallville (just like home)36%
StarTrek (for the red uniform)25%
Tomorrows World (It's science!)13%
The Twilight Zone (he thinks he's in it)13%
Buffy (he wants to be Zander)13%

Janet would love this show.....
Superman (she wants to be Lois)24%
Zeena Warrior Princes (she wishes)24%
The Stepford wives (she is one)24%
Beauty and the Beast14%
Buffy (she wants to be Buffy)14%

The Narrator would love this show.....
Tales from the Crypt60%
The X Files25%
Crime Traveller13%
Amazing Stories1%
Defenders of the Earth1%

Riff Raff would love this show.....
Day of the T-RIFF-ids48%
The Ink Thief25%
Time Warp Trio13%
The Time Tunnel13%
Time Trax1%

Magenta would love this show.....
Dark Skies (well secluded?)60%
League of Super Evil25%
Planet of the apes (looks like Helena Bonham carter)13%
Doctor Who: Dragonfire1%
Star Maidens1%

Columbia would love this show.....
Batman: As Harley Quinn36%
The Jetsons36%
Third Rock from the Sun24%
Mork and Mindy (as Mork!)2%
Lost in Space2%

Rocky would love this show.....
Flash Gordon48%
Quantum Leap (Oh boy!)13%
Third Rock from the Sun13%

Dr.Scott would love this show.....
The Avengers36%
The Man from U.N.C.L.E.25%
Men in Black25%
Alien Nation13%
Star Cops1%

Eddie would love this show.....
Far Out Space Nuts36%
Freddy's Nightmares snapped off in the freezer25%
(More) Power Rangers25%
Dark Angel13%

The Usherette would love this show.....
Life on Mars (or Snickers)24%
Tales from the Crypt24%
Tales of the Unexpected24%
The Invaders14%
Tales from the Darkside14%

The Phantoms/Transylvanians would love this show.....
Lost in Space60%
Babylon 5 (or more)25%
U.F.O. (unidentified.fun.objects) 13%
Super Friends1%

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