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Which contemporary celeb(?!) would play each character?
Suggested by Emma Smith
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Frank would be played by.....
Johnny Depp58%
Eddie Izzard21%
Brad Pitt11%
Daniel Craig5%
Daniel Day-Lewis5%

Brad would be played by.....
Matt Smith33%
Russell Brand28%
Tom Cruise24%
Kenny from South Park!10%
Mcnulty from the WIre5%

Janet would be played by.....
Jessica Alba42%
angelina jolie21%
Nicole Kidman21%
Miss USA11%
Milla Jovovich5%

The Narrator would be played by.....
Tim Curry50%
Andrew Lloyd Webber15%
Sir Elton John15%
Lord Alan Sugar15%
Steven Segal5%

Riff Raff would be played by.....
Stephen Merchant35%
Christian Bale30%
Eddie Murphy15%
Joe Pesci10%
Jason Statham10%

Magenta would be played by.....
Megan Fox35%
Annie Lennox25%
Tina Turner20%
Patsy Kensit10%
Elle Macpherson10%

Columbia would be played by.....
Christina Ricci46%
Paula Abdul16%
Sarah Hadland (from 'Miranda')11%

Rocky would be played by.....
Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson42%
Robbie Williams (again!)32%
Wayne Rooney (and an autocue)5%
Arnie (and some cgi)5%

Dr.Scott would be played by.....
Simon Cowell (know it all!)38%
Michael Caine28%
Joe from Family Guy17%
Any of the Rolling Stones11%
John Goodman6%

Eddie would be played by.....
Jack Black45%
Charlie Sheen20%
Laurence Fishburne5%
Hugh Jackman5%

The Usherette would be played by.....
Lady Gaga40%
Annie Lennox25%
Justin Beiber15%
Gwen Stefani15%
Sarah Jessica Parker5%

The Phantoms/Transylvanians would be played by.....
Diversity and Spellbound46%
Ant and Dec x216%
The Back Street Boys 11%

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