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What would each character paint a picture of?
Suggested by Kate
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Frank would paint a picture of.....
Everyone - Naked27%
Himself as God27%
A nude self-portrait23%
Brad as a Fawn in the forest5%

Brad would paint a picture of.....
Janet as a princess49%
A vista of Denton23%
Himself as a hero18%
His college football team5%
Dr scott5%

Janet would paint a picture of.....
Rocky and Frank!31%
An Apple pie18%
Somewhere that's green (oops wrong movie)14%

The Narrator would paint a picture of.....
A Strange Journey31%
The whole world - well a globe anyway31%
A stilll life of A Picnic14%
Something dark and scary14%

Riff Raff would paint a picture of.....
Himself as supreme commander31%
a Copy of an old master14%
A ray gun5%

Magenta would paint a picture of.....
The moon-drenched shores of her beloved planet29%
Dust Particles19%
Something well secluded14%
a Dungeon scence of torture14%

Columbia would paint a picture of.....
Eddie done in paint by numbers41%
Hard to tell what it is with all that glitter on it27%
Her heroes, well Frank and Eddie anyway18%
Shoes, lots of shoes5%

Rocky would paint a picture of.....
he couldn't hold a paintbrush duh32%
A pretty pony!14%
Charles Atlas9%
Anything in gold5%

Dr.Scott would paint a picture of.....
Frank, strictly for ID purposes19%
His Fatherland19%
A historical battle scene19%
Himself as a sporting legend10%

Eddie would paint a picture of.....
Probably something really awesome with a lot of demons and motorcycles54%
Columbia using his own blood18%
Harley Davidson18%
A route 66 scenic view snapped off in the freezer5%
Fast Food5%

The Usherette would paint a picture of.....
A copy of The Scream (I Scream?)36%
The Roxy Cinema18%
nowhere as she will buy a ice-cream van and travel around14%
Something dark!5%

The Phantoms/Transylvanians would paint a picture of.....
A diagram of how to do the Time Warp47%
A Group self-portrait24%
black on canvas19%
The moon drencehd shores of Eastbourne5%
Fluffy Bunny Rabbits 5%

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