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Where would the characters like to retire?
Suggested by John Grimstone
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Frank would like to retire to.....
Denton, there's still some virgins left55%
The Swinging Sixties. He'd use a time machine to get there45%
The Rockies
anywhere but Essex
Ibiza -for the pool parties

Brad would like to retire to.....
Denton of course34%
his mom and dad's old house, (if he knew who they were)26%
a small cottage with Janet26%
Bexhill on sea - nothing to get him excited11%
the Hamptons3%

Janet would like to retire to.....
Franks bedroom44%
a shared appartment with Betty Munroe18%
somewhere Brad isn't18%
She will Join a strict order of nuns and repent10%

The Narrator would like to retire to.....
who knows, but getting there will be a starnge journey35%
the closet27%
nowhere as he'll never retire18%
a school library10%
drawer D69 at the British museum10%

Riff Raff would like to retire to.....
a large bed with Magenta35%
Transylvania, by the moon drenched shores35%
Battersea dogs home - until someone adopts him18%
New Zealand, to be with his mate Richard10%
a candy shop2%

Magenta would like to retire to.....
a large bed with Riff Raff35%
A beach house on sweet transexual's moon drenched shores35%
a hairdressers18%
somewhere well secluded10%
somewhere beginning with 'V'2%

Columbia would like to retire to.....
Disney land -she can live in the magic castle73%
a glitter factory18%
a house overlooking Eddie's grave9%

Rocky would like to retire to.....
Venice beach -where he can work out27%
anywhere Frank (or Janet) is18%
somewhere he can get an even better tan10%
High School10%

Dr.Scott would like to retire to.....
a flat on the ground floor26%
Underground at the CERN particle accelerator 26%
perhaps even another planet11%
somewhere he could get in with a bad crowd3%

Eddie would like to retire to.....
He ain't gonna live that long baby! snapped off in the freezer44%
Route 66. On a bike all day long36%
Hell - so he could leave like a bat out of.....18%
Detroit -Motor city1%

The Usherette would like to retire to.....
nowhere as she will buy a ice-cream van and travel around43%
an old abandoned cinema35%
Essex - it's the only way10%

The Phantoms/Transylvanians would like to retire to.....
A row of beach huts on the moon-drenched shores of Transylvania36%
the seaside. Beside each other - beside the sea.18%
the grave 18%
Nowhere. They will melt away into the shadows18%
a nice terrace up North10%

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