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What plastic surgery/cosmetic enhancements would each character choose to get done?
Suggested by Bonnie
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Frank would get this done.....
NOTHING. you can't make his !!!! any bigger, boobs any nicer or face any more GORGEOUS44%
Just a little botox around the eyes18%
Inbuilt high heels18%
Make something even bigger10%
Longer tounge10%

Brad would get this done.....
Put in a spine36%
Laser eye correction19%
Have his ass moved to his face to save time19%
Even more defined chin7%

Janet would get this done.....
Nothing, shes already nicer than Betty Munroe44%
Boob/butt Job, the whole slut yards36%
Bigger breasts18%
Something to keep her legs closed1%
Bigger lips1%

The Narrator would get this done.....
Something that lasts - for a very long time27%
Neck Implant27%
An extra eye so he can read more at once18%
Chin Firming10%

Riff Raff would get this done.....
'Commander' tattoo27%
Hair Implant surgery27%
Add the ability to smile18%
Hump (enlargement)10%

Magenta would get this done.....
Sharpen her teeth34%
Liposuction so she can be even more secluded26%
Hair implants26%
Reduce the black patches around her eyes11%
Laser hair removal, but not from her face!3%

Columbia would get this done.....
Permanent glittered skin53%
Lips enhanced17%
Steel implants in her feet to tap dance with10%
Voice tweaking10%

Rocky would get this done.....
Nothing, he daren't ruin Frank's work42%
But the bodywork is perfect already42%
A few Steroids8%
Head swap with Eddie

Dr.Scott would get this done.....
Something to enhance his IQ even further35%
Leg transplant (just the one)35%
Get certain tattoos removed18%
Bigger head10%
Smug removal2%

Eddie would get this done.....
S'more Tattoos. O Huri Oar i maybe ded! snapped off in the freezer48%
He'd do anything for love - but he won't do that32%
Head swap with Rocky9%
Gastric band9%
Breast reduction2%

The Usherette would get this done.....
Nothing, no-one cares what she looks like, sigh.27%
New teeth, the others suffered from too many sweeties27%
Skin darkening, she's faded from lack of sunlight18%
Widescreen shoulders18%
Night vision eyes10%

The Phantoms/Transylvanians would get this done.....
Skin whitening to look even creepier 35%
Stitch them all together35%
All get the same colour eyes - red.18%
Matching tattoos10%
Matching Teeth2%

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