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What was their first job after the Rocky characters left school?
Suggested by Joanne Broome
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Frank did this job.....
Worked on the till in Ann Summers43%
Lab Assistant29%
Did the Coffee run at Vouge14%
Spent 7 hours a day making manikins7%
Butcher's Boy7%

Brad did this job.....
Started a dot.com with Ralph Hapshatt50%
Intern at an Insurance Company29%
Job Centre clerk14%
Intern for the Republicans/Conservatives7%
Management trainee in PC World

Janet did this job.....
Assistant pie maker - fired after a week36%
Secretary - not sure where36%
Wedding Planner7%

The Narrator did this job.....
Talk radio DJ36%
Book shop assistant14%
Sent out competition flyers for Readers Digest7%
Proof reader7%

Riff Raff did this job.....
Speed Hump36%
Sweetshop owner - waiting for Candyman to deliver29%
Traffic Warden21%
Game Show host7%
Intern in the Transylvanian Secret Service7%

Magenta did this job.....
Nanny - until an incident36%
Surveilance operative - Well secluded14%
Sister in a nursing home14%
Cook - Meatloaf her speciality7%

Columbia did this job.....
Micky Mouse Club presenter56%
Life guard (until one person died)21%
Tap Class warm up artiste14%
Tour Guide8%
Mobile Philosopher (walking down the stree)1%

Rocky did this job.....
Model - think dumb version of Zoolander36%
Bouncer - No one's name was on the list21%
Runner for Antiques Roadshow
Gym Instructor (sign language only)

Dr.Scott did this job.....
German Shepard breeder (the dogs!)41%
Worked in a 'Youth' organisation21%
Junior Rocket Scientist15%
Speech writer for the leader15%
Cycle repair man8%

Eddie did this job.....
Worked in 'Greggs' testing the pasties snapped off in the freezer21%
Sound man for a certain type of movie21%
Motorcycle repair21%
Professional Drifter16%

The Usherette did this job.....
Cleaner at the cinema and worked her way up29%
Always been an Usherette29%
Worked on the Sweet Counter in Woolworths21%
Worked in the Coca Cola factory14%
Lighthouse Keeper - big torch!7%

The Phantoms/Transylvanians did this job.....
Jackson Five tribute act21%
Take That tribute act21%
Just hung around the house together15%
Extras in various movies 15%

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