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What would each character buy for one another?
Suggested by TWW
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Frank would buy.....
An electric collar for Riff Raff38%
Very short shorts for Rocky33%
A Mirror for himself19%
A gag for Columbia5%
A packet of plasters for Eddie5%

Brad would buy.....
Flowers for Janet40%
A framed photo of himself for Dr. Scott25%
A Cookbook on Apple pies for Janet15%
Flowers for Frank15%
A new kitchen for Janet5%

Janet would buy.....
A spare house key for Frank, Rocky, etc.32%
A love-nest to keep Rocky in26%
Lot's of batteries for her own use26%
A told-you-so card for Betty Hapshatt11%
A Pipe for Brad to smoke5%

The Narrator would buy.....
Another chapter for everyone33%
Books, Books, Books22%
A Globe donated to Denton High17%
A neckwarmer for himself17%
A strange Journey ticket for the audience11%

Riff Raff would buy.....
A new Duster for his Sister31%
Some really big batteries for his Ray Gun21%
Flours for Magenta (he never could spell)21%
A Coffin for Frank16%
A new Sister for his Sister11%

Magenta would buy.....
A Dungeon for her and her brother40%
A larger hump for Riff Raff20%
Some Seasoning for Eddie20%
more Dust for the Castle15%
A bigger Hairdryer for Columbia5%

Columbia would buy.....
Sequins for Everyone26%
Matching pyjama's for Magenta26%
Herself a pass to Disneyland21%
Eddie a new Tattoo16%
A Valentines Card for Frank11%

Rocky would buy.....
A Frankyou Card for his Creator41%
Some Lip Gloss for Janet16%
Some flat batteries for Riff Raff's Laser16%
Dumbbells for everyone16%
A Gravestone for Eddie11%

Dr.Scott would buy.....
Mein Kamp for everyone30%
A Guide to Bad Crowds for Eddie25%
The Boys Book of Aliens for himself20%
Roadside Assistance for Brad20%
American Citizenship for Frank5%

Eddie would buy.....
A Motorcycle for Frank so they can ride together30%
A Cubic Zirconium ring for Columbia30%
A White Plastic Belt for Columbia25%
A Cookbook for Magenta10%
A souvenir of the old country for his Uncle5%

The Usherette would buy.....
A Poisened Cola for the kid that won't shut up through the whole movie!50%
Icecream for All25%
A lifetime supply of batteries for her torch15%
Popcorn for All5%
Sweets for All5%

The Phantoms/Transylvanians would buy.....
Sunglasses for Everyone47%
A thankyou card for Frank29%
Their own show12%
A Phone so they can avoid Tourists6%
A Medal for Riff Raff 6%

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